Don’t be depressed. Instead get mad!

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We never saw it coming.

Who would have believed if, on November 5, someone had told us that the 2012 election would turn out to be an even bigger disaster for us than 2008’s?

And so today, we mourned. Some of us got depressed. Others got bitter. Some maybe even said: “That’s it! I give up.”

Instead of mourning, getting depressed, feeling sad, or giving up entirely, let’s get mad!

Watch for my post tomorrow on what we can do, collectively and individually, to get through the next four years.

Bottom line: We did the right thing. We fought the good fight and our conscience is clear. Now go get a good night’s sleep.


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0 responses to “Don’t be depressed. Instead get mad!

  1. Doc, with all due respect, I did see it coming because as the Most Powerful, Most Prosperous, Most Generous Nation in the history of civilization, why in the hell do we Owe ANYONE 16 TRILLION DOLLARS AND COUNTING? Only One Answer. Complete and Utter Corruption, deceit, and Evil on the part and heads of ALL REPUBLICANS AND DEMONRATS. Hate to be the bringer of bad tidings but that is the TRUTH laid at our feet. Now its time to clean up the mess, pray to the ALMIGHTY and get to work for America, and ALL of the Free World.

  2. I stopped by ammo store tonight, price up $2/box. Worried about that UN treaty. And demand was UP today, go figure…

    • DCG-
      How is Matthew? How are you? You are both in my prayers!

      • Thanks Miranda!

        Matthew finally in the sand box & has Internet, after a couple days. He’s in the middle of freakin no where, which is good. Keeps the Taliban away. We are good.

        Hope all is well w/you, the fam, and soon to be new baby boy!

  3. Giving the Obamamama a loud “bird” is a good start!

  4. I was numb all night and this morning, now I am just mad as hell. Keep your powder dry.

  5. That is the cutest (mad) little bird I have ever seen! I absolutely love it!!!

  6. Dr Eowyn
    We are Americans,we are Christians and we will survive this setback in continued fellowship.
    Wild Bill

  7. atta girl Doc! when the goin gets tough,the tough get goin. Get up knock off the dust and get back on. This is just the beginning. For love of God and Country, we have work to do. Remember, these colors don’t run, not now, NOT EVER.

  8. Don’t get mad, get:

  9. I was paralyzed with depression for two days, now I’m up and functioning and mad. I was just blogging on Gretawire and someone suggested a good first start would be to boycott ALL sponsors of the liberal media. I’m in, how about the rest of you? Then I think we need to go back to the 1960’s and peacefully demonstrate and picket the White House with signs saying: “WE DEMAND ANSWERS ON BEGHAZI,” “WE DEMAND ANSWERS ON FAST AND FURIOUS.” The families of those fallen in these horrid events DESERVE ANSWERS. BO CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO SLITHER OUT OF THESE THINGS.

    • GREAT! I did find out that GE is the major sponsor of msnbc, et al. Boycott all GE products and companies that are off-shoots of them. Thanks Hardnox!

  10. We never saw it coming.

    Actually, I did see this coming, and that as far back as the 2000 election, when a moderate repub nearly lost to an avowed socialist.

    And I have been seeing it ever since.

    Over the last twelve years, the moochers, leeches, and ticks have been being fruitful and multiplying, while most republicans wallowed in denial and looked the other way, thus allowing the 200lb gorilla in the room to grow into an 800lb one.

    Now the communists (and let’s be honest here, that is exactly what we are talking about) have taken over the country for good, and as much as we might want to kid ourselves, we won’t be taking it back via the voting booth, as it is too late for that now.


    • Correct Dave. 30 years of public indoctrination, an explosion of union members, and ill-informed constituents thanks to the SRM. As long as the rich man gets to pay for their mistake of being successful, the moochers are content to vote D for the rest of their lives.

  11. The cover of the National Enquirer says that President Obama was dealing drugs and stealing money when he was first a college student. When will he begin to reap what he has sown? He’s still sowing the same old seeds and he certainly is due a big payback. We better duck down when the displaced New York and New Jersey residents decide they’ve had enough already.
    Fema shut down because of the weather? Whether or not to let all those old people die in the dark due to starvation, freezing cold, lack of functioning bathrooms, kitchens and toilets. No reporters are allowed into the
    Fema tent cities where some of the homeless are being imprisoned. Lower Manhattan had power back within 36 hours and several huge generators were assembled to power up press facilities for the now cancelled NY Marathon which could have been used to power the buildings that are still with no power. Guilliani used generators after 9-11 why isn’t Bloomberg doing the same? There are not enogh military forces deployed to
    cope with the magnitude of this disaster. We can find people to guard the opium fields in Afganistan and arm death squads with weapons to attack Syria, start bombing Yemen and contemplate war with Iran, but we
    can’t stand up for our own people who are living in Haiti like conditions in the Big Apple and the NJ coastline areas? And we are allowing the result of the dumbest presidential election process ever to get us down.
    We could be thanking God for the departure of David Petraeus because he was turning the CIA into the drone
    murder central of the world trying to kill bad terrorists off anywhere and everywhere whilst arranging for good terrorists to get weapons to start World War 3.
    This truly is cause to rejoice.
    Every cloud has a silver lining.


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