Don't Get Mad … Get Even

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Here’s “POLITICAL CORRECTNESS” – a Muslim buys eleven acres of land next to a pig farm (a family farm that has been in Houston a long time) and NOW WANTS THE PIG FARMER TO LEAVE!!?? That takes a lot of damn nerve! So what’s the pig farmer’s response to that….. PIG RACES DURING FRIDAY NIGHT PRAYERS!!
I love it! Don’t Mess with Texas – The clip is funny – Even the news crew is laughing.

ROFL – Works fer me. 🙂
(h/t: Once again, my friend Robyn)

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18 responses to “Don't Get Mad … Get Even

  1. Hope that farmer fires up the grill on a nice windy day too 🙂

    • DCG,
      LOL – I’d be smoking pork 24/7 until I ran out of charcoal and hickory, then get some more and keep right on going. 🙂

  2. Let’s put the so-called religious issues aside. What buyer of land intended for residence buys it w/o getting full assurance that the land and its environs are indeed what the buyer seeks. Too bad, but it seems clear to me that the Islamic Association bought a pig in a poke….

    • You know, the Sauds are supposed to be extra-orthodox Islamic keepers of the faith and all that, but the fact is that those hundreds of princes are absolutely the WORST offenders when it comes to lots of exotic booze, blond Western women [I’m not using the other 5 letter word that starts w/a ‘w’], and live it up 24/7, 365 days a year in ultra-extravagant palaces, while their subjects suffer under a 19th c life style and income. I loathe their huge hypocrisy, but as long as we buy their oil….

  3. Blow pig BBQ smoke in their direction so it will soil the property.
    Then buy the property cheap from them.
    Have The documents made of pig hide paper & tell them later what they signed.
    Now that ought to do it!
    Allah pig fat Jihad to them all.

  4. Now, now ….We must have tolerance for our Muslim neighbors and not offend them !!! > NOT !!!! Next thing we know , those radical fanatics will be offended by our Christmas lights and decorations around our houses and complaining that we must take those down !! Seriously !!! I agree with Dave ….I would be having pig roasts parties 24 / 7 ; and playing Christmas music and singing Christmas carols, as well !!!

  5. I’m a practicing Muslim, and I think this is hilarious – I’d love to see a pig race! I’m not going to eat them, but I have nothing against the animals. There’s no reason any Muslim should be offended by the mere presence of pigs on a neighboring property, and if they have 11 acres to play with, I’m sure they can position the mosque out of eyeshot of that particular property line.
    I just have one question: How do they tell the pigs apart? They all look the same to me, and you’d have to be paying pretty close attention to see which one wins.

  6. “There are more than 70 mosques in the Houston area” ?
    Good grief. I know Dearborn, Michigan has a huge Muslim population, but Texas?

    • They’re everywhere, they’re everywhere!!

    • Dennis H. Bennett

      My wife is a Public Health Nurse whose job “entitles” her to work with “entitlement”-needy people. Here in western NC, our largest minority group is Hispanic, with regard to perinatal care. As a rule, they are appreciative of the benefits they receive. The people harbor no hate toward those who care for them, nor do they subscribe to cultic texts like the Quran. In this light, those who give care and those who receive it are able to work together with a degree of trust, effecting usually good outcomes. As one person once told me, “When I do my job I don’t worry about Hispanics wanting to kill me.”

  7. Now Now people… this is really funny. I think Farmer guy handled it just right… the purchase request is even better.
    On the other hand there seems to be some genuine bigots out there…. and that’s really unnecessary.
    That said, remember, never wrestle a pig… 😀

  8. What’s wrong with bigotry towards those who want to kill us???

    • It’s NOT up to you to tell me what I have to feel towards anyone. I can say, do and feel the way I please without your permission. I don’t wish to go hunt anyone down who isn’t bothering me, but know this….I’m prepared to shoot & kick the ass of anyone who threatens me!!!

  9. Wendy,
    You need to get an account, i.e., register with WordPress. After which you can upload your chosen image as your gravatar.

  10. We better keep an eye on this. I bet the poor farmer ends up in court being sued for religious persecution, discrimination or a hate crime. I believe something similar happened in Washington state, minus the pigs.


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