DOJ begins criminal investigation of Pennsylvania pedophile priests

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The sexual abuse of minors is not just immoral and a grave sin, it is a criminal offense.

In the wake of the August 14 release of the Pennsylvania Grand Jury’s report on the sexual abuse of more than 1,000 child victims by over 300 predator priests, and the coverup of those crimes by bishops, including Cardinal Donald Wuerl (who was Bishop of Pittsburgh from 1988 to 2006) — which is a conspiracy — some U.S. dioceses have either made public or announced they will make public the names of pedophile priests.

But not the Diocese of Fresno in California where the bishop dithers.

As reported by the Fresno Bee, October 17, 2018, Bishop Armando X. Ochoa is “working” with a review board to “determine” what information the Roman Catholic Diocese of Fresno “may” release about area priests accused of sexual misconduct, including “the possibility” of publicly identifying those priests by name.

Bishop Ochoa can dither all he wants, but soon it’ll no longer be his option.

On Oct. 18, the U.S. Department of Justice served subpoenas for “documentation and files” to 6 of Pennsylvania’s 8 dioceses in a state-wide move by federal authorities to investigate sexual abuse of minors by Catholic clergy.

A senior Church official told CNA the investigation concerns the federal crimes of transporting minors across state lines to abuse them, and the production or distribution of illegal (child) pornography, including electronically.

There are speculations that a federal investigation might focus on charges related to institutional cover-ups or conspiracy, perhaps seeking to build a case under the federal RICO laws meant for dealing with organized crime.

The news of a federal investigation in Pennsylvania raises the possibility that similar probes could also be launched in other states. In the meanwhile, state-led investigations into clerical sexual abuse are currently underway in several states including Maryland, Michigan, Nebraska, New Jersey, Missouri, and New York. (Catholic News Agency)


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10 responses to “DOJ begins criminal investigation of Pennsylvania pedophile priests

  1. Communist Leader, Dr Bella Dodd, Confesses to Infiltrating the Church & USA

  2. Guilty. About time justice has come along to those innocent victims that have carried their cross for a very long time.

  3. I personally like the idea of enacting the “RICO” act. It is great to actually see the DOJ doing something.

  4. Anyone else doing this would have have had their premises searched, the perps arrested, tried and if found guilty, incarcerated appropriately

  5. Although these criminal acts were occurring throughout dioceses in many states, the 2015 movie “Spotlight” exposed the Boston dioceses

    There is no mystery why this case commenced in Pennsylvania or why it is named “The Keystone State”.

    Remember the “Kids for Cash Scandal” in PA courts that robbed justice from around 6,000 juveniles? Acting under a rarely used power established in 1722 and reserved for extraordinary circumstances, known as “King’s Bench jurisdiction” the Pennsylvania Supreme Court appointed a special master on February 11, 2009, to review all juvenile cases. Multiple cases were filed in Pennsylvania courts and one case was filed seeking damages under the civil portion of RICO against the judges’ spouses and business associates, shell companies, youth center officials, and Luzerne County. As time went by with cases consolidated, amended, re-filed etc., the RICO case failed.

    If more information is desired, you can do a search for anything posted with quotes.

  6. The Catholic Church is taking the heat presently for the worldwide criminal abuse of children; however, if you take the time to educate yourself and then share with others who have ears to listen, you will learn human trafficking, pedophilia, prostitution, etc. has occurred in ALL RELIGIONS and ongoing today.

    This worthwhile 43 minute presentation by Attorney John Salza, a former Freemason who became a Catholic, exposes the evils of Freemasonry and reveals that they are the church of Satan. They are the greatest enemy of the Catholic Church and the whole of society. He explains how Freemasonry has worked to subvert the Church and to destroy it as well as their impact on the whole Christian social order.

    I think this video was made 2010 at the ERGIFE PALACE HOTEL in Rome and Published on YT October 29, 2014

    • What a strange “reasoning” on your part.
      That other religions also commit the CRIME of pedophilia doesn’t exonerate or excuse the Catholic Church. Just as there being other serial killers is no excuse for Ted Bundy.
      If the Catholic Church doesn’t want to be picked on and singled out “to take the heat”, the simple solution is for its clergy to stop engaging in the CRIMINAL behavior of pedophilia/pederasty, and their superiors to stop covering up their crimes.
      And to think priests have the gall to preach and lecture the laity on morality and (Marxist) politics. They make me ill.

  7. We all abhor this state of affairs. But former professor E. Michael Jones, who also detests this state of affairs, criticized the Pennsylvania D.A.’s grand jury, for this reason: He said that of the priests mentioned who are dead, they are not here to defend themselves.
    Not to nitpick in the least, but a principle of law may be endangered here: Yes, historians and living witnesses can examine the history of the dead, but they need corroboration. Jones reported that he did not believe there was enough corroboration. There is also the problem of impersonators, people who were not victims at all.

    This is not to deny the gravity of the matter, nor is it to spare any living accused perpetrators left. But I do see the thin end of the wedge here: This is a venue where the persecution of the Church could start. Not by these execrable men who never should have been admitted to the priesthood, but to cast a pall over the Catholic religion in general. This is done by ignoramuses, of course. But that day will come.

    But I understand this much: The objective from impersonator victims (as well as real ones) is to bankrupt the Church. It’s been happening. And grand jury reports is but one of the ways they will seal the deal on the Church, as far as her reputation is concerned.
    The election of Roncalli to the Throne of Peter as John XXIII was one of the WORST things to happen to the Church: After him came Paul VI, a real ‘wreck-o-vator” if there ever was one.

  8. I have a couple of older friends that were abused by priests in the 1940’s… When they told their parents they caught a beating and had to “confess” to the very monsters that misused them. Both of my friends became very successful in life but dispise the Catholic Church and priests… My current wife is a very devout Catholic but I refused to have a Catholic wedding so we were married by a Justice of the Peace. Matter of fact I told a priest off when we went to see about getting married…. I told him I would stick a dollar in an altar boy so he could have both things he loved… I don’t mince words… I am glad they are being investigated in Pennsylvania and the Diocese of Buffalo NY…. Malone the bishop in Buffalo is a scumbag that needs to resign…

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