Don’t Ignore Symptoms

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Last night I experienced an alarming episode that felt I should share with everyone here. After going to bed last night I started having a discomfort in my chest and my heart felt like it was racing and I thought it was going to jump right out of my chest. I took two aspirin to no avail and I wound up going to ER around midnight to be checked out. My EKG and blood work checked out good but they kept me overnight and this morning I had a stress test that also was negative.

My doctor this afternoon told me my heart was fine and said my symptoms could have been gastric in nature, which in a lot of cases can feel like a heart problem. He told me it was a wise decision to not ignore the symptoms because a lot of people do, to their detriment.

I bring this to your attention for the purpose of possibly saving a life, chest pain, pressure or discomfort should not be ignored. Chances are it is nothing serious, but then again it could be the beginnings of a heart attack or some other heart related problem.

I doing fine now, just resting at home, hospital stretchers are not the most comfortable to sleep on and when I did  get a bed about 6AM, I didn’t really get a chance to sleep. I’m just glad tomorrow is saturday.

Tom in NC

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11 responses to “Don’t Ignore Symptoms

  1. Glad you are ok Tom!

  2. Glad everything checked out okay, Tom! Take care!

  3. Glad that you are OK. Thoughts and prayers are with you.

  4. lowtechgrannie

    Thank the Lord you’re okay! Take care of yourself!

  5. Ok Tom,you have to be ok. alright. please get some rest.

  6. So happy that you are alright, God & Life are good!

  7. Scary stuff! Thank goodness it was not heart related. Feel well soon.

  8. Oh, Tom! I’m so sorry you had that scary episode. I’m so glad your heart checked out okay. Praise be to God.

  9. Thank you one and all for your thoughts and kind words.

  10. Dude, glad you’re okay.

  11. Scary and expensive stuff there mate,glad you’re alright….but that’s where the nurses are and the foods better than my cooking….of course nurses aren’t so sweet to you once you’re on the mend…..


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