Dog sees owner for first time after weeks in hospital

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Shane had been ill in the hospital for weeks.
He lost so much weight that his dog Willy didn’t recognize him.
Until Willy sniffed his owner . . . .


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0 responses to “Dog sees owner for first time after weeks in hospital

  1. I could watch these all day. If only they could talk…. (what am I saying…lol)

  2. Isn’t this precious…he didn’t know his daddy, and then wow! You’re home! I love you, I missed you, let me kiss you!
    You know folks, I actually love these four legged babies, and they’re far more wonderful than most human beings.

  3. I guess Shane must have passed the smell test

  4. traildustfotm

    Snoopy dance

  5. I thought this was interesting.
    Man saves dog from kangaroo

    • If this happened here in the US the guy would probably have been doing prison time by now.

  6. Videos like this are always fascinating to watch!


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