Dog cleans house!

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A darling golden retriever named Grace helps with house-cleaning by diligently picking up her toys and putting them away, thereby putting human slobs to shame.


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  1. I’m not surprised; Labs are famous for being very domesticated living with humans, so they quickly mimic family traits. If it were an untidy family, I’m sure the dog would be as well.

  2. That was adorable! Almost brought me to tears reminding me of my late “Buddy”, a white German Shepherd, who would pick up his toys if I asked. I miss him dearly…

    • I had one also, more than 40 years ago, whom I got when his very yuppy parents [no children, thank God!] decided their life was way more important than his, and advertised him ‘for free’ in Powell River, BC, ca. 1970.
      When I got to their home I found he was left tethered ALL DAY in their rear yard to an overhead wire run, a bowl of warm water & stale food nearby.
      These were ‘beautiful people’ who wanted a beautiful blonde-white dog to go w/them in their BMW, etc. You get my point, and why I thanked God they didn’t have children, who would’ve been neglected as Lobo had been!

      • Any animal that’s left tethered for more than a few minutes, save for good weather or lack of good fencing, should be relocated to BETTER masters.
        Call me a retard but, if the weather is cold or nasty, I’ll let mine out on his lead and either stand and watch or set the timer, accordingly.
        Also, a dog will NOT bark when doing their “business”, no matter what. So, if he’s barking, he’s IN.

  3. Wonder If I could teach him how to do the laundry? LOL

  4. My 80 lb Rottie, Hera, saw me taking clothes out of the dryer; and without teaching her….she started dragging clothes out of the dryer and placing them on the sofa in the living room where she had seen me many times, folding the clothes there.
    I swear! Dogs can be soooo HUMAN LOL
    Except! My daughter never helped me fold clothes!

    • Hey Upaces! Long time no see…
      Yup! Dogs, seeing their masters doing repetitive, menial work, tend to learn the process quickly if, and I do say IF, there’s a close relationship. If you treat the dog like you would your child, they will connect and do their best to “please you”.

      • I am still here! LOL….
        Good to see you, too!
        I got a Traffic Ticket years and years ago. I went to court and I told them, “I don’t have any $. They told me, “You can do a Community Service to work off your ticket.” Just bring us a confirmation, that you were there; and we will tear the ticket up.
        I volunteered at the Animal Shelter. I fell in love with a Lab. I named her, Athena. She was beautiful. When I finished my hours, I asked If I could adopt her. THEY KILLED HER!! I, literally, dropped to my knees sobbing.
        They had offered me a job when I paid off the ticket with being there. I couldn’t! I just COULD NOT watch them put another fur baby to sleep.
        I walked out of the building crying my eyes out.

        • So sad to hear that happened to you and Athena 😥

        • I’m heartbroken, nearly in tears, reading what happened to you and that dog. I don’t think I need to say any more.
          I’ve been thinking of going to the shelter and getting another dog but I can’t bear having to “choose” one over another. If I had my way, I’d take them all.
          My “Buddy” is almost 11 and I’ve noticed him slowing down. My worst fear is the inevitable loss. That’s when we go play on the bed and both of us wind up getting “slimed”, finally curling up and snuggling…lol

          • If you are up to it…go ahead and get another fur baby.
            When my Rottie, Delilah died, my other two, literally cuddled me.
            They knew I was hurting.
            Dogs are aboslutely amazing…they are like our own little Guardian Angels. All they want in return is , “love me.”

        • God bless you for caring; God has already damned them as murderers of animal souls. Believe it!

  5. Goldies are great dogs . We have good friends we camp with once a month . They have two of them , ” Eli ” and ” Rosie “…… Eli , unfortunately may not be long for this world . ……His spine has fused in two places , right by the hips and right in the middle of his back . He can barely walk now . Sat a prayer for the pooch , please !

    • I most certainly will pray for Eli.
      Is Eli having “muscle spasms? Be sure to let me know.
      Able to get a good night’s rest?
      The reason I am asking is that I used to put an over-the-counter sleeping pill in a peanut butter sandwhich so my dog could sleep painlessly when she was hit by a car.
      Please let me know.

      • Thank you for you caring thoughts . It’s not our dog . Our friends . It is not muscular , it’s spinal .
        They built a ramp for him to get out of the camper ……He decided he didn’t want to walk the ramp ….He jumped the ramp . Front legs landed without a problem , the back legs did the splits . With a thud .

  6. I just looked something up for you….you may or may not want to try this. It’s natural so it should not harm your fur baby:

  7. When my 80 lb Rottie, Delilah refused to go to sleep; when it thundered and rained.. Delilah would try to crawl on top of me like she did when she was a puppy…I bought over the counter sleeping meds, fixed a 1/2 a peanut butter and jelly sandwich; and she’d go right to sleep.

  8. Please let me know how things are going.
    Our Fur Babies love us no matter what.
    You and your fur baby will be in my prayers.

  9. Tears. I am remembering our “Black Jack,” whom we had to bury 2-1/2 years ago….a Black Lab/GSP mix, the smartest dog who ever lived, whom we rescued on his last day from an LA 4-day kill shelter. My son went with his girlfriend to save a Beagle on HER last day——-and found, incidentally, that the shelter workers had been “scamming” days to keep this Lab mix alive b/c he was such a character. In a 4-day kill shelter…they’d kept him safe by “shuffling” for 2 months….but his “number” was finally “up.” My son brought him home to us (and also he and girlfriend of the moment ended up taking TWO Beagles). Bottom line….this BIG, 90-100 lb. dog wanted to sit on our laps in the evening for TV and relaxation…and…when it was “bed time,” he ran frantically around the house to gather his “toys” and put them into a recepticle. We never planned it…so, he first stuffed them into a basket where I kept magazines….then, when we realized what he was doing…we had to give him his own basket….This was the FIRST of his antics in our home….as he gathered up mail and newspapers….and then, later, manipulated us by taking our personal possessions……a T-shirt, a wash cloth…important papers off the table…even clothes hangers, WHATEVER….to “TRADE” for food. We…and the VET, were constantly trying to keep him from a large girth (which he was ALWAYS on the verge of) b/c we’d already had to re-attatch his knee ligament in an expensive surgery—). But, he figured out a way that, if he took “things” and held them “hostage,” he could get a bisquit or two in trade for his “”hostage items.”
    I have to say that, in the first year after we lost him (he was almost age 14 & had liver cancer) my husband and I were “adrift” in our own home routine. Black Jack had been the one who’d set the daily schedule…and we’d not even realized it until he was gone…..we were almost “aimless” in the first month……until we actuall realized just how much Jack had demanded (set the timing) of our household….the time to get up…feed the chickens…get the newspaper, eat…check the property, see me off to work….etc etc…

  10. My eyes are tearing up…I know that feeling of “aimlessness.” It’s like a part of your heart went with Jack.
    I love that part about taking “hostage items.” BIG SMILE!
    Our fur babies become a part of us like I’ll children with fur. They ask for nothing… just love me; and I will give that love back 100 fold.

  11. As far as laundry goes….she did it by herself. I didn’t teach her. However, IF you do want to teach your fur baby to do that, The a treat to the dryer and invite your fur baby to go to…Put a towell of something in her/his mouth, and wave to follow you to where you fold your laundry.

  12. Joseph, your fur baby is precious.


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