Dog faints from joy, reunited with owner after 2 years

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Rebecca Svetina working in Slovenia, away from her home in Murrysville, Pennsylvania, when her beloved dog, Casey the Schnauzer, went missing.

Casey was lost for two long years, the equivalent of 14 dog years.

Finally, Casey was found.

When Rebecca returned home, her little 10-lb. dog cried out piteously.

Casey was so overjoyed that he fainted.

The name Casey means vigilant or watchful.

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7 responses to “Dog faints from joy, reunited with owner after 2 years

  1. Kelleigh Nelson

    We have two of these little ones…Abby and Maggie. They’re sisters, one is all black and one is salt and pepper, and they’re the same way…they love so much that they scream and cry when you come home. Schnauzers, no matter what size, miniature, standards or giants are all very loving and very smart. We have five of them buried in our backyard. Great little dogs.

  3. I cried too! 😭 God sent me my Barney and we have been together for eight beautiful years, 24-7, and counting, life is sooooo good!

  4. Who said animals do not have emotions as strong as humans. Did not God make them ☻

  5. If that doesn’t bring a tear to your eyes…so sweet!

  6. So touching. Reunions like this must be what going to heaven is like.

  7. Great video!!


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