Dog waits 8 days in parking lot for hospitalized owner

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Lauri da Costa, a homeless man in Passo Fundo, Brazil, was randomly attacked when he was smashed in the face with a rock.

So he staggered to a hospital, where doctors discovered he had melanoma on his face and must be operated on immediately.

Though homeless, da Costa has a best friend — a faithful dog named Seco.

Seco waited for da Costa outside the hospital in the parking lot, expecting his master to return soon.

But hours turned into days, and days into more than a week.

Still Seco patiently waited in the parking lot.

Hospital staff eventually began feeding Seco and giving him water.

After eight days, as da Costa was recovering from surgery, dog and owner were finally reunited.

Tears . . . .

Seco and da CostaSeco and da Costa1Seco and da Costa2

Source: The Daily Mail, based on a local news report translated by The Dodo.


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0 responses to “Dog waits 8 days in parking lot for hospitalized owner

  1. This is the kind of thing that keeps me going. Makes my heart feel good.

  2. One can always depend on your pet when there is no one else to care,
    they are mans BEST and only trusted and loving friend we have.
    I hope there is a place in heaven for them both together always

  3. Thank you lord for these beautiful creatures you have entrusted to us. Thank to for reuniting these best friends.

  4. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this most inspiring post. We have so much to learn from God’s precious, ever loving creatures, creatures who are without sin. This post is so endearing and it made me cry.

  5. Loves a happy ending!

  6. 🙂

  7. Aaaaw… bless 🙂 Seco the dog is one amazing faithful friend to his master.
    Get well soon Lauri da Costa.

  8. This was awesome!! Last time I was in the Hospital for a week,NONE of my friends hung around for over a half hour. I’ll remember that if THEY ever have an extended stay in the Hospital,and I’ll be there for ’em,AND I’ll be sure their dogs get to be there to greet ’em in the Lobby when they’re released.


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