Does Your Neighbor Know You Own a Gun?

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Your Privacy at Stake

Atty. general: Illinois must release FOID card list

Illinois State Police stood their ground Tuesday after the state’s attorney general determined the agency must disclose the names of people authorized to own guns in Illinois to comply with public records law.
Attorney General Lisa Madigan‘s public access counselor issued a letter Monday night rejecting state police arguments that releasing the information is an unwarranted invasion of privacy prohibited by the state public records law or that its disclosure would automatically endanger the lives of gun owners or those who don’t have firearms. State police determine who gets Firearm Owners Identification (FOID) cards but have always kept the information confidential.
Despite the decree, the names likely won’t be released soon. A state police lawyer indicated in a letter Tuesday the agency planned to ask a judge to decide the matter. And Republican lawmakers have filed legislation to make names permanently private.
Through the Freedom of Information Act, The Associated Press requested in September the names of each FOID cardholder in the state and the expiration date of each card. State police denied the request, prompting the public access counselor’s intervention.
“You can own a handgun, and information about whether you do or don’t is private information,” Rep. Ron Stephens, R-Greenville, said. “There is no reason for anyone or any government agency to make available to you or anyone else whether I have a FOID card.”
The state police and gun-rights groups also argue that publicizing names of those with permission to own guns puts them and others at risk. Knowing who has guns means criminals know whom to burglarize, or worse, said Todd Vandermyde, Illinois lobbyist for the  National Rifle Association.  “You potentially make us targets,” Vandermyde said. “Or, on the inverse, you could say, ‘These are the homes that don’t have FOID cards so it’s likely they don’t have guns, so therefore they make better targets.'” The state police made the same argument, but the attorney general dismissed it as “speculative and conclusory.”
Why does Illinois want to make it so difficult for residents to practice their Second Amendment right by making gun owners’ names public? In Chicago, the city tried to ban handgun ownership which was overturned by the Supreme Court. And why does the AP require the names of those that have a FOID card?
My neighbor will know if I have a gun if they come running to me for help or try to break into my home in the middle of the night. Until then, it’s between me and my local county and is my business and none of yours.

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0 responses to “Does Your Neighbor Know You Own a Gun?

  1. I will say the commies need to back off-putting it nicely first.

  2. Candance Moore

    you watch – if the state gets those names, those people will start finding themselves getting audited, having warrants served on their homes, etc.

  3. and so it begins, the screws tightening….

  4. Steve, your humour’s as twisted as mine, and that’s why I love ya so much!! There’s SO much truth in what you wrote, for those who can read ‘tween the lines….

  5. I don’t discuss firearm ownership with anyone.

    • Good policy Dave. NOYB IMO… Yet these proggies want to call you out. Just makes me furious that my personal right must become public info for them.

  6. No, I don’t own a gun, but got lots of Gum!
    With that loud bang, that otta scare em away!

  7. Answer to the quesiton, “why does Illinois want ot make it so difficult for gun owners?” They want all your hysterical left wing neighbors to know and chase you down the street with torches , pitchforks, and scythes.

  8. Steve are you sure you haven’t been off your meds? lol just kidding. I don’t think everything is going to be fine. I’m glad our forefathers didn’t think then way you are right now. Your ARE kidding aren’t you?


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