Don't miss this great business opportunity!

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Despite our e-mail server’s spam filter, some slip through.
We all get spam e-mails about Viagra; growing your penis by up to FOUR inches!; a heart-breaking story about someone needing money for surgery; and winning million-dollar lotteries in the UK for which we’d never even bought a ticket.
Like you, I usually just delete them without even opening and reading the e-mail. But this one, sent to Fellowship of the Minds’ e-address, caught my eye:

From: Patricia Flanagan
4:31 AM (53 minutes ago)
To: undisclosed recipients


Twenty-eight million and two hundred thousand dollars! Wow!
And to think “Patricia Flanagan” is offering this fantastic business proposal to “undisclosed recipients”! “Patricia Flanagan” would do that even though “Patricia Flanagan” doesn’t even know my name!
Sniff. Sniff.
Excuse me while I go grab a tissue….

Okay, I’m back.
Hey, do you think I should answer “Patricia Flanagan”?
Being a good person, I don’t want to selfishly hoard this fabulous legal business proposal. So I’m sharing it with all of you! 😀
If you want to personally thank “Patricia Flanagan,” you can find her here:

Ummm, which one do you think is “Patricia Flanagan”?


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0 responses to “Don't miss this great business opportunity!

  1. I’m insulted! Patricia didn’t invite me to participate. I thought maybe she was a long-lost relative of Father Flanagan until I saw the picture…maybe not. Well, good luck with your new restaurant, Eo!

  2. Ah, the Flanagan brothers…I’d heard about the black Irish.

  3. Fraud never stops, does it? Most interesting, Dr.Eowyn!

  4. Check’s in the mail, GF!

  5. Here’s one I just got:
    YOU HAVE WON ($650,500.00USD) FROM UN
    Saturday, June 9, 2012 9:57 PM
    To: “Recipients”
    HERE IS YOUR PIN NUMBER (UNO-154/4456/011)
    Contact person: Dr.Benjamin Jones.E-mail :
    Mrs. Susan Philip.
    (I actually think this may be legit and they’ve confused me with a third-world dictatorship, though being on the BCC: line does make me wonder… )

  6. 4 more years of obama and $650,000 dollars might buy you a loaf of bread… hyper inflation


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