Doing the Trayvon race hustle

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The dictionary defines “race hustler” as “individuals of a particular race who project themselves into the media spotlight as spokespersons whenever there is an alledged racial incident which involves their race. The use of the word ‘Hustler’, included as a part of the term, also implies that these individuals exploit a racial situation to serve their own interests.”
Jesse Jackson is a race hustler who is exploiting the tragic shooting death of Trayvon Martin. Jackson calls Trayvon a “martyr” and says “blacks are under attack.”
Barack Obama is a race hustler, saying on March 23 “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.” Imagine the hue and cry if a white President had said that about a white victim of a black shooting.

Here are more race hustlers:

Congressman Bobby Rush (D-Ill.), a former Black Panther, was removed from the House of Representatives this morning for his hoodie grandstanding “in honor” of Trayvon Martin, the Florida teen shot last month.
A visibly frustrated Rep. Gregg Harper (R-Miss.), the speaker pro tempore presiding over the morning session, said: “The member will suspend. The member is no longer recognized. The chair will ask the sergeant-at-arms to enforce the rules on decorum.”
Clause 5 of House Rule No. 17 prohibits the wearing of hats on the House floor.

Congresswoman Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-Florida) calls the shooting “racial profiling.” She said, “Trayvon Martin’s murderer is still at large. It’s been one month, thirty days, with no arrest. I want America to see this sweet young boy who was hunted down like a dog, shot in the street, and his killer is still at large […] even though we all know who the murderer is. This was a standard case of racial profiling. No more! No more! We will stand for justice for Treyvon Martin.”

Congressman Hank Johnson (D-Georgia) says Trayvon “was executed for ‘WWB’ in a ‘GC.’ Walking While Black in a Gated Community.” Johnson is the genius who, in a House Armed Services Committee hearing in 2010, expressed his trepidation that moving 8,000 marines to Guam would tip over the island.

Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) calls the Trayvon shooting a “hate crime.” A Marxist, Waters is among the most corrupt of Congress, named by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington to its list of corrupt members of Congress in its 2005, 2006 and 2009 reports, and by Citizens Against Government Waste as its June 2009 Porker of the Month. Waters has also been accused of stealing from funds donated for Haiti’s earthquake relief.

Most reprehensible of all is director Spike Lee.
Last Friday Lee retweeted to his 240,000 followers a tweet containing the purported address of Trayvon’s shooter George Zimmerman. But the address on Edgewater Circle in Sanford, Florida, is actually the longtime residence of an elderly white Florida couple, David and Elaine McClain.
The McClains, who are both in their 70s, have no connection to Zimmerman and are now living in fear. Elaine McClain is a school-cafeteria lunch lady and has a heart condition. The couple have received hate mail, unwanted visits from reporters and fearful inquiries from neighbors. They’ve fled their home and have temporarily moved to a hotel to avoid the spotlight and possible danger.
Fox News’ The O’Reilly Factor contacted Spike Lee’s production company “40 Acres and a Mule.”  Instead of issuing a statement or an apology, the executive office said Spike Lee had “no comment.” Although Lee’s tweet has been removed, it continues to be retweeted.

Where’s the outrage by these race hustlers about the all-too-prevalent black-on-black murders?

According to a U.S. Department of Justice report surveying homicide statistics between 1974 and 2004, 52.2% of the offenders were Black, 45.8% were White, and 2% were Other Races. Of the victims in those homicides, 50.9% were White, 46.9% were Black, and 2.1% were Other Races. The report stated that “most murders are intraracial” with 86% of White murders committed by Whites, and 94% of Black murders committed by Blacks.


Late Wednesday (Mar. 28) night, Spike Lee finally apologized to the McClains with this tweet, “I Deeply Apologize To The McClain Family For Retweeting Their Address. It Was a Mistake. Please Leave The McClain’s [sic] in Peace.”

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0 responses to “Doing the Trayvon race hustle

  1. I sure hope Spike Lee gets some hate tweets of his own. The couple who’s address he gave out should sue him for invasion of privacy, SLANDER, endangering theIR lives, and for pain and emotional suffering, and anything else their attorney throw in there.

    • He’s getting plenty notices on Twitter. Coward won’t even apologize. I hope they sue him too.

    • He finally apologized on twitter about 3 hours ago. Course ended his tweet with “justice in court”. Seems after the McClain’s lawyered up, so did he. Tool…

  2. I have been following this story pretty close, and to tell the truth if I had been jumped by Martin, punched and he had me down on the ground beating on me and I felt my life in danger there are two things I wouldn’t do and one thing I would do:
    I wouldn’t ask him his age and I wouldn’t wait for him to draw a weapon.
    I would have done exactly what Zimmerman did.
    There was a time this kid was innocent, but when he tried to be a badass and take on an armed man, he paid the ultimate price for his arrogance.

  3. Harald Sigurdson

    There is much clamour in favor of a grand jury investigation so that “justice” can be done. Didn’t Sol Wachtler say that a grand jury would indict a ham sandwich if that is what you [as a prosecutor] wanted? If so, is that really justice? Grand juries are infamous for their maleable compliance and willingness to indict at the drop of a hat.
    It is amazing that Florida citizens were so extremely constrained in their ability to defend themselves before the stand your ground law that one’s freedom and innocence were in question when defending oneself from a looter invading a motorhome after a disaster and when the defender or victim was in it! That was the case that caused the law to be passed.
    It is amazing how far the legal system went in tying citizens hands with regard to self-defense in Florida and the United States. Let us not forget that the words “legal” and “law” are derived from the root that means to tie, as in a “ligature.” That in itself is a good argument in favor of a government that ties or constrains the activities of citizens as little as possible as one cannot be healthy, happy, and productive, let alone free, or even survive if one is tightly bound with ligatures.
    Apparently, the law-makers in this country usually have the extreme collectivist attitude that virtually all action taken to remedy any problem must only be taken by agents of the government rather than their b bosses and employers, the citizens!
    One would think that in the United States of America, one has the right to move about freely on public property (perhaps in a gated community only if one belongs there, assuming that the roads are private property, in which case it is unclear to me whether Tryavon belonged there or was trespassing but apparently Zimmerman belonged there).
    I have some questions regarding the implications of this case:
    Is one entitled to walk where one pleases in a public space in Florida or in The United States of America?
    If the roads in the gated community were private property did Tryavon and Zimmerman both have the right to be there.
    Did Florida revoke the 1st Amendment rights of her citizens?
    Do citizens have the right to ask questions of another citizen only if officials give them permission?
    Do the answers to the above questions have a bearing on the right to defend oneself even if asking questions?
    If one is carrying a firearm legally and one is being beaten senseless, what are the possible outcomes?
    Could the assailant take the gun and shoot the defender?
    Could the assailant take the gun and shoot the defender and other people, possibly the defender’s family (the defender could have ID in his wallet that would indicate a place of residence and even have pictures of relatives)?
    What bearing does the rash of home invasions have on this case?
    Was Zimmerman required to go home based on his conversation with a police DISPATCHER?
    Is the dispatcher a police officer with full authority of that position?
    If so, did Zimmerman forfeit the right to defend himself by not going home and by asking questions?
    Is one an outlaw who can be attacked at will by other citizens in that situation?
    What are the rates of black on white violent crimes in Florida and the United States of America?
    What are the rates of white on black violent crimes in Florida and the U.S.A.?
    Are blacks more valuable than whites?
    If the answer to the above question is no, then where is the uproar about the immense numbers of Polar Bear Hunting, Knockout King, and Wilding attacks, and other black racist violent attacks on whites, including maimings, torture, rape, and murder that have been perpetrated against whites in the last few years?
    Is biased reaction in favor of blacks in such cases not anti-white racism?
    If the answer to the above question is no, then why is the favoritism justified, why is there tolerance for violent racist attacks by blacks against whites on the part of media and government? How can that be justified?

  4. Sheik Yerbutie

    “Are blacks more valuable than whites?”
    Ok, folks, here is the deal; apparently Treyvon was with his dad visiting in the neighborhood, so that validates the tresspassing issue.
    It appears that Zimmerman was “shadowing” martin for some time, and the kid noticed.
    It appears that Martin felt threatened and also “stood his ground”
    It appears to me that Zimmerman should have been arrested, and at least held until an investigation cleared him.
    The key issues here are that a 17 year old kid is dead, if y’all aren’t mature or worldly enough to get beyond that, I feel sorry for you.
    The whole thing about an uproar in the black community, and the glory hogs should have been expected.The kid is dead, and they’re pissed, and they SHOULD be.
    The “Stand your ground” law was an unnecessary bone thrown to the gun culture people of Florida. I live in Florida, and have NEVER felt the need to carry a hand gun, and I go into some rough neighborhoods on a regular basis in my work.

    • Why aren’t the “glory hogs” in an uproar over the other multitudes of blacks killing blacks across the country?
      Just because you don’t feel the need to carry means what? That others shouldn’t exercise their Second Amendment right?

    • Scott in Oklahoma

      Held until the investigation cleared him? Does the term “innocent until proven guilty” mean anything to you? If the police held everyone that “might have” committed a crime until the investigation was complete the jails would be even more over-crowded and the race baiters would really be railiing on.

  5. Sheik Yerbutie

    BTW, the dead kid was an American, and the guy who shot him was told to stand down. In my mind, Zimmerman should be charged (at least)
    with battery on a minor, if not man slaughter.
    “was Zimmerman required to go home based on a conversation with a police DISPATCHER?”
    I don’t know about “go home”, but YEAH, he was supposed to “STAND DOWN”, did YOU not understand that? Jeesh, Harald………….

    • “Shake Your Butie”-
      There are many,many men in prison that were under the age of 18 when convicted as ADULTS of horrific and unspeakable crimes.
      How are you so sure that Zimmerman did not stand down? Maybe he really did just go back to his p/u.
      And BTW, this article is about the nasty, attention-seeking, evil scumbags that are using Martin’s death for their own selfish gain. Which, either way, is disgusting!
      Just Luv the name by the way…gag!

    • Zimmerman did STAND DOWN and when he went back to his truck, Martin assaulted him, but I guess in your mind it’s OK for a black man to assault a white/hispanic man. As I said above, if someone had jumped me I wouldn’t have waited to see what he would do next, I would have done the same thing as Zimmerman
      Martin thought he had a easy target, a pudgy overweight man. He was looking for trouble and he found it

  6. Harald Sigurdson

    He was ordered to stand down, right? Does a dispatcher have the authority to order a guy not to ask questions and to go home? I doubt it.
    What if Zimmerman is Inca Indian and Jewish? Do all of the panderers to the extremely lucrative racial aggrievement industry really think that black trumps Inca/Jewish heritage with regard to aggrievement. Something to consider (for those who believe in such nonsense).
    It boils down to this: There is an immense and extremely corrupt racial aggrievement industry in western countries now. Their poster child is the black man, woman, or child. There are great rewards for membership in the aggrieved group and often for advocacy and patronage of the aggrieved groups. There is a sort of diplomatic immunity (I can tell you from multiple eyewitness experiences that black teenage ruffians get away with murder in school for a long time before they suffer consequences) for wrongdoing and there are all kinds of monetary rewards . All of the white patrons of the poster child race also have perks. They are able to constantly pat themselves on the back and tell themselves what saints they are. If anyone speaks up and says that the whites, or sometimes other races that have been successful, are not being treated fairly, the patrons call them racists. Then the patrons pat themselves on the back and tell themselves what selfless warrior saints they are. Considering the arguments of the successful people is not warranted. Case closed.

  7. Harald Sigurdson

    P.S. Federal Jack has an article written by the sponsor of the law or who voted for the Stand Your Ground law and is apparently trying to supervise whether it is implemented in this case. I was vociferous in my response there, too.

  8. Harald Sigurdson

    Here’s a good piece on this issue:

  9. I can’t help wondering what the protesters are assuming happened.

  10. If you were to take all of their respective brains, weigh them, and then assemble an equal mass of dynamite, you wouldn’t have enough to blow the dingle-berries off of a rat’s ass.

  11. Of course what happened to Trayvon is not a “good thing”! Killing someone is NEVER the optimum solution – though, given SOME circumstances, it may be the only workable one. But, as for the [il]legality of the case I will leave it to the FACTS as presented to the Courts to decide. It is said “… as YOU judge, so shall YOU be judged …”! I would NOT want to be judged by God based on rumors, innuendo and sound-bites – would YOU?
    More than that, even, I might feel more impetus to praise the Nationwide (worldwide?) efforts on behalf of MISTER (a full grown ADULT today) Martin IF we saw a similar outpouring of sympathy and support for the tens (even HUNDREDS) of THOUSANDS of other folks: men, women, children … even infants … that are intimidated, violently assaulted and even murdered by violent gangs and individuals annually. So many are severely injured or die with no better “excuse” than “collateral damage” or “mistaken identity” in a turf war or such! Does not God expect us to love, support and mourn the death of EVERYONE – not just those who happen to get plastered all over the 10:00 news!
    Finally, this is NOT a case for more “Gun control”! During Prohibition when alcohol was ILLEGAL – who HAD alcohol: CRIMINALS! And, consider Europe that has almost draconian anti-gun Laws (1) compared to ours gun crimes are rampant! Even in England – the country with some of the strictest anti-gun laws in Europe it is STILL “The most violent country in Europe” (2)

  12. edward oleander

    I would rather not see Jackson, Sharpton and the rest insert themselves into this case, but I can understand why they felt the need.
    First, a dispatcher is a police officer, but not usually a “Sworn” officer. In most municipalities, the dispatcher has the legal right to expect compliance with an order to back off. Not sure if Sanford is one of those, but Zimmerman left his vehicle after being told not to continue following. This alone should have cast enough doubt on the self-defense statement to prompt an investigation.
    Second, ANY police force worth it’s salt would have at least gathered full forensic evidence from the scene. It is SO incredible that they did not do so, apparently not even taking pictures of Zimmerman’s alleged “broken nose” or taking clothing samples to determine the combatant’s relative positions at the point of the shooting, that it qualifies as militant stupidity, serial incompetency, or willful negligence. NO ONE just takes a claim of self-defense at face value, ever! Why did these guys?
    Both the Sanford Police and Zimmerman have a proven history of racism against blacks. Zimmerman clearly says, “These ***holes always get away,” and “F***ing c**ns” on the 9-1-1 tape.
    Zimmerman is still in hiding. Why? Perhaps because he cannot show the world the lack of physical evidence of his supposed beating? A broken nose leaves evidence, even after healing. If we had seen pictures from the crime scene that showed this, we might be far more accepting of Z’s claims.
    Zimmerman’s story stinks to high heaven. The Sanford police completely look like guilty kids caught sweeping a mess under the rug. If Zimmerman is innocent, let a trial show that. Of course, the inept (or calculated) non-action of the Sanford Police makes a conviction very difficult at this point, but either way, there should be an arrest, charges, and a trial.

    • oleander,
      Your selective presentation of purported facts is simply astonishing. Your words are in italics; my response is in bold.
      “First, a dispatcher is a police officer, but not usually a “Sworn” officer. In most municipalities, the dispatcher has the legal right to expect compliance with an order to back off.”
      Sanford police chief Bill Lee stated that though a 911 officer did instruct Zimmerman not to pursue Martin, those instructions are only recommendations that do not carry a legal obligation to comply with them.
      “Zimmerman have a proven history of racism against blacks. Zimmerman clearly says, “These ***holes always get away,” and “F***ing c**ns” on the 9-1-1 tape.”
      A portion of what Zimmerman said in the call to police is disputed. Some have suggested the disputed words were “fucking coons”, an ethnic slur used against black people, while others suggest it was “clueless”, “course”, or “punks”. Joe Oliver, a good friend of Zimmerman [AND AN AFRICAN-AMERICAN], claimed he heard the word “goon”.
      The above responses to your spurious assertions are all from my lengthy post on the Trayvon Martin shooting. You would have known that if you had bothered to read it.

  13. Or maybe gnat…

  14. All this does is just help put BO back in the White House. How convenient for BO. And he is playing the race card to the fullest! God help America.

  15. And isn’t it just soooo convenient that this “race” war has broken out right around election time. One has to wonder if the President’s team didn’t fuel the fire before it was even started. He could not win if there was not tension between the races. Think about it. The majority of African-Americans who were actually supporting O.J. Simpson, supported him only b/c he was black! The O.J. Case was far from a racial issue….in fact he was the shooter, not the victim! The “race” war was the only thing that kept O.J. out of jail! It will be the only thing that keeps the President in the White House, especially after this ordeal….the nation is in trouble.

  16. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this post. I agree with your comparison – why do not these same black officials and alleged “leaders” not disply the same outrage towards blacks killing blacks! It is horrible that this incident has been used as a means to racial war and the inciting of racial hostilities. In fact, it is utterly sickening and inappropriate.


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