DOJ rule will reclassify bump stocks as machine guns in de facto ban

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Are they also going to ban belt loops?

From US News: The Justice Department on Tuesday issued its final rule to ban bump stocks, making them illegal to own or sell.

The reform, the first major gun-control action in recent years and the first of the Trump administration, comes after several recent mass shootings – including one in Las Vegas at a country music festival carried out by a shooter using bump stocks.

A senior Justice Department official said that anyone who currently has bump stocks, a firearm accessory that allows guns to fire as quickly as automatic machine guns, has 90 days to turn them into the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives or destroy them, The Wall Street Journal reported. According to the official, tens of thousands of bump stocks are in America, but it is difficult to know an exact number.

According to the Journal, acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker signed and submitted a regulation banning the devices on Tuesday, and it is expected to be published this week.

The ATF in 2010 has approved the accessory, saying it was not like machine guns, which are banned under federal law. However, following a spate of deadly shootings, an increase in gun-control activism and calls for stricter gun laws, President Donald Trump called on the Justice Department to prohibit their use.

Justice Department officials on Tuesday reclassified bump stocks as illegal machine guns, because they “convert an otherwise semiautomatic firearm into a machine gun” by allowing “the trigger to reset and continue firing without additional physical manipulation of the trigger by the shooter,” the Journal reported.


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13 responses to “DOJ rule will reclassify bump stocks as machine guns in de facto ban

  1. Perhaps they need to ban false flags…

  2. Et tu, Trump?

    Meanwhile, Q continues to ask the Deplorables to “trust the plan”.

    • I’m completely mystified of why President Trump would sign this through. SURELY he knows that by doing this,he sets a precedent the Democrats will use to fast-track every little bit of Gun Control through the system. You CAN’T violate a Constitutional Right “just a little bit”. ONE little violation taints it ALL.
      BTW-I called Dean Heller to ask him to use whatever influence he has to un-do this,before the Democrats completely RAVAGE the second Amendment with it.

      • Dean Heller is a lame duck, the only Republican senator to lose re-election in the November mid-term elections, and will do nothing. Heller’s loss to Demonrat Jacky Rosen is yet another sign that Nevada has gone the way of California.

  3. Anyone with a little mechanical know-how can make a bump stock out of a rubber band…. What about the crank mechanisms that tripped a trigger 4 times for each revolution of the crank?? In my misspent youth hanging around in a long defunct machine shop I saw a guy use a doorbell buzzer mechanisim and a battery to turn a Remington Model 552 Speedmaster .22 semi automatic rifle into a fully automatic rifle… That thing would spit out 20 .22 Shorts with a single “brrrrpp”….. He used to to shoot rats behind the machine shop… It worked good with .22 Long Rifles too!! The shop, the guy that built the mechanism and the rifle are long gone…. Man my memory is getting a workout!!!

    • That’s the truth. I could easily make such a device. What a load of c…..! Think about it. “We can blast you with full-auto fire but not you! No…….., that’s “illegal”.

      That’s like saying “you can have a sword but it has to be dull”.

      • Where there’s a will, there’s a way…

        Stupid bureaucrats don’t care that criminals will find a way. They just want to control us peons.

        • Yep. It’s all a game. Their owners want us disarmed. Every time they do one of these it weakens the Second Amendment a little more. Then they use these as precedents for more of the same.

          They come out with idiotic questions like “why do you need so much ammunition?”. The answer is “it’s none of your business”. “I don’t need your permission”.

          Sometimes their lack of logic and willingness to be oppressed scares me.

  4. This is another BAD POLITICAL MOVE. Never compromise the Second Amendment, or any of the others for that matter. This is a “sop” thrown out there expecting something in return. Well, they won’t give it and he shouldn’t do it.

    He should cancel this and get back to getting the wall. On that subject, as I’ve said many times, he needs to STOP TELLING THEM WHAT HE PLANS TO DO. He said he plans to get the money from other agencies. That happens all the time, but, if you tell them that they will get an injunction to prohibit it.

    Like it or not, the Constitution provides the funding function to Congress. No one is allowed to use the funds for anything that was not the intent of Congress when they approved the funding.

    Now, having retired from federal service I can say that this happens all the time and there are ways to do this that comport with the “spirit” of the law. But….., the LAST thing anyone would do would be to TELL Congress that you are going to do that.

    No matter whether he tells them or not, once he starts work on the wall they will try to stop it. He should simply call it a military matter and do it. That puts the whole operation into his hands as CIC and he can use the military budget for it. In other words, just DO it.

    If they interfere accuse them of interfering with a military/security operation and have them arrested. I’m getting really disgusted by this whole thing. If he is getting this for advice he needs to fire the lot of them. If he is getting good advice and he is ignoring them we’re in trouble.

    Lastly (for now), when he stages a photo op with Pelosi and Lyin’ Larry Schumer, he should take the “high road” and spend the time pointing out how seditious they are. All that little vignette did was give the appearance that Trump “needed” something from them. That’s the LAST thing he should do.

    No, he should have spent the time talking about how disappointed he was that they were planning to spend their time pushing a coup and pursuing an imaginary Russian conspiracy that didn’t exist. He should have given them a lecture about what the taxpayers pay them to do.

    Then he should have left there and quietly ordered the military to start building the wall. When they started asking questions he should simply have said that their actions placed the country in jeopardy and he couldn’t allow that. So, by his authority as CIC he was going to build the wall. End of story. He’d let them know before the ribbon cutting.

  5. But no registering and a $200 tax stamp apiece for existing ones?

  6. I call BS. Any Law banning any firearm or accessory is, according to the constitution, unconstitutional. If the gumment has one, I want one.

  7. Just got an email from the TFA they said that the State TFI here is trying to reword the law by saying that semi-auto are lumped in with machine guns and they have already started a law suite in Nashville. If they leave that written in the law how long before they say ok time to take up anything that falls in this order and that being semi-autos.
    They are in full anti-gun mode to take them away pray and keep them and your Bible close we are going to need them both before this is over.

    Here is the report for 2018 and what was suppose to pass and did not because of the same people who lied before the election and then did what they wanted once elected here is the report on how bad its getting here.

    TFA’s 2018 Legislative Report
    Posted on June 3, 2018 by JohnHarris • 0 Comments

    Tennessee Firearms Association 2018 Legislative Report and Review

    The 110th General Assembly has concluded its business and all of the legislation that was passed has been either signed by the governor or allowed to become law. There are 15 such new laws and/or amendments to existing laws.

    How did the Tennessee Legislature, which is under the complete and total control of a Republican super majority, do?

    Pitiful. Based on their actions this year there is really no evidence that the Republican super majority, as a whole, is a strong proponent and defender of those individual and personal rights which are recognized and protected by the 2nd Amendment and Article I, Section 26 of the Tennessee Constitution.

    This year there were bills introduced by a number of strong 2nd Amendment advocates which would have implemented changes that would have made Tennessee a much better state for the free exercise of our constitutionally protected rights. Indeed, we tracked 57 bills that were either introduced or which had activity after January 1 of this year.

    There were good bills that would have done the following:

    implement “constitutional carry” which at least 13 other states already have;
    implement permitless open carry which approximately 30 states already have (including every state that touches Tennessee except for Georgia);
    implement the 2018 Second Amendment Protections Act (a significant rewrite of several existing laws) in order to bring them more in compliance with the 2nd Amendment’s prohibitions against government infringements;
    remove all local regulation or posting of public parks and recreational facilities;
    implement the 2018 Second Amendment Civil Rights Act of 2018 which would have prohibited local governments from refusing to rent public venues (that are made available for rental) to groups or entities that have functions related to the 2nd Amendment, firearms, or hunting;
    prohibit the use of state tax dollars to enforce federal laws, rules, regulations or orders impacting the rights protected by the 2nd Amendment;
    allowed permit holders to carry anywhere an off-duty officer can carry;
    allowed carry on school grounds;
    allowed full restoration of rights to those with non-violent felonies but who have been judicially restored to their “full rights of citizenship”;
    allowed permit holders to carry in any part of an airport that is “unsecured”;
    remove the automatic criminal sanctions for violating a “posted property” notice;
    restrict and substantially limit the Tennessee Department of Safety’s over-regulation of the handgun permitting process particularly as it relates to micro management of the schools and instructors;
    remove the sales tax on gun safes; and
    allowed school employees who have handgun permits the option to carry on school grounds.

    None of these passed.

    More importantly, none of these bills made it to the floors of either the House or the Senate for a full and public debate. That is a critical point because it means that a mere handful of legislators, as few as 4 or 5 in some instances, derailed the legislation in the “committee system.” Most legislators are not even aware that these bills were pending. It could be said that perhaps more than 90% of the citizens of this state were effectively disenfranchised from having any voice on these issues because their elected representatives or senators never had the opportunity to debate or even vote on these issues since the bills were stonewalled in the “committee system” that is designed, appointed and controlled almost entirely by Speaker Beth Harwell and Lt. Governor Randy McNally.

    So, what did pass in the package of 15 bills that are the 2018 public chapter package? A list of all 15 public chapters with sponsor information and summaries can be viewed in this report.

  8. In NY Governor asswad Andrew Coumo has said that his 1st act in the new year will be to legalize pot and the 2nd will be to strengthen gun laws…. Anyone using pot either prescribed or bought on the street can not truthfully fill out a Form 4473 and answer question 11e truthfully…. Just something to consider….


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