Dog taken by car thief finds her way back home

It is cold in Boise, Idaho, in January.
On the morning of January 14, 2015, at around 6:45 a.m., a 71-year-old man started up his 2008 Cadillac CTS sedan in front of his house near the intersection of North Allumbaugh Street and West Morris Hill Lane.
The man then went back into the house to allow the car to warm up. Two minutes later, he heard his car speeding away, with his beloved pet inside — a 3-year-old female miniature pinscher named Minnie.
Minnie the dog
At 3 p.m. that afternoon, the man’s Cadillac was found abandoned nearly 5 miles away on the 1400 block of South Colorado Avenue just east of Broadway and Highland, but Minnie was not inside.
Minnie wasn’t wearing a collar but was wearing a red and brown checkered vest. She weighs about 3 pounds and has a two-tone brown coat.
Her owner said, “She’s quite smart and she is very well behaved. I would rather have her than the car, I’ll tell you that. It would mean everything to me to get her back.”
The news of Minnie was published on the Idaho Statesman that day.
Happily, a day later, Minnie was reunited with her owner when she showed up at a house near Gowen and Victory. (Source: Idaho Statesman)
What’s the significance of that house near Gowen and Victory?
It’s the man’s (and Minnie’s) former home.
The little 3-lb. dog somehow managed to find her way from the 1400 block of South Colorado Ave. where the thief had abandoned the Cadillac, to her former home at Gowen and Victory — a journey of many miles on little feet.
I plotted the locations on Google Map so that we have some idea of the journey undertaken by that little braveheart of a dog:
St. Thomas Aquinas wrote that ​there are nine orders of angels, but only the last five angelic orders (Virtues, Powers, Principalities, Archangels, Angels) minister to bodily creatures and, of them, only the last three minister to human beings. That, of course, suggests two angelic orders — those of Virtues and Powers — minister to nonhuman bodily creatures, including animals whom St. Bonaventure called “creatures without sin.”
Minnie’s guardian angel must have been working over time!
miniature pinscher

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Gunny G

Good Girl!
Happy Saturday…or, whatever day it is where you are.


What a great story!! Minnie is very cute and I’m so glad she’s back home where she belongs??

Auntie Lulu
Auntie Lulu

That is truly an amazing feat! Bless that little girl. I am so happy for the owner, the angels certainly did smile down on him in this instance.

Paladin Justice

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Oh and isn’t she just a precious little thing…if anyone has any doubt that these wonderful 4 legged creatures will be in heaven with us, just read Job or Romans 8:21-23 (All creation), and also remember the horse drawn chariots that appeared for Elijah out of heaven…yep, horses from heaven…God is so good to us. These animals make life wonderful for so many. And they are far better than many two legged animals. Ahem


So sweet she made it home!


I’m amazed she got past that stretch of I-84;the traffic’s INSANE there! She obviously misses her old home a lot. IMO she probably COULD have found her way to her current home,but went to a place where she was happy and comfortable before. She’ll get settled in the new place though,as long as her pet human is there. Good girl! (scritches behind her ears)


Finally! I was in need of a happy ending! Thanks for this story!


My other favorite daily blog/newsletter is “Daily Puppy”. Check it out


I only today read this [Jan 26th] so forgive the late comments and boosts to above readers, please, just swamped w/too much living.
Anyhow, yes, this is an amazing story, but I find it hard to believe she only weighs 3 lbs? Maybe there was a typo and she is 8 lbs, which is still a very small lifeform. My daughter Lela’s Pom female Gypsy is 8 lbs and considered a pound overweight.


Absolutely perfect!
Now, if only our children were as intelligent as this little ‘brave heart’.
Humans have such a long maturation that a three-year-old child could not possibly do what this three-year-old dog did, but a Guardian angel could.
I have witnessed more than one miracle in my 72 years, and I can assure you that 90% of the people I know still would not accept that they were real.