Dog Dives and Bites Shark

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Two dogs are paddling in clear blue waters, their path back to the shore blocked by a gang of four sharks. Each shark is several times the size of the dog.

One plucky pooch paddles toward the sharks, dives under the water and gives one a fierce nip, chasing the gang away.

The fearless dog returns to shore. Job done!

[Source: Daily Mail]
H/t beloved fellow Igor!

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0 responses to “Dog Dives and Bites Shark

  1. Tough dog!

  2. Reminds me of my survival lessons [before age 10] in Chicago: NEVER give way to bullies! Sharks are NOT fearless supreme predators. These dogs demonstrate that simple ‘stand-up behaviour’ puts them to route. Ever notice that sharks are only rarely solitary: they travel in schools for safety!


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