Donna Brazile’s cryptic “President Pelosi” tweet and rumors of plot to assassinate Trump

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Donna Brazile, 59, is a Democrat apparatchik, Al Gore’s presidential campaign manager in 2000, and the interim chair of the Democratic National Committee in Spring 2011 and, again, during the 2016 presidential campaign when she deliberately sabotaged Hillary Clinton’s rival, Bernie Sanders. See:

On January 18, 2019, Brazile posted this curious tweet (archived here), with a short time-frame reference:

#MadamSpeaker today
#PresidentPelosi shortly thereafter
#MLKWeekend is underway
Keep Hope Alive!

According to the 1947 Presidential Succession Act, if a sitting U.S. president is incapacitated, the line of presidential succession is:

  1. Vice President
  2. Speaker of the House of Representatives
  3. President pro-tempore of the Senate
  4. Eligible heads of federal executive departments who form the president’s Cabinet.

This means House Speaker Nancy Pelosi could only succeed as president if President Trump and Vice President Pence were both incapacitated, as in assassinated.

Rumors began to fly across the Alternative Media when netizens put together Brazile’s curious January 18 tweet and President Trump’s banning of Pelosi’s planned overseas trip a day before, on January 17.

As an example, here’s a series of tweets posted by netizen Greg Rubini:

why Nancy Pelosi was so eager to fly away from the country? with other 92 persons (Dem reps, +families) +a lot of luggage?

why on a Military plane? why Pelosi wanted to personally select the crew of the Military airplane?

Nancy wanted to be sure to have “Pelosi allied” Military guys as crew, perhaps?

why Pelosi first stop was Bruxelles – NATO headquarters?

“the Pelosi delegation planned to meet NATO commanders, US Military leaders” “and key allies”

Key allies = Soros cabal Merkel (Germany). Rothschild cabal Macron (France), DeepState cabal (UK) EU boozey Juncker

why was also [Rep.] Adam Schiff [D-CA] on that trip?

“prior to the John F. Kennedy assassination in Nov 1963, the Entire Cabinet was flown to Tokyo, Japan.” “at the time of the JFK assassination, the Entire Cabinet was out of the country”

-same pattern with Pelosi and Adam Schiff? -preparing a new Nancy Pelosi Cabinet?

why Pelosi wanted to fly away at all costs?

why Pelosi wanted to fly away with Adam Schiff, plus other 6 Dem congressmen, plus 85 family members?

during a Gov’t shutdown? isn’t it weird?

is this a DeepState plot to assassinate Trump and Pence and replace them with Nancy Pelosi as President of the USA ?

we know from a trusted source – Dr. Dave Janda – that there have been “a dozen of assassination attempts on President Trump” cc: Dr. Janda

In light of Brazile’s January 18 “PresidentPelosi” tweet, Roger Stone’s January 18 warning of a deep state coup to remove President Trump now makes sense. Stone is a GOP consultant and advisor to Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.

As reported by InfoWars‘ Paul Joseph Watson:

Political strategist Roger Stone says that the deep state is planning to remove both President Trump and VP Mike Pence from office so that they can install Nancy Pelosi as President as part of a coup that will eventually see Hillary Clinton return as President.

“The deep state seeks to fabricate some misdeed by the Trump campaign that is sold as Russian collusion,” said Stone.

“That way they can remove both Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, paving the way for Nancy Pelosi to become president.”

“Pelosi will then appoint Hillary Clinton to the vacant Vice Presidency after which Pelosi would resign as president allowing Hillary to take the White House which alluded [sic] her grasp in 2016.”

UPDATE (Jan. 25, 2019):

A day after I published this post, and a week after Roger Stone sent out the alert, in the pre-dawn darkness this morning, a team of FBI and SWAT agents raided Stone’s home in Miami, Florida and arrested him on multiple charges “as part of the ongoing special counsel investigation led by Robert Mueller.” (Blabber Buzz)

Meanwhile, the real criminals (Hillary Clinton, et al.) remain at large.


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42 responses to “Donna Brazile’s cryptic “President Pelosi” tweet and rumors of plot to assassinate Trump

  1. When Trump was elected my sense was that he would taken out within three years. Impeachment is a non-starter, Trump would get to make his case with the public, the repub Senate would be very unlikely to convict. Clinton was impeached and shrugged it off, his popularity soared during the hearings. And there would still be Pence. So assassination is the most likely scenario and it would have to succeed, otherwise dems/deep state/globalists are toast. And Pence would probably be in on it. It also would provide the cassus belli for civil war that the globalists are pushing. Try as I might, I just can’t see a civil war scenario ending well for the good guys, any more that the first one did.

    • Actually draining the swamp—ie, replacement of deep state players with patriots—would inexorably lead to exposure and trial of those responsible for the execution and cover up of 911, which explains much of the Republicans’ otherwise inexplicable betrayal and their odd support for 911 FBI Director Mueller’s ongoing coup d’etat.

    • William, had the “good guys” won the first civil war, I would be a slave today. I am a conservative, but for my sake and those who look like me, I’m glad they didn’t. Vested interest you know?

      • Marti, had the Southern Confederacy prevailed I seriously doubt that you would be a slave today. The vast majority of Southerners did not own slaves but unfortunately political power tends to coalesce around economic power and in the South that was with the plantation owners. People in the North were generally indifferent re: slavery with the exception of New England abolitionists. A year into the war slavery still existed in Washington DC. And of course Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation freed zero slaves. Lincoln himself was known to use the “N” word very frequently and it was his conviction that Africans were inferior to Caucasians. And there were literally thousands of Black slaveholders, believe it or not. My point is that slavery was a secondary issue in the initiation of the war, although it became more prominent as the war progressed. Slavery was abolished after the war and the war itself no doubt hastened that process and of course that is to the good. But it was on its way out anyway, slave traders and breeders were almost universally despised, North and South. No one in their right mind could possibly countenance human slavery. It was introduced in North America by the British, and interestingly the first slaves here, although not technically chattel slaves but in many cases treated more cruelly, were Irish Catholics. My ancestors. Irish Cat-licks, as my grandmother said it, in the mid-nineteenth century were the absolute bottom of the pecking order, lower than Blacks in many ways. Eric Foner, in his book Reconstruction, recounted how some Southern planters after the war complained bitterly that they couldn’t get “their” negroes to pick cotton anymore and so “they were forced to use Irishmen.” Kind of funny although I don’t think he intended it to be.

        • Hello Marti and William… a history teacher in the past, let me remind us all that one of the absurd, and over-arching reasons for the “War Between the States” was that slavery was, within the House and Senate, being prohibited to spread into our “new” territories and states. Now, it didn’t matter to the Southern cache of the government that slavery made no sense in, for instance, the desert/dry parts of our midwest and southwest….or even into the “golden circle” around the Gulf of Mexico (which meant maybe down into what is now present-day Mexico–lands that COULD have been annexed/taken). There were no expansive crop-producing “plantations” that required intensive, hands-on slave labor. And yet, the set-in-stone (like Pelosi today, I might add) mind-set in the House and Senate was that, if FUTURE slavery was prohibited in future territories and states…then it was an AUTOMATIC “NO” NEVER, NOT vote from the House. Of course, this came to pass…and then…confound it with the addition of a NEW Republican party running against 3-4 other parties….and…you got Abraham Lincoln, the first Republican, who wasn’t the favorite of anyone in particular, but garnered the split vote out of 5 disperate parties. And then, add the value of Governor Curtain of Pennsylvania, the first large, consequential state, to become the second Republican in our history…and throw his support to Lincoln….and the rest, as we often say…is HISTORY.
          The struggle that became our Civil War then became similar to what is going on today within our government: What defines us as a national, sovereign entity? What, then, are our borders….or not? What are our political goals and objectives in this disunity? What will benefit us in this disunity or in unity? We are, whether you like it or not, in our second “Civil War” already. We are deciding the limits or UN-limits of our national borders, and the extent to which our voting privileges extends to the people within our borders, including the populations, legal or illegal, that determine our Congressional districts, and to whom our tax-paying dollars extend in services within our borders. ONLY those things—if you think they are important….or NOT. The “or not” is what’s the big problem.

          • CalGirl, thank you for your obviously well-informed contribution here. There have been something like 50K books written on the subject of the Civil War and I have read a fair number of them. What I have distilled from my reading is that the purpose of the war was to establish a precedent for the exercise and brutal imposition of centralized state power. Another poster here characterized the war as the first successful Marxist revolution, or words to that effect, and I think that position has merit. The architects of the war effectively utilized slavery as a highly charged wedge issue, and the aristocratic Southern planter class, enamored of their faux “honor”, and their “property rights”, stupidly took the bait, dragging the entire South with them to its ultimate destruction. Another take-away is that the war, a horrific heartbreaking bloodbath that beggars description, was utterly unnecessary. After Lee surrendered at Appommatox the soldiers from both sides reportedly began immediately to fraternize, exchanging tobacco and so on, and I can imagine them looking at each other and saying, “So…what was that all about?” But they were just pawns on the Grand Chessboard. The war was prosecuted in a way that was prototypical for the “humanitarian” interventions of (((US foreign policy))) today. The message is very clear: step out of line and exercise indigenous nationalism and we will reduce your country to dust. This was best illustrated in the CW by the scorched-earth tactics of Philip Sheridan and William T. Sherman. Sheridan was the kind of guy you would want on your side in a fight but at bottom he was a psychopath, and Sherman of course “made the South howl”. So contemporary accounts of the war emphasize the centrality of slavery but I regard this as revisionist window dressing. Nevertheless the recent crop of SJW’s have internalized that narrative. A recent event in Baltimore is instructive in this regard. Statues of RE Lee and Stonewall Jackson were erected there after the war and a couple of years ago BLM and others demanded they be removed because, you know, racism and stuff. After the war Lee had lost everything, was destitute, and he was attending services at the Episcopal Church in Richmond. Prior to emancipation black parishioners were required to wait for whites to receive communion before they were allowed to, but now a black man brazenly went to the altar before the whites. There was an awkward moment, the pastor froze. So to break the impasse Lee got up and knelt beside the black man and they received communion together. An act of extraordinary grace by a man of impeccable honor and integrity. Flash forward and BLM wanted his statue removed because it hurt their feels and there was actually a proposal made to replace it with a statue of Divine, a Baltimore native and an actor/drag queen from the 70’s whose claim to fame was actually ingesting dog excrement on film. He billed himself as “the filthiest man alive.” No argument from me. Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, mayor of Baltimore at the time, opined that she found the idea “divine”. Clever girl. Those progressives, they’re just so…progressive. But this is the kind of thing you get when Luciferian leftists are allowed to control the past by revising history.

          • When I went to school, we were taught that the Civil War was started because the Southern states wanted to secede from the Union.

        • Besides numerous Black slave owners, they were also numerous American Indian slave holders, & Jew slave holders. The Jews were the main slave traders to the America’s, according to historian Tony Martin who researched the slave ship owners names.

      • Marti you might want to check out a broader history of the Civil War much of which William alludes to. Bottom line is that we have all been lied to.
        These two books are a good start and a quick read even though I think there are probably better and more comprehensive books out now on the Civil War we were not told about in school.

        And this video is terrible visual quality but contains important information.

    • @William,
      Friend, Clinton was impeached for the wrong reasons. Neocon Globalist Liberal Republican CFR members like traitor Newt Gingrich made sure Clinton, his administration, & the Democrat Campaign Finance Committee were NOT charged with treason for their “Collusion” “Election meddling” & military/technology transfers to the DNC’s top illegal campaign contributors, Communist China!

      Cox Report, 1999
      The Report of the Select Committee on U.S. National Security and Military/Commercial Concerns with the People’s Republic of China, commonly known as the Cox Report, is a U.S. government document reporting on the People’s Republic of China’s covert operations within the United States during the 1980s and 1990s.

      • I’m aware of the Clinton/China collusion but a little short on the details. So thanks. Yeah, the Lewinsky stuff was just a lame pretext in Billy Boy’s impeachment. As was the Watergate break-in in the effort to get Nixon out. One reason for the WG hearings was to drill down, to a limited extent, into Nixon’s involvement with the JFK hit. Reportedly the DNC had come into possession, oddly by way of black comedian and antiwar activist Dick Gregory, of the so-called “tramp pictures” from Dealy Plaza, which clearly identified CIA contract agent Frank Sturgis and uber-spook E. Howard Hunt, both of whom were arrested in the break-in trying to retrieve the photos. It had nothing to do with the 1972 election which Nixon was going to win easily and which he did win, taking 49 out of 50 states. So the break-in was a pretext and then they built a case around obstruction, but nobody wanted to open that (JFK) can of worms and so Nixon fell on his sword and bailed. I think my point here is that although the leftists are “desperate” to get rid of Trump, impeachment is not the way to go and they know it’s not the way to go. Mueller’s case is wafer-thin, if that, and so all the talk of impeachment is just that, talk. And that leaves only one other option.

  2. The straw that will break the camel’s back. Look out, God forbid a takeover from the radical left, the rivers will flow red. Blood like has never been seen on planet Earth.

  3. Thank you Doctor Eowyn, important for many to know the process and not allow the take over by the left. I feel POTUS was put here for one purpose. May it be fulfilled by decree of the Almighty.

  4. no use for a name

    No one but the true believers fear the gnat brain power of the Bolsheviks.
    They are just that stupid to broadcast their plans over open internet connections.
    They fancy themselves as some enlightened class destined to rule over the deplorable Kulak rabble and the world is their Play Doh ball.
    Everyone with two brain cells to click together is on guard now that Joy Behag and others are so emboldened to openly declare what we already knew.
    This isn’t 1963 and it’s not going to end well for traitor fifth column rats.

    • They always warn us about their impending stunts, something about avoiding karmic blowback because once we’ve been warned the responsibility is on us. Even the JFK assassination was advertised in advance, framing his picture in black in a major Dallas paper. And they love to f..k with us and play mind games, like creating and installing Hussein the Gay Kenyan with first husband Michael; here’s your new president, whadaya think? Brazille’s tweet could be just that. She has to do something to earn her thirty pieces of silver. But no, it’s not 1963, we have the internet, which cuts both ways. Nothing to do but remain vigilant, pray, and keep our powder dry

  5. Just days before the Pelosi group was to leave the country, a man was arrested in Georgia for, allegedly, planning to bomb the White House. He wanted to use “semi-automatic weapons, improvised explosive devices, an [shoulder-fired anti-armor weapon] and hand grenades” in his attack.

  6. There is no doubt that Brazile is a very brazen woman. It is almost unimaginable that she would write such a tweet. Perhaps her IQ is wanting?

  7. What in the Hell makes Pelosi think she’d survive until sundown if a double assassination made it likely she would become President?

  8. You people belong in FEMA camps and Trump needs to b

    e “renditioned” to Guantanamo or Raven Rock! We use to tolerate you :now we want you OUT.

  9. Remember that Donna Brazile was the ONE Democrat appalled by the assassination of Clinton campaign staffer Seth Rich — and she said so. No follow-up on this by DC Police or Democrat Party. I think the Dems dedicated a coat rack in Rich’s memory at HQ or something like that.
    So perhaps Donna should be listened to. She seems to be a God-fearing woman and tells it like it is.

    • She wasn’t so much appalled as shit-scared, realizing that in power politics they play for keeps. Brazille was the one who put pressure on the private detective who was investigating the SR murder at the behest of the Rich family causing him to retract his public statement that the DC police were stonewalling the investigation. She’s been around the track a few times so her public statements are just CYA. She may be God-fearing but I think she has a greater fear of the Podesta brothers and she doesn’t want to be the next victim of their “wet work”.

  10. Hey “Christians” – get ready to become a Crusader – which means KILLING if you Think you Want to Survive. Pray 1st, Shoot 2nd & KILL YOUR ENEMY! Otherwise get ready to Give Up just like a Jew from ww2.

    • Why the Commandment states “MURDER” and not “killing”.

      So we’re good on that one friend.

      Godspeed and good luck.

    • Or give up just like an Orthodox Christian in Bolshevik Russia. What the Bolsheviks did to Russian Christians make Hitler’s attack on the jews pale by comparison. (not to excuse Hitler of course)

  11. If they do….It is game over for the Libtards !

  12. “Celebrated Democrat “Beto” O’Rourke outed wearing “Devil goat” costume; left-wing media tries to spin narrative away from Satanism”

    • He said they were impersonating a famous New Zealand rock group. Huh? Are there any? That’s like saying he was impersonating a famous Jewish rodeo clown.

  13. Many of the communist Democrats must leave this world by the way of JFK!!! Then they will know this is not 1963. It will be war if they try anything stupid against this POTUS and a very target rich environment.

  14. This looks like it might be the unfolding of a plan devised at the “AEI WORLD FORUM” at Sea Island, Georgia in 2016. Interesting that this story is happening during the “World Economic Forum”, 22-25 Jan 2019, since the plans come down from the smaller more exclusive rings to the larger gatherings.

  15. Like a Boss, Potus “grabbed her by the pelosi” …

    …humiliating Nance by taking away her freebie military jet ride. What a hoot that was! 😀 I think he even tweeted that she could fly commercial like everybody else. I also saw a Breitbart headline that said Trump delivered her luggage back to her (that had obviously already been sent to the plane). If she & her handlers had not planned to off him before that, I bet they really wanted to afterward.

    It makes you wonder if Potus had gotten word in advance that Pelosi & Gang had dirty deeds planned for him & Pence over MLK weekend > suspicious timing!

    I missed the Donna Brazile info so thanks for covering this in detail. It would be great if she was notifying Potus via her tweet of what the sinister plan was (if Brazile is truly an honest Christian woman, as someone said above, maybe staying embedded in the Dem heirarchy to “keep an eye on things.” Then again, there are a lot of deceived Libs who think they are honest Christians).

    (Isn’t Brazile the one who gave HRC the debate questions in advance?)

    You’d think the Dem & RINO cretins could just back off & let Potus run out his term vs wasting time over impeachment or worse. Because they don’t back off, it’s probably someone higher up pulling their chains… especially Pelosi’s since she is so “out there,” age-wise & mental-capacity-wise.

    (I see a few trolls stopped by to leave snarky comments.)

    • TPR said “You’d think the Dem & RINO cretins could just back off & let Potus run out his term vs wasting time over impeachment or worse”

      Its because, as Steve Bannon said, that Economic Nationalism & Populism is the way of the future & victory. Trump exposing the traitorous mentally ill Liberal & treasonous Democrat/Bolsheviks anti-American failed “Globalist” policies and Democracy as a new Communism, means if Trump continues to expose them, they are finished, as Bannon predicted. Thats why the desperation.
      Too bad America didn’t wake up long ago, or in recent times, when Pat Buchanan ran on the Pre-Trump platform in 92, 96, & 2000.

  16. Dr. Eowyn, thank you for covering this subject today. It really needed your carefully researched approach. Ever since word reached me of a plan to put Pelosi in the White House through a double assassination, I couldn’t get it off my mind. The Donna Brazile tweet really seems to signal intent. And notice that Pelosi’s visit to key players in Belgium, Egypt and elsewhere is the same pattern we have observed in Obama. Obama has been following Trump’s visits around the world, dogging his steps. It seems the plan is to tell everyone to be ready to shift allegiance to new (old) leadership when something happens.

    Brazile’s “Keep Hope Alive!” statement may even be in reference to Obama, who ran on the campaign slogan of hope, or even Clinton, whose husband ran his campaign as “the man from Hope, Arkansas.”

    • Thanks, TD. I had initially dismissed Roger Stone’s warning, until I saw Donna Brazile’s chilling tweet. Interesting, as of yesterday, she hasn’t deleted that tweet. Even if she does, the tweet is archived.

      • I listen to Stone but something about him always triggers a recollection of the axiom about effective disinformation being 90 percent accurate. He was warning Trump about impeachment and said that it was the only way they could get a two-for-one and take Pence out with him. How so? As much as they disregard and trample the constitution I don’t see any way they could make that fly. And Trump certainly doesn’t need to be warned about impeachment, they’ve been discussing it openly since he was elected. Maybe I’m reading too much into this. I hope so

    • Very astute observations

  17. I’ve got news for Donna; Nancy’s only human too.

  18. I just realized why the democrats went to Puerto Rico for the Hamilton musical. They were signalling what they intended to do. Keep in mind that Hamilton was challenged to a duel. He treated it as a formality, shooting wide only to be shot and killed by Burr. They are counting on Trump to not carry through with vengeance against the crimes of Hillary etc. They plan to, like Burr, go for the kill.

  19. From where I sit I don’t trust ANY of them. If you are of the school that sees Trump as some sort of “savior”, why is he constantly caving and making conciliatory decisions? If you are of the school that thinks he’s a plant, there is little to look forward to.

    To be honest, I don’t know. I see things like this standoff with Pelosi and cringe. Why let them milk it for all its worth? Why not just do what needs doing and let them wail later?

    What I see coming out of this is that he just made her more powerful than she is. He should just build the wall and let her keep the government shut until her morons scream for mercy.

    If they really do take him out it will prove he was the “real deal”. He certainly doesn’t appear to have anyone he can trust near him. In fact, I’ve never seen a President as vulnerable and routinely sabotaged as this one. That’s one of the reasons for being suspicious. It would be VERY simple for them to do this.

    That little voice in the back of my head keeps telling me “this is a psyop”. They are pushing a radical agenda and eliminating any possible resistance. If they manage to destroy the faith of those on the “right” while formally converting those on the “left’s” agenda to straight on communism, it will be a huge “win” for them.

    The attached is worth reading, all the way to the end. He makes some very good points:


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