Don't worry guys, you still might have a chance…

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Remember back in August when Sinead O’Connor put a call out for a man back in August on her blog?  She said the following:
“…Yet I am in the peak of my sexual prime and way too lovely to be living like a nun.and it’s VERY depressing.  Am in desperate need of a very sweet sex-starved man.  He must be no younger than 44.  Must be living in Ireland but I don’t care if he is from the planet Zog.  Must not be named Brian or Nigel.  Must be blind enough to think I’m gorgeous.  Has to be employed.”
Well, apparently she found the one…

The bride wore pink…

TMZ:  Sinead O’Connor celebrated her 45th birthday by marrying a man for the fourth time at a drive-thru wedding in Las Vegas on Thursday.  Wearing a demure tattoo-revealing low-cut pink gown, Sinead married Barry Herridge, 38, at the Little White Wedding Chapel. 

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news guys….but don’t worry.  Given that she’s on wedding number four and came out as a lesbian in 2000, there’s a pretty good chance she may be back on the market soon!

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4 responses to “Don't worry guys, you still might have a chance…

  1. “Wearing a demure tattoo-revealing low-cut pink gown”
    TMZ is unclear on the concept of “demure”. Or maybe TMZ is being sarcastic.
    From the looks of the pic of Sinead staring at her new hubby, someone should warn him to be careful. She looks crazed.

  2. LOL – Wow, I’ve heard of desperate, but this takes it to a whole new level.

  3. …love ,is indeed , blind (ing)….and sarcasm is the better part of TMZ

  4. Hope they’re happy… somehow, I doubt he will be.


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