DOJ issues ultimatum to NYC and other ‘sanctuary’ cities

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trump and jeff sessions
Works for me.
From NY Post: The US Department of Justice on Friday gave New York City and eight other local governments that provide “sanctuary” to illegal immigrants until June 30 to prove they’re not violating federal law by refusing to cooperate with immigration authorities.
The ultimatums from President Trump’s administration were accompanied by an accusation that many of the targeted jurisdictions are “crumbling under the weight of illegal immigration and violent crime.”
“New York City continues to see gang murder after gang murder, the predictable consequence of the city’s ‘soft on crime’ stance,” the DOJ said in a news release.
A related letter to the director of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Office of Criminal Justice warns that the feds could withhold funding, suspend or terminate grants, declare the city ineligible for future funding or take “other action, as appropriate.”
A City Hall spokesman called the threat “nothing new.”
“This grandstanding shows how out of touch the Trump administration is with reality,” spokesman Seth Stein said.
“Contrary to their alternative facts, New York is the safest big city in the country, with crime at record lows in large part because we have policies in place to encourage cooperation between NYPD and immigrant communities.”
Letters were also sent to officials in Chicago, New Orleans, Philadelphia and Miami; Clark County, Nev.; Milwaukee County, Wis.; Cook County, Ill., and the state of California.

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0 responses to “DOJ issues ultimatum to NYC and other ‘sanctuary’ cities

  1. Cut off the federal funds already. The sanctuary cities & states will keep flouting the law under empty threats.

  2. Everybody buy time. Ultimatum for what? Just do it and we’ll see results right away. It’s like threaten to punish the kid for mischief….and do nothing about it. No good!

  3. These shameless, lawless PC cities will litigate until their so far brain-dead constituents take action. Otherwise, these mayors will tie up the feds in court for years. Surely, the Administration knows that with a liberal dominated “justice” system in place, it has a very steep climb ahead of it. Let’s hope Session doesn’t relent.

  4. Isn’t it redundant to threaten Chicongo and Cook County?

  5. Excellent article! I also think that cutting the monies NOW is the way to go. My greatest regret is that Portland, Oregon is not listed,

  6. “crime at record lows in large part because we have policies in place to encourage cooperation between NYPD and immigrant communities.”
    So he admits that immigrant communities are the source of crime…. facepalm
    But of course the leftists won’t take him up on this “bigoted” view because they aren’t willing to let this truth into the spotlight.
    Leftists are liars, to themselves first, then anyone they dislike.

  7. I say arrest the mayors, city councils that approve such lawlessness and the chiefs of police that go along with this crap. That’ll do more to change their minds than withholding funds (but do that too anyway – ALL federal monies). And never give it back. Ever.

  8. Obviously the money already being sent is not being used for the right thing. So, we do the right thing and stop it.

  9. Here’s the problem: Kaiser Wilhelm will do what he is told, and the lack of funds will be made up via increased ticketing from its revenue arm, the NYPD—it’s already happening.
    Yes, I agree with Sessions—on this one. Problem: Trump is already compromised, given the fact that his Administration is already Goldman-Sachs-infested. “Meet the new Boss/Same as the old Boss….” And Sessions is committed to the COLOSSAL FAILURE called the War on Drugs, given his recent marijuana statements.
    Well, at least Hillary’s not in there, Thank God.


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