Dog chained for 10+ years enjoys new life because of a caring stranger

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Aug. 9, 2015
(N.Morgan) Pets add some much love and laughter to our lives.
They are so loyal to us, ever loving us, even when others don’t or won’t love us.
This story is about Rusty Diamond, who was kept by his owners outside, chained and never loved or given attention.
Since Rusty was ignored all of the time, when people did approach him, he seemed mean and scary.
He would bark, growl, snap, and retreat.
The first time Jared Piper met Rusty, the dog certainly didn’t seem playful or sweet.
Poor Rusty was chained up to a wall in Phoenix Arizona, where he spent his days barking non-stop at passerbys.
It wasn’t that Rusty was mean, he was just scared and lonely and desperately craving affection.
Jared began to visit Rusty each every day, winning the dog’s trust and Rusty began to warm up to Jared, wagging his tail for treats and laying his head along the fence to be scratched.
Rusty’s living conditions were deplorable: Jared had never seen the poor dog off the chain, he was riddled with flies and had what appeared to be a tumor on his belly.
Jared knew he had to get Rusty out of those conditions, into safety.
One day as Jared was visiting Rusty, his owner came out of the house.
She casually mentioned to Jared that Rusty had been chained up for 10-15 years …
It was his life and all he knew.
Jared firmly told her he wasn’t leaving without Rusty.
At first she resisted, telling Jared that Rusty would bite or attack him, but Jared refused to give in.
Reluctantly, she handed his chain over to Jared and off the 2 went.
Rusty didn’t bite, he wasn’t even scared — he just walked gratefully alongside his rescuer.
At the vet’s office they had to cut Rusty’s collar off his neck since it hadn’t been unhooked for so many years.
Rusty was seeing and smelling new places and people, he wasn’t defensive or aggressive.
He took everything in and letting Jared know he was completely ready for a new life.
Rusty was treated to his very first bath.
It took a lot of time and elbow grease to scrub off the dirt and motor oil that was caked into his coat for so many years.
Unfortunately Jared couldn’t adopt Rusty himself, but he gave him a place to stay while they looked for a forever home.

Meanwhile Rusty got all the medical care he needed and became a healthy, happy dog.
One day Jared found the perfect family for Rusty.
A big house with a huge yard to run and play in, loving humans and lots of doggie brothers and sisters for Rusty to love and play with.
It was pure paradise for Rusty.
Rusty may not have understood what he was missing out on for the 10 or so years he lived chained up in a dirty yard, but as soon as he got a taste of the good life, he was hooked.
Now he has what every dog deserves — a loving, happy home.
Rusty’s life was made better by the simple act of someone caring enough to check on an unfriendly-looking dog chained up in a stranger’s yard.


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0 responses to “Dog chained for 10+ years enjoys new life because of a caring stranger

  1. Rusty is so blest. Our current dog is a beagle/foxhound mix rescue dog and I tell him all the time he is a pampered pooch! Why people get dogs and then do not take care of them is beyond me. At least Rusty got fed and I assume watered. Of course this is being written by a person who has been accused of taking better care of her dogs than people. In some ways they be right, but mostly not. I try very hard to care for everything within my power.

  2. 🙂

  3. We love dogs at this house, and still have 1 old girl.Shes 19 and still is active and happy. This story broke and enlightened my heart. Bad owner good dog.

  4. This story brought tears to my eyes I’m very much thankful for the person who rescued him and the family gave him home .. wish this world filled with such ppl ..and rest just disappear in to thin air ..
    Who is this sick family chained him ?? Heartless Not human
    Shame !!

  5. Luvs a happy ending!

  6. What people do to animals should be done to them!

  7. The person that kept this dog chained for ten years should be chained themselves for ten years.
    Glad the fella was rescued.

  8. Glad to see Rusty rescued. Some people are really rotten.

  10. My oldest dog–now somewhere around age 14…looks somewhat like Rusty (which is a reason why his story touched me so much ) & was abandoned at a shopping mall at abt age 12-18 mos. She took to some vacant hills nearby & lived alone for abt 6 mos…digging holes in which to sleep/survive, patrolling a local neighborhood on “garbage day” for food. (EVen all these yrs later, she won’t cross over a water hose or a stick on the ground…she thinks they’re snakes). I don’t know where she got water, b/c in So CA, it’s hot, dry, & nearly waterless. My Assistant Principal & a teacher patiently set out to catch her, & did (and then called me in to take her home :). She was terrified of men …but loved women/ children (figure THAT story out…dah!)….When they caught her, she weighed 35 lbs (she now weighs 105…she’s a big, muscular dog of large, mixed breeds—we’re thinking…Shar Pei, Lab definitely…., and some BIG dog, like Mastiff). She must have been as close to death as possible without actually laying down to die. In all these years, she still crouches down & “cringes” if we make an arm gesture or swat a fly near her. She’s had NOTHING but love/gentleness & 24-7 care since coming to us (including TWO knee replacements…and a cancer surgery..among others )….but it breaks our hearts that she STILL responds to whatever early abuse she received (she won’t walk down a hallway in our home or enter into the garage or our barns……..she’s still afraid, all these years later, of being locked up or confined in a small space….). She’s afraid to walk on the street (will not exit our gate…not even STEP over the invisible line with the gate open) but we still have to put her collar on and “pretend” that she MIGHT go for a walk with our other dog……every night…..while she, meanwhile, lies on her big outdoor pillow and waits for the walker to come home…..It’s the only way she can participate 🙁 So sad.
    Our younger dog, also a 100-pounder— was about age 3 or 4 when we rescued her—a full-blooded blonde Lab who was used as a breeder, had to have a cesarian, and was dumped at my school, where I work, at about 6 AM on a rainy day……she was still producing milk for her puppies….still had the fresh cesarian scar……It is our district policy that all dogs/cats go to the shelter. I followed her progress online to see if anyone claimed her. (NO) or if anyone adopted her (NO). I went to the shelter on her “last day,” the 10th day after her turn in as a “stray.” After that…..she would have been euthanized (am I the only one who thinks this is a stupid substitute word to obfuscate the word “killed?” ) insult to injury—–I found that a young couple with children had thought to adopt her, but backed out b/c they decided they wanted a puppy. Technically, they had until 3 PM that day to change their mind–and if they didn’t, the dog would automatiically go into the “kill cycle.” Last chance was gone…. It was 2 PM. I took a chair and moved it to the counter in front of the shelter worker and asked her to radio the “yard inspector” to go immediately to my yard to inspect it b/c I was not leaving the shelter without that dog. The inspection was done…and at about 2:30, with a smile, the shelter worker relented and started the paperwork for our Maggie May. Best Dog Ever. When my 18 month old grand-daughter rolls her babydoll stroller over Maggie’s paws and tail and lays over her to watch TV and the new kittens (which, BTW, Maggie FOUND in a wild nest and alerted us) snuggle up to her or play all over her, chasing her tail, licking her ears…..I can’t help but wonder how that family with little kids did with a puppy who probably ran them ragged, chewed up everything in sight, and peed all over the house…….. (any guesses????).

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  12. Happy ending for a poor animal who suffered, there are not happy endings for so many. Please go to the local dog rescues and adopt, so many need loving homes. God bless the people who helped Rusty.

  13. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this wonderfully hopeful and beautiful post. I firmly believe there are many saints who walk the earth today, like this family who helped dear Rusty. I look into the eyes of our Sasha Anne, a black labrador, and they are so kind and sweet. God, thank you for all of your creation.

  14. seeing that smile on rusty’s face as he hops over that flower bed, man it gets me every time! 10 years chained, thinking that was all his life would be, and finally he is free. i get tears of happiness for rusty mixed with tears of muderous rage for the owner. i love people, but i’ve grown somewhat numb to adult suffering. however, children and animals suffering makes my blood run hot and my adrenalin spike!


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