Dog of Fallen Navy SEAL to Lead Iowa Hawkeyes

This photo of a faithful dog who refused to leave the casket of his master broke our hearts:

The dog is Hawkeye, whose fallen master was Jon Tumilson, a Navy SEAL who was killed in that Chinook helicopter incident in Afghanistan.
Now comes news that:

The dog that refused to leave the casket of fallen Navy Seal Jon Tumilson, will now help commemorate the troops at a college football game. His name is Hawkeye and they’re talking about having him lead the Iowa Hawkeyes onto the field. The team has announced that they will honor Jon Tumilson at one of two home games in November. University officials said they will work with Tumilson’s family to determine what role his dog, Hawkeye, might play in the memorial.

Tumilson’s dog captured America’s heart last week when he laid at the casket of his fallen best friend. The 35-year-old Tumilson, who grew up in northern Iowa, was one of the American soldiers killed in Afghanistan on Aug. 6th when his helicopter was shot down. Tumilson, who joined the Navy after graduating high school in Iowa in 1995, was a big Hawkeye football fan. A former Iowa player suggested that Hawkeye, the dog, lead the team on the field as a way to honor Tumilson’s sacrifice.

H/t my good friend Sol.
May God send His angels to comfort Hawkeye….

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Joseph E Fasciani



This is so touching and beautiful, terribly, terribly sad. I also pray that God send his angels and saints to sweet Hawkeye.

june mcwilliam
june mcwilliam

Ah, my heart is heavy….so sad. I believe that the spirit of Jon Tumilson is smiling at the thought of his Hawkeye leading the team onto the field, or participating in some way. RIP Navy Seal Tumilson. I hope Hawkeye can mend his broken heart over the loss of his best friend and guardian, although now he has a guardian angel.