Dog, lost for 3 years, cries when reunited with owner

Giorgi Berejiani lived with his best friend, a black-and-white dog named Jorgé, in Tbilisi in the former Soviet republic of Georgia.

Three years ago, in 2015, Jorgé went missing.

Berejiani looked all over for Jorgé, in vain.

He asked his neighbors and friends to keep an eye out for the dog. And as the days turned to months and the months into years, Berejiani never gave up hope.

In October 2018, staffers at a business in town who knew about the missing dog, spotted a stray who fit the description of Jorgé and contacted Berejiani right away.

Berejiani rushed to the spot, and saw a black-and-white dog on the busy street curled up next to a tree.

As he approached the dog, Giorgi called out: “Jorgé! Jorgé!”.

Watch their reunion . . . .

No one knows how Jorgé managed to survive all those years on the street.

Berejiani said: “I’m so glad. I have never seen him so happy.”

H/t The Dodo

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Brian Heinz
Brian Heinz

They are so innocent when I went to the hospital for my surgery for cancer I was gone for a week just one week and you would have thought I had been gone for yrs. When I got into the house they had to hold him he wanted to get in my lap and love on me just he weighs about 125 lbs so no way lol. But he was running and twisting his body so hard he knocked over chairs and other things trying to get to me.
They are Gods blessing to us to cure loneliness.

Auntie Lulu
Auntie Lulu

That was exquisitely heartwarming. I am sure that both the dog and his Daddy were happy at their reunion.

God really does bless us with the comfort these sweet animals provide for us.

As I was in the bedroom looking at this article, Baby (the cat) heard the sounds of the dog crying out–she came on the run to see what was going on. She was most perplexed to not find another animal in the flesh.


This just proves that dogs are more forgiving/faithful than man.


wow just wow
I have two dog stories. One mystery angel dog who saved a families life.
Thanks for sharing.


My Yorkie, Max, is this way every day when I come home from work. He helped me through my recovery from a light stroke, and we’ve been like brothers since. I believe we are not truly human until we love or have been loved by a dog. He came to me as a puppy, and my goal is to live long enough to keep him safe and happy, and properly see him off when it is his time.


Gosh, can’t help but shed a tear. I do believe that there’s a space and time for “souls” to reunite.


Happy tears for this reunion ❤️


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cool thing, i am like this
thank you