Storeowner tells patron, “I don’t tell anyone what to believe” after he was offended by rebel flag vest

Yahoo’s original headline: “Vintage clothing store owner calls police on black man who objected to rebel flag vest.”

I prefer to highlight the fact that a store patron can ignore the fact that this is America and shop owners can legally sell whatever they want to sell.

But in today’s environment, every progressive has proclaimed themselves the SJW monitors of all that they deem good, correct and proper.

From Yahoo: The owner of a vintage clothing store called the police on a customer who asked why he was selling a rebel flag vest.

On May 25th, Nathaniel Dennis and his friends visited Beatnix on Halsted, an antique store that sells Halloween and theatre costumes, wigs, pride and transgender flags and makeup. The store is in the Boystown neighborhood of Chicago, home of much of the city’s LGBTQ residents.

Dennis has shopped at the store a lot, but until that day, hadn’t seen a leather vest with a rebel battle flag imprint. “We were looking at graphic T-shirts when my friend Dan Shade called me over to look at the vest,” Dennis, 32, tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

The symbol was distasteful to Dennis, a black gay man from Georgia, and he was curious why his favorite boutique frequented by largely marginalized customers would sell it.

Shade and Dennis quietly approached the cashier, who referred them to a manager. “He basically said, ‘Well, we sell vintage items. I don’t tell anyone what to believe’ and sent us to the owner.”

Dennis says owner Keith Bucceri admitted the vest wasn’t appropriate merchandise for the main sales floor and tossed it behind the counter. “But then he brought up Jussie Smollett,” the former Empire actor who claimed to be victimized by a racist assault in January.

“He said, ‘You shouldn’t be making up things that aren’t true like Jussie Smollett,” recalled Dennis. “I told him, ‘Why should we be subjected to symbols like this? As a black person, I am offended.’”

According to Dennis, Bucceri accused the men of dramatics. “He was so combative, saying, ‘Get it through your thick f***ing skull, it’s not racist,’” he says. “He said we were trespassing and to ‘get the f**** out’ or he would call the police.”

Dennis says an employee picked up the phone, so he and his group left. A representative of the Chicago Police Department’s 19th District did not respond to an information request from Yahoo Lifestyle. A police officer told Block Club Chicago that a phone call was made from the store about a man “refusing” to leave but no official complaint exists.

“I didn’t want to be the next unarmed black man shot or killed by the police, so we left,” Dennis tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

However, Shade re-entered the store to take a photo of the discarded vest. “The owner had no problem with me coming back,” Shade, 29, tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “He said ‘Your friend wasn’t listening,’ as if we were on the same side.”

Since the friends posted photos of the vest on Facebook, they say former store employees have shared unflattering stories about Bucceri. And the brand’s Facebook page is battling with enraged reviewers. Bucceri did not respond to Yahoo Lifestyle’s phone messages and email.

The store wrote on Facebook, “We do not sell that type of merchandise normally, it was not a shirt, it was a leather vest and wasn’t being sold to support any such ideas. It was taken off the floor and the customer didn’t want to stop going on about it and when he wouldn’t stop…was asked to leave and yes the police were called and when they came they said they could arrest him for criminal trespassing….and I said that would not be necessary….if you choose not to come to Beatnix that is your choice, but based on this sloppy person’s very poor listening skills and insistence on arguing a point unnecessarily since the item in question was taken off the seems irrational.”

On Wednesday night, Dennis appeared at a community meeting at a bar across the street from Beatnix. “As a black person, you have to pick and choose what situations you want to pursue, because it’s mentally exhausting,” Dennis tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “But I think this is important.”


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I would have thrown him out the second he asked me “why” I had anything for sale. It’s none of his business. I don’t like Che Guevara shirts either, but I wouldn’t think of doing something like this.

Communists have been like this since their inception. It is diagnostic. Nobody had “rights” but them. They think they have the “right” to control what others do and say.

People who do this need to be disabused of this nonsense quickly anytime they pull it. Boo Hoo, “I’m offended”. So what?


There isn’t any corner you can’t find a butch and a queer, they are repugnant, and what I dislike is that they want to be recognized as such. Too bad there’s a vaccine for AIDS.


I have walked into walmart and seen pink camoflage pajamas in the boys department. Many people will not buy it for thier boy, but I know some person who has bought into this new ideology will buy it, Should I take up a crusade and waste a bunch of Walmart employee’s time and resouces by voicing my concerns? I know the answer.. deaf ears… Tolerance is very one sided. Dressed up trannys reading to kids in public liraries is the new norm.. yup.. Thats ok… They are hard at work trying to turn this world into Satan’s image.

Kevin Lankford
Kevin Lankford

It offends me to no end the pervert coalition has hijacked the “Rainbow” (a most Godly symbol) as their own. No moral person will display it now cause of the perversions now implied.

As for that vest with the “Stars & Bars”, I believe I would prefer the “Stars & Bars” on the front of the vest,….so to avoid being stabbed in the back.


But a Pride or Che shirt would be okay for the leftist whiner…


Stars n Bars tattooed on my forearm…..because I celebrate diversity all over the world! I just do not give a sh#t what SJWs are offended by.

Jackie Puppet

Too bad Bucceri didn’t know his history, and could’ve pointed out that Lincoln reluctantly freed the slaves, 2 years into the War of Northern Aggression.

I see a couple of black gay guys during the course of a work week, and I’m completely respectful toward them, just like any other person I deal with.

I hope that shop plays some Johnny Rebel songs if Dennis ever patronizes the store again!

Dr. Eowyn

I was going to urge people to patronize Beatnix until I saw this on their Facebook page — a leather bondage piece in the shape of a pentagram: