Dog visits owner's grave every day

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This is Caesar, a little dog whose owner, a 79-year-old man in Turkey, was paralyzed.
When his owner passed away, Caesar mourned at his funeral.
Caesar at owner's funeral
The owner’s son, Ali, adopted Caesar.
Ali noticed that every morning, Caesar would leave the house.
So Ali decided to follow the little dog to find out where he goes . . . .


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0 responses to “Dog visits owner's grave every day

  1. Richard Gere starred in the true story of another dog just like this little Ceasar. The name of the movie was Hachi, and it too was the story of the dog’s loyalty and the loss of a master. My grandma found a little puppy in a snowbank one year and brought her home. Her name was Skippy, and when grandpa died, she mourned for the longest time. Only the great love my grandma gave her kept her going. Animals are such creatures of God…and dogs are so very special. God spelled backwards.

  2. who follows a dog and when they are following the dog be able to keep up with him….?

  3. Awwww

  4. Few humans, if any, can love as unconditionally as a dog. They are wonderful.

  5. These animal stories always get me going… son brought us a Lab mix from a kill shelter, whose “number was up,” who had been ‘hidden” statistically by the staff over a few months b/c he was not adopted—-and the kill shelter had a policy of maybe 4-days for a stray and 2 weeks for an owner turn-in….my son, like the shelter staff, didn’t understand why anyone could NOT adopt this great guy–very goofy 2-3 year old—sometimes too enthusiastic…but so smart that he could have gone to kindergarten and done well! He brought him to us, he’d been physically abused by someone prior, so he had skeletal and ligament/tendon injuries that took us years to address/get him out of pain, including surgery. He attached emotionally to our female Shih-Tsu mix to “show him the way” in our “sort-of-normal 🙂 household. When she, the Shih Tsu, died at age 14, every day for over a year, he looked for her—going to her outdoor places every time we took him out, and at one point became so depressed that he didn’t want to leave the upstairs bedroom where they both had napped during the day. We had to “get him” another dog…….(whole ‘nother story 🙂 )
    Also, everytime I’ve had to put down a pet cat (most of mine live well into their teens….I just lost “my baby” of 23-1/2 years this summer)…my other cats smell all over me when I return from the vets and literally “howl” in a sort of emotional pain b/c they KNOW what has transpired with their peer.
    And last…I would not have believed this would happen until I saw it with my own eyes…..I had a young hen start to fade….we tried investigating her vent for problems, gave her an antibiotic just on chance…..but she was slowly fading. As she sat out/nested in the hen yard in her last day or so, ALL the other hens rallied around her, like newborn puppies do with each other……all up close and cozy…it was a “hen pile,” and stayed with her until she died. I don’t know what they knew….but I’ve always wished that I had that ability of “knowing” for those fragile sorts of home and farm family members.

    • It upsets me to think of all the dogs and cats I’ve lost in life. I like the saying, “Heaven is a place where all the dogs you loved in life rush up to greet you”.

      • lophatt . . . . Please set your mind at ease. I believe in the grand scheme of things that just as the Creator provided spirits that inhabit our mortal bodies . . . he also created spirits for the various animals. This accounts for why no two dogs are exactly alike, they have intelligence, and they act on it. Also, Our God knows how much we love these wonderful loving animals . . . and if we were denied association with them in the mansions on high, somehow, our existence, although glorious, would leave a little the poorer in spirit for their absence.
        I have every expectation, and I plan on seeing my Tiffany (Maltese,) Bethany (poodle,) beautiful cat Big Boy, and his sister Sissy, and now cat Baby. Right after I greet my family members I want to see my menagerie of animals. They have been such a sublime blessing in my life.

      • lo…I hate to air this publicliy…b/c it sounds weird…but, I had a near-death experience in my mid-20’s with untreated/mismanaged cytomegalovirus. On the night that I nearly died…..a little mutt dog that we’d owned even before we married, (died of parvo in the advent of parvo…before the innoculation was made) came to meet me, and took me across a bridge into a really green and beautiful place….to find my great-grandmother—who told me to go back…..that it was not my time. I had to to back and take care of my family and that she would see me again. But I will NEVER forget the happiness and joy with which that little dog came to greet me, lead me toward the instruction that “sent me back” to life.
        if God’s house has many rooms….and this is true…then, I can only ferverently hope and believe that, if this is my final destination, I will be greeted by and led into the Kingdom by my most loyal pets….they “showed me the way” in so many instances in real life…..and I can only believe that, in my “room” in Heaven, they will meet me, and lead me into the Kingdom. No matter WHAT others think about, for instance, non-humans NOT having souls. FOR SURE, they were more loyal and purely-motivated in love toward me than many of my own human “family.” Don’t have to give any details…but I always wondered WHY, if people in my family continually mistreated me in real life…WHY in GOD’S plan, should I strive to spend eternity with them in “Heaven?” HECK! I DECLINE! Rather be dead forever. But, I believe there is real and pure love emanating out of our living world and, that somehow….I will see it one day….if not now, then, in God’s time.

        • CalGirl,
          That is one of the most moving and profound comments you’ve ever written. ITA.

          • Dr Eowyn . . . . I concur with that. It truly was “most moving and profound,” and although CalGirl always gives us plenty of food for thought, I found I was crying by the time I got to the end of reading her submission.

        • CalGirl . . . . Your entry was sublimely beautiful. I cannot even imagine that Heavenly Father could possibly not allow us to have these most treasured beings at our side in Eternity. It just cannot be.

    • CalGirl . . . I must thank you profusely for your post. By the time I finished reading it, I had tears dripping down my cheeks, and snot running out of my nose. (Sorry for the gross depiction.)
      I had no idea that among chickens that they would respond in this manner to one of their own when death was imminent.
      I keep wishing that I could get another poodle, or maltase; its not because of the money involved in the purchase . . . but at the age of 71, I fear that I would go and leave that baby an orphan.
      I do have a black cat, who came here as a starving baby. I suppose someone opened their car door and threw her out at a very, very young age–perhaps five-six weeks. I fed her tuna fish as I was leaving for work the first day she appeared on my back porch, and she has never left. Now the years are passing for her also, I just hope that she will pass away before I go, as she has never been real social with outsiders. I feel emotional turmoil over what will happen to her if I should go first.
      Again, thank you for such a sweet and tender offering.

      • Much love Auntie—Me, too….had no idea even CHICKENS can respond to the dire needs of their own…very humbling &…it reminded me of stories I’ve heard/read about with elephant herds. Also, like you, I got a little black cat pretty much like you did, and I named her “Big Girl.” She was so tiny and had everything, even just her few weeks of age, going against her…but she was SO BIG in spirit to seek survival…..and WIN! She, too, is NOT a fan of “outsiders.” Our worries, Auntie, we have to “give up to God.” We can make some sane and structured plans, maybe, through friends, neighbors, or a local shelter….so we don’t have to worry about stepping up to give love and shelter to a treasured pet while we are topside 🙂

      • Auntie Lulu: We must make provisions for our beloved pets in our will.

        • Dr Eowyn . . . That is an excellent idea. It is difficult for me to know exactly who I should leave her to, since she is so shy. I suppose this is an important item that I should bring to The Lord in order to get inspiration.

  6. Who says dogs aren’t human? 😉 Dogs are able to see spirits, maybe his master’s spirit is staying there because he knows his dog is grief stricken.
    Man, I miss my dogs. 🙁

  7. Life with my Barney is living in a barrel full of fun. 24/7 for the last seven years when he came to me at 3 mo. old. BTW -Barney is bilingual !

  8. Dr Eowyn . . . . This is such a wonderful article. God Bless little Caesar. It is nothing short of a miracle that these little creatures are so wonderful. Truly, when we consider the vast array of animals and the benefit they are to our Earth, and to us personally–it truly shows the extreme love that Our Heavenly Father has for us, his children.

    • I forgot to address this thought the first time in, so I had to come back. It is highly interesting that Caesar’s “Dad” was no doubt a Muslim–his first name was “Ali” and his remains were taken to a Mosque. He must be of a sect that is not real strict on the “we hate dogs rule.” It is refreshing, that now even his son is willing to take in this sweet little pooch.

  9. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:
    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.
    Yes, this works both ways and the loss of a pet or the owner is no different than the loss of a loved one. We still reminisce about the loss of our pets and how much we enjoyed them.

    • kommonsentsjane . . . . I have heard it said that it is ridiculous that people revere their pets to such a degree. I have to say, I guess much to my shame, that if I saw one of my babies drowning, and there was a human (who I did not know) . . . . guess which one of them I would put my effort into saving . . .

  10. This little guy is the sweetest thing I have seen. Breaks ones heart to see the broken heart of the innocent.

  11. St. Thomas Aquinas reasoned that, as animals are not rational, they cannot know God and, therefor, that their souls die with their bodies, leaving them no afterlife. St. Bonaventure, who lived during some of the same time as Aquinas, left the door open to an afterlife for animals, given their innocence, viz., that they cannot and do not sin.
    We just don’t know what the truth of the matter is, and we are going to have to wait until we get to Heaven to find out. Animals may not be able to apprehend the Nature of God; The sheep that Jesus may have shepherded or any beast of burden that he saddled may not have known they were meeting the Son of God, but they may have known that He was different. For one thing, as innocent as animals are, their intellects are limited to what is sensible in front of them: They cannot abstract principles or make concepts as we do. This, in and of itself, is certainly no insult to God, Who Created them that way, and, as an animal can only obey its nature, in so doing, that animal gives glory to God, even though it does not know that.
    I hope that animals do have an afterlife, due to their innocence. Yet God has Decided, with Good Reason, not to reveal that: We are to Worship and Seek HIM above all things—and that includes our own flesh and blood, our own Country. God would NEVER do a single thing to distract us on our Pilgrimage here on Earth, and He provides every grace each person needs to reach Heaven, if each person seeks it out and asks for it. I believe that animals CAN be a venue for God’s Grace, ON THE PURELY NATURAL LEVEL ONLY, but that, in and of itself, should be no bar to an afterlife, according to MY reasoning. But MY reasoning IS NOT necessarily GOD’S Reasoning, and I have to admit that.
    I believe that Death entered the World due to Original Sin. Had there never been any sin, there never would have been any death! So the fault is Man’s and not God’s, that we are left without a definitive answer to this question in this life.
    A dog never wakes up and wonders how he’s going to be a dog today. But every day I wake up, I am in a battle of temptation that would do everything it can to prevent me from being a man! “Man is the only animal who refuses to be what he is,” wrote Thomas Merton.

  12. a lesson of what loyalty and love means,too many of us seems to care less,very touching!

  13. Music to liud5

  14. IF Jesus is coming back on a white horse then why wouldn’t mans best friend ,dogs, be up there as well?

  15. Wow! Animals feel more than we know!

  16. It took me several times to be able to comment on this, I am such a marshmallow when it comes to animals and I kept getting choked up. I often reflect on my pets over the years and still cry. I hope one day we are all reunited.
    I work as an animal tech for many years and loved every minute. Even the nastiest pet was better than many humans. I was lucky enough to work with small as well as large animals and even a zoo. I treasure those years.
    My friend from Japan told me about the movie of Hachiko several years back, so we looked it up. A genuine tear jerker. This little guy from Turkey just rips my heart. We have seen pictures of military dogs reacting the same way with their masters that were KIA. Each time I choke up and have to take time to recover.

  17. Special Forces (Green Beret) Soldier

    My dog Tater was as much my son as my human son. If he is not in heaven I don’t want to go. Every day and I mean every day, I shed tears for my little boy, I miss him so! My the Lord bless his soul.

  18. The movie “Max” that came out a few years back, made me shed a few tears, just in the previews alone. (Max is a Belgian Malinois military dog in Afghanistan, whose handler was KIA), especially the funeral scene. I thought long & hard about how I had to outlive my own German Shepherd, cause he’d go through the same thing as Caesar.
    I’d give just about anything to be able to straddle my buddy & greet him with a big bear hug one more time!

  19. Beautiful. I heard someone say that the hebrew word for dog was comprised of 2 syllables, one mean “heart,” and the other meaning “all.” I don’t know if this person is correct, but it is no stretch to recognize that a dog is “whole hearted” or “all heart.”


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