Dog adopts orphaned kittens

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Katie Waldeck writes for Care2, June 26, 2012:
Just six weeks after a cat known simply as “Kitty Kitty” gave birth to a litter of kittens, she was tragically hit by a car. Her nursing babies were orphaned, with no mother to supply them the milk their growing bodies needed. Until, luckily, Molly the American Bulldog, Kitty Kitty’s roommate, stepped in.
Molly already had her paws full — she had given birth to a litter of three puppies just one day before the kittens were born. That means, of course, that Molly is able to nurse not just her own litter, but the orphaned felines as well. According to the animals’ human companion, 84-year-old Elbert Bristow, the kittens follow Molly around as if she were their mother. He told the Dothan Eagle,
“Normally they stay with her five or 10 minutes. She lays down and lets them eat… It is unusual, very unusual. Really they’re natural enemies. Most dogs can’t stand cats.”
For now, Bristow is separating the puppies and kittens, and plans to give most away.
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0 responses to “Dog adopts orphaned kittens

  1. How does the dog’s milk have the nutrients cats need?!

    • Mammalian milk is close enough in its mineral and other ratios that one species can use another. In fact, humans would be FAR better off if we used goat instead of bovine milk to transit our infants from mother’s milk, which is of course the perfect food for them.
      I know this well: all three of my children went from mother’s milk to goat milk, and were exceptionally healthy then and today. Look at this adoption as further proof [if one needs it] that the Creation is always sufficient unto itself, as perfect as our Creator, however you see that Power. Let it be on Earth as it is in Heaven, and celebrate the goodness!

  2. Good doggie!

  3. interesting. and the kittens and pups grow up as litter mates. pet psychologists get ready….

  4. Love these sweet animal stories ! Thanks for sharing ! : )

  5. Dogs are truly very special animals.


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