Don't Believe the Reports – 1,500 Washington State Caucus Goers Locked Out

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Early reports that Mitt Romney “won” in Washington State are probably highly tainted. 
The establishment GOP elites of Western Washington are all gung-ho for the “frontrunner” but conservative,  agricultural eastern Washington, intensely concerned with the Agenda 21 plan to control rural activities and blow up dams is not easy pickings for the globalists of the west coast.  The Tri-City Herald reports the Benton County,  Kennewick caucus LOCKED OUT 1,500 people who’d waited in line for an hour to get in!  Full Story
This may just be the tip of the iceberg.  Who knows what kind of shenanigans have yet to surface?  The state party has a long record of dubious, dirty tricks.

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0 responses to “Don't Believe the Reports – 1,500 Washington State Caucus Goers Locked Out

  1. This isn’t being reported on west side of state from what I can see. Course the Seattle Times was having a heyday tweeting that minors were voting at a caucus in Seattle. Haven’t been able to verify that yet from people I know who are participating.
    The whole system sucks, IMO.

    • lowtechgrannie

      The Tri Cities article claimed the Benton County caucus organizer said they were working under a tight deadline set by the state party…. Kirby Wilbur and the big money boys who keep saddling us with these lousy candidates. I wonder how many of these lock-out situations have not been reported? I predict a BIG STINK!

      • I had hopes for Kirby until got email from him supporting Romney. Argh… Course I shouldn’t be surprised ;(

  2. Yeah, but you have to vote? Stop voting because the whole thing is crooked. People in government are liars, thieves, cheats, and in some cases murderers. Why would anyone want to participate in such nonsense? It is just a New World Order creep show.

    • I meant every word. But if you want to vote for the guy with the magic underwear, that’s your privilege. The first year of Mr. Magic Undies term,
      you will be whining for the good old days of Barack Obama. Or you can sing, “Puff, the magic panties…”

    • It sucks I know…but I can’t dismiss my desire to vote.
      It helped here in my district to get a respected con in office multiple times during 90’s. And if I lived I West’s or Rubio’s district, I wouldn’t let that vote go by at all.

      • The thing is that we keep doing the same things with the same bad results. Yeah, you might get a little Milk Bone once and awhile, just enough to keep you quiet. If you look at it carefully, it really is a system of slavery. They take half your money if you make some decent money, then spend more than they take in, and then they expect you to sing the Star Spangled Banner. I’m feed up with it. They enforce laws that don’t exist, go into wars without a declaration of Congress, so why vote? When you or I vote, I’m thinking we are contributing to the problem. That’s my opinion based on lots of experience. It is completely insane to expect a change by repeating the same thing over and over again.

        • Hey Al, are you the Barbarian, if not you sound a lot like him?

        • The viable alternative is to have a government that doesn’t offend God’s commandments. I think that is the best alternative and one that would actually work. But it is the religious nut cases who say nonsense such as: “You can’t keep God’s commandments….it’s impossible.” So now you’re going to have people believe that God gave mankind a set of rules that he can’t keep? I almost believed it myself, but I don’t.

        • Well said, GF!

    • Al,
      You have, again and again, ad nauseam, stated the extreme cynical position of “Voting is useless” and, again and again, ad nauseam, issued the injunction “Don’t vote” to us. We get your point. But we will continue to do what we want, what we believe in, and we will continue to vote. Get used to it.
      I’m beginning to think you are an agent of the enemy. How better for our enemies to win than to discourage Conservatives from voting.
      Don’t you get tired of saying the same thing over and over and over again? Don’t you have another idea in your head? If you can’t stop your tiresome little schtick, please leave FOTM before I kick you out.

  3. LTG, got some info from a person closely involved w/this process…
    “A center in Kennewick holding a caucus reached capacity and caucus officials worked to handle overflow but at 10:30 they felt pressed to begin….Question is whether caucus goers who had to be turned away would have changed outcome. You are right in wondering if there isn’t a much better way to do this.”
    Gotta believe there is a better way to do this, IMO.

    • lowtechgrannie

      I understand that if this issue, Benton County’s botched caucus, is not resolved, according to GOP rules their delegates will not be allowed at the State Convention. This is probably a ploy to limit delegate selection because the actual voting yesterday was just a non-binding straw poll that doesn’t count.

      • Could be….the system sucks!

        • lowtechgrannie

          Something similar happened in conservative Whatcom County. A woman on crutches tried to enter the building at 10:05 and was denied entry. She was told it was “against the rules.” She checked the rules and found nothing about locking people out. I don’t know how many people in Whatcom County ran into similar circumstances.

    • lowtechgrannie

      I think the Republic PTB like this system just fine! They designed it and it works perfectly for their purposes.


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