Don't mess with a homeowner and his flag…

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This guy was told by his homeowners association that he couldn’t fly the American flag in his yard.  So…
h/t Kelly

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0 responses to “Don't mess with a homeowner and his flag…

  1. That’s awesome! And then when the HOA complains, he can call them Communists! Well played, sir. Well played.

  2. HaHaHaHa
    Brilliant! Just brilliant!

  3. I want his address! I want to send him a thank you card!

  4. Salute ! I know where I want to go on the fourth of July.

  5. Vic Bailey, Auburn, GA

    My kind of PATRIOT! We need more of them! Semper Fi.

  6. I just love it when HOA NAZIs get what’s coming to them.

  7. he might have some trouble getting all 50 stars on this design.. but very cool


  9. Brilliant man with a beautiful house…

  10. Not that people who come to this site are generally interested in truth and accuracy, but for what it’s worth here is the actual story:

    • How do you draw the conclusion we don’t care about the truth? You troll on in and make such a wild assumption…plus your link provides a result of image searches, no story.
      If you want to lecture and enlighten us, please provide a news link.
      Beyond the story, it’s cool pic. That’s why I posted it.

    • And as you obviously didn’t see, it’s tagged “humor”, something libs lack, unless it comes to abortion (Sarah Silverman comes to mind).

    • Your link actually makes the same point as DCG’s post, which is about meddlesome local rules about what home-owners can and can’t do:
      American Flag and Black House
      Angry Contractor gets back at Historical Society.
      The Historical Society has many rules in Cambridge, Maryland as to how an owner can do construction AND repairs. Story goes that a contractor was trying to do some repairs on his property and the Historical Society would not let him do it. Contractor finds out that they can not object to paint, so to get back at them for not letting him do repairs, he paints one of his properties black and the other as an American Flag. [Tade, 02/02/2011]

  11. Superb!
    To Brooke:
    Seriously, get lost.
    Since when are the likes of obama, the first illegal alien to squat in the White House and his ilk ever concerned with the truth or accuracy?
    Slime your way back to huffy poo or loon watch.

  12. To Obama, this house is what garlic is to a vampire!

  13. winstonsmith6079

    Saaaaa – L-U-T E!!

  14. Evan’s post is to the real story, actually Brooke’s post above also has a link to the story but you have to scroll down in order to read the story. I think it’s very cool, and good for this guy, but it has NOTHING to do with not being able to fly an American flag in his yard.


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