Doesn't This Make You Feel Safe?

TSA doing their "job"

The above photo is making its way around the Internet.  It shows TSA agents patting down an infant.  Apparently is was taken at Kansas City International Airport.  I haven’t been able to confirm that it’s not real.
I’m going to accept it’s real as we all know how determined TSA is to protect grope airline passengers. Remember the TSA agent that groped a six-year old girl in the name of “security”?
Since when has a terrorist act been implemented by an infant baby? This is just insanity at our airports today. And this doesn’t make me feel any safer, only more disgusted with our federal government.

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Rev. Reggie Jackson
Rev. Reggie Jackson
9 years ago

Its only a matter of time before these pychopaths and sociopaths, start coming into our homes and searching for God only knows what. From all indication; they are extremely paranoid maniacs and will get worse and worse as the months and years go on.

9 years ago

I cannot understand why the American sheeple are taking this lying down.
What has happened to this country?