Does this Karl Marx asshat make my face look stupid?

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LIBERTY UNYIELDING: AOC thinks there’s vast right-wing conspiracy to make her look stupid. Who wants to tell her?

By LU Staff February 10, 2019

Is there a doctor in the house? Newly minted Democratic socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez seems to think so. After the rollout statement of her New Green Deal was posted on her website, then rapidly deleted, she claimed that the original text had been “doctored” by someone out to make her look bad.

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Before we dismiss AOC being too stupid to pose a threat to our liberties, we must remember the following:

Yup, Crazy-O Cortez is counting on the Llama Vote.

PS: Here’s a little on the meaning of the title…

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21 responses to “Does this Karl Marx asshat make my face look stupid?

  1. Groucho is my favorite Marxist

    Never underestimate Nancy Pelosi. She let this LOL funny Evita wannabe come out as the face of the old commie deal in a masterstroke of political genius.
    Of course Nancy believes and supports all of it but she won’t put her face on the side of it.

  2. This womyn is so in over her head. But she’s got the demorat SOP down perfectly – never take personal responsibility for any of your errors.


  3. Alex Cortex on Occasion is a troll. An ignorant, untalented troll.

    An ass hat of biblical proportions.

    And yet, she seems an interesting sexual partner.

    I’m guessing her lover(s) got her into her current position, because she’s clearly not very bright, and likely easily manipulated, which is why they chose her. They can get her to follow hors d’oeuvres.

  4. This article is a about a bright young man who helped craft the patriot Tea Party movements takedown of Liberal Democrat Trotskyites posing as Republicans aka “RINO’s” (((Neocons). He is well versed in the Cultural Marxists plans to destroy our culture, society, economy,& nation.
    Of additional interest is the author Waleed Shahid, who is the “handler” of nutter Ocasio-Cortez. He ripped off the Tea Party, and twisted their stolen ideas into the New Soviet Bolshevik Liberal DemocRat Agenda that his puppet Cortez is pushing the DemocRats out of the shadows and into their genuine Socialist/Communist ideology. Limbaugh & many others are predicting a McGovern crash of epic proportions for the 2020 elections (providing they so not steal the elections like they just did in 18 and tried to do to Trump in 16).

    • Unless the Trump administration actually DOES SOMETHING to address the voter fraud of the last 2 elections, the socialist takeover of America will be complete in 2021.

      • You are correct sir. Please read the article I posted. Zachary Werrell is a genius who Paki Muzzie Waleed Shahid, who is Cortez’s handler ripped off and twisted into their Communist/Liberal Green insane agenda.

        “Marx had a vision of destroying the family, the churches and other cultural foundations to make way for the collective. Gramsci was more of a tactician. He said the way to enact communism was not violent revolution (the way his friends in the Soviet Union were going about it), but rather to destroy a society’s cultural moorings. This manifests itself today in movements such as the one forcing Catholic institutions to provide abortions.” Zachary Werrell

  5. She makes me think of a spoiled child that has been put in charge of the candy store.

  6. My favorite quote from Karl Marx was from one of his poems (yes, Marx was a poet, of sorts): “I shall stand atop Mount Olympus, howling gigantic curses at mankind!”

    AOC. Seriously: Alex Jones has raised the question—is Alexandria Occasionally Coherent a meth-head? Is she a drug addict, a dope fiend? (Not that she’s the only one in there….)

  7. Oco-loco does not need the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy to make her look stupid. She is doing an admirable job on her own.

  8. Magpie Ocasio-Cortez, a product of the Bronx has no identity. She doesn’t say I am an American or I am a New Yorker, yet she says she is a Boricua as the Puerto Ricans call themselves, she has a background in studies but retained very little. Maybe because she was a bartender once, she talks what she hears but makes sense only to herself. She is envious of the rich because of who she is, she wants everybody to be her equal instead of growing in stature making herself proud to be born an American.

  9. Just to give you something to think about, many of these fools actually believe her “plan” and like it. Yes, bridges across the Pacific and Atlantic so they can ban airplanes. She thinks CO2 is “poison”.

    She just landed a $10M deal for a documentary of her life from Netflix. Money means nothing to the Tribe, they control it all:

    • Not just the “little people”, but 2020 presidential aspirant Sen. Kamala Harris signed on to Ocasio-Cortez’s insane and very stupid “Green New Deal”. So it would be foolish of us to dismiss AOC or her plan.

      • One of the three pillars of Go Jo is never under estimate your enemy. She is still showing her stupidity in the things she says and she will gain some following but the average American will see right through her.

      • Oh I don’t “dismiss” it. It is what their owners have told them to support. It has nothing to do with what they may or may not think. They have. been promised the bulk of the “free stuff” and they’re in for the duration.

  10. Well, this shows just how contagious stupid is. She now has a Netflix deal for a documentary on her short life for $10M. Go ahead, tell me this is for real.

  11. Interesting pose. She has two evictions and a 430 credit score. So what do they do? They put her in charge of leading their “cultural revolution”. It didn’t work for anyone else and it won’t work here. Of course she is actually stupid enough to believe this drivel:

  12. I think she’s doing a wonderful job of breaking the Demoncrat party into many pieces. The louder she talks, the more ridiculous and disordered she makes ALL Demoncrats look. She has caused their masks to drop and it lets everyone see what they really are, even “moderate” Demoncrats . So is all of the abortion of full-term babies. Since this all started, I have seen many people say they are pro-choice, but they aren’t signing on to this. I believe it will cause many people to turn against the Demoncrats. So let AOC and the other crazies keep talking. She’s like a Judas Goat leading others over a cliff.


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