Don’t make me laugh: Proggies call for boycott of In-N-Out after $25k donation to republicans revealed

What happens when liberals call for a boycott of a fast-food chain…

From SF Gate: California burger chain In-N-Out donated $25,000 to the California Republican Party, a public filing on the California Secretary of State’s website shows.

The donation was spotted by reporter Gabe Schneider, who shared the news on Twitter on Wednesday afternoon.

“In-N-Out added a new item to their secret menu,” Schneider tweeted.

A number of Twitter users immediately called for a boycott of the fast food chain, using the hashtag #boycottinnout.

“No more for me,” one user tweeted. “I refuse to spend money at any firm (when I have choices) that donates money to the Republican party or any Republican candidate.”

“So @innoutburger just gave $25,000 to the CA Republican Party,” tweeted another. “I’ve successfully boycotted fast food chains before, and I intend to do it again. #boycottinnoutburger.”

However, not everyone was willing to get in on the boycott.

“I’m not boycotting In N Out,” tweeted one account. “They’re based in a Republican part of the state (Orange County). Stands to reason they might support one.”

“Yo, In N Out could give the California GOP $30 MILLION in contributions and I’ll still keep eating there,” another person said. “Republicans will never take back the state, no matter how many Double Doubles they sell.”


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Dr. Eowyn
1 year ago


Didn’t they try this before, and the boycott failed spectacularly?

Kevin J Lankford
Kevin J Lankford
1 year ago

Sure to come and go with out notice. That is, unless the MSM makes a fake news story out of it. Oh, Dang!….I think I did see mention of it on the news early this morning.

1 year ago

Good! I don’t like being in the same room as a libatard anyway. It might even do In-And-Out some good. More room for conservatives. And somewhere you can support the President without fear of being attacked by one of those peaceloving, inclusive, libatrad maniacs.

1 year ago

Good. Hope they stay away with their bawling kids who run amok all over the place while I’m waiting to order on a maybe YEARLY treat for me…hope they don’t spend money there out of their pockets while harboring “obama cash” (food stamps) for the “regular” grocery store…YOU KNOW IT HAPPENS …HERE IN CA, I HEAR THEM TALK ABOUT—even the aides in my school—- TRADING THEIR OBAMA FOOD STAMPS FOR CASH so they can spend $ on In-And-Out and other things….it’s an “underground economy.” Maybe that’s what Nancy Pelosi was trying to talk about when she said that “food stamps”… Read more »

1 year ago

The restaurant’s food & service are good, the “progressive” satanism and their ridiculous boycott can go back to hell from whence it clearly came.

All the more reason for commenters here who can, to go get themselves a burger.