Dolly, Is That You?

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Another celeb victim of too much plastic surgery.
If the pic wasn’t identified as Dolly Parton, 65, I wouldn’t have recognized her. But then, as my husband would say, who notices her face? LOL

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0 responses to “Dolly, Is That You?

  1. Yikes…girl needs a mirror!

  2. Face by Mattel!

  3. So many celebrities have totally ruined their looks, Dolly’s mouth looks terrible,another one was the gal that played on JAG,she was such a cutie,but now her mouth is very deformed also. I’m old fashioned,I’ll just grow old gracefully,I hope. Someone needs to hold on to Dolly’s arm though,I’m afraid she might tip over lol.


  4. God looks at the heart

    • Yes, but what does God think about those who are so vain they keep messing around with what He’s created — when there’s no medical reason to do so?

      • sagebrush,
        It is true that Dolly has done much good through her philanthropy, esp. for the cause of literacy. See Wikipedia.
        But when a woman who is 65 years old but is still, as you claim, so “very insecure” that she has repeated plastic surgeries on her face (not to mention the gallons of silicon pumped into her breasts), I can’t help but wonder when will she ever feel secure? Time is running out in more ways than one.
        If I love God with my whole soul, my whole mind, my whole heart, and with all my strength (Matthew 22:37), all insecurity falls away.
        Insecurity is self-involvement and is merely another face of “It’s all about me” narcissism.

        • Sagebrush,
          Why are you implying that, because I posted a picture of Ms. Parton — prompted by my dismay at not recognizing her visage — that this means I think I am sinless? If the requirement is that one be sinless before one can say anything critical, I should simply close down this blog because that’s what we do here every day, pointing out problems and flaws.

      • Thanks, Steve. As always, you come up with an interesting observation. Her weird new face detracts from her singing. How many people would give all to have her gifts!

  5. anonagravatingtroll

    Uhh, i just see this here web site bloggie and woohoo dolly Person is purdy reelly dink dem bresttages ar four reel..woohoo

  6. I think the horrible result of plastic surgery on so many celebrities is their cross to bear for the rest of their lives; Dolly Parton, Priscilla Presley, Kenny Rogers to name just a few. I’m sure they regret the decision, born of vanity and a desire to retain their youthful appearance, that led to permanent disfigurement.

  7. and Burt Reynolds ,of that generation….just scary. I was under the impression that Dolly’s ample endowment were a natural attribute for which I had compassion (oooh,the back-aches) but I always thought she was as pretty as a flower in a mountain meadow with a heart of gold.
    When having the voice of an angel and singing The Master’s praises aren’t enough to be thankful for…. Are you sure that’s not an impersonator ? Sigh….

    • “Press agent Lee Solters represented Parton and has remarked that he knew her “since she was flat-chested”.”
      Source: Wikipedia, quoting as the source Martin, Douglas. “Lee Solters, Razzle-Dazzle Press Agent, Dies at 89”. The New York Times, May 21, 2009.
      Why any woman would want mammaries that huge is a matter for psychiatrists.


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