Dog stayed by side of dead owner for 6 weeks

Since she was a puppy, Dropsaw and her owner Bob were inseparable.

They lived in a house 15 minutes from a small town in Australia, with no phone and no neighbor nearby.

One day, Bob had a heart attack and died.

Locked inside the house, Dropsaw ate what food she could find, and drank water from the toilet bowl.

Finally, after six weeks, someone broke into the house and found the dog, emaciated but ever faithful, keeping vigil next to her owner.

Happily, the woman who was fostering Dropsaw fell in love with the dog, so Dropsaw now has a forever home.


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I nominate Dropsaw for the Humanitarian of the Year award. Off the top of my head I can’t think of any humans who are worthy. As well the greatest dog name ever


What a sweet dog!