Does this face give you the creeps, too?

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Last night, as I was putting together the new Caption Contest post, I looked through the photos I’ve saved in my “Caption Contest” folder to find a suitable pic for our 95th Caption Contest.
I came across this pic, taken at the funeral memorial to Nelson Mandela on Dec. 10, 2013 — of the POS making a public display of his devotion to FLPOS and “Michael,” in turn, looking smug and self-satisfied.
POS kisses hand of FLPOS
But what really creeped me out is the face in the shadows behind FLPOS on the far left — watching, with eyes full of malice and resentment.
The individual in the shadows is Susan Rice, former ambassador to the UN and now Obama’s national security adviser.
If Hollywood central casting were looking for someone to portray Satan, that’s the face.
See also “Nelson Mandela was no saint but a Black racist who wanted to kill all whites

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0 responses to “Does this face give you the creeps, too?

  1. How about a combo of Rice and David Rockefeller ?

  2. Even creepier is POS. He is barely touching her with his lips, like he is grossed out too!

  3. uh yeah…it gives me total willies…more like upchucking. Her face is so nasty, looks like she was beaten with an ugly stick, No Wait…an ugly tree…Lordy but that woman is nasty…if she’s a woman, ahem.

  4. Give me the creeps? Oh yes it does.

  5. To be honest, I don’t see that much in the face of Susan Rice, I read her expression as watchful and somewhat negative — irritated about something perhaps?
    But there is something that does seem to leap out and catch my eye — look at all the tension in Michelle! I see that in her face, her arm, even her neck…. it makes me quite curious to know the timing of this photo. I wonder if this was taken before or after the imposter disgraced us all by taking “selfies” at a funeral and acting so shamelessy with the hot blonde.

  6. Leeann Springer

    Susan Rice giving Barry the evil eye for kissing on her man. Leeann

  7. Isn’t she the one who lied through her teeth about Benghazi?

  8. Well its’ a bit unsettling but I have seen worse. I checked the link about Mandela and at the end of the article it mentioned white people fleeing as he came to power. It’s really bad there now. White people get no jobs. One third of them are living in tent cities. 80,000 whites have been tortured and murdered since the end of apartied and as it continues, nothing is done. And the worst part ? When whites try to emigrate because they are being genocided, the Western countries deny them entry because they say there is no genocide taking place in South Africa. This is really bad folks and it’s coming here.

    • Lana: Too many focus on Mandela when there is still Tuu, Oprah, POS…
      Tutus’ Pox by definition is ‘a viral disease that causes pus-filled blisters pustules of hate to form on Africa, and often leaves scars pockmarks even death’.
      We know it is not very chic nor politically correct to call Tutu what he is because that would fly in the face of OprahNation, ObamaNation and the globalist elite media and intelligentsia never mind the Bloody African Communists. -Excerpt from
      Tutus’ Pox: Globalists, Intelligentsia Celebrate Anti-Semitic African Race War Provocateur

  9. Ya know-When I see the alleged president’s half,I think about what I felt when Buford and Killary were in power.Back then,Killary caused the same feelings in me,because you didn’t have to scratch the surface very deep to realize she was stark raving MAD,with a feminist coating. Same thing with what’s-it’-name,only FAR more deranged and dysfunctional.

  10. This isn’t the first time her face has given me the willies. Just go back and look at her appearances on TV or standing behind BO, she is one pissed off broad. She never relaxes or has a gentle appearance to her face.

  11. I think comrade Rice is more evil and dangerous than even the comrade Kenyan fraud – because she knows what she is doing.

  12. Why I am shocked! SHOCKED! I thought VALERIE JARRETT was the Devil Incarnate!

  13. Crane Corwith Sink

    “Alleged President?!?” And Sandy Hook deniers as well. You people are nothing but a bunch of Teabagging idiots.

    • No substance; only gratuitous insults. You must be a graduate of satanist Saul Alinsky’s School for Useful Idiots.
      As for “teabagging,” there you go again, projecting — your narcissistic mind is an echo chamber. Only sodomites like you who neither respect yourself nor others engage in the vile, humiliating, and self-humiliating practice called “teabagging”.

    • Perhaps your goobermint ejumikated self should take up the ‘Teabagging’ issue with your precious comrade Kenyan bogus POtuS and his “Right Hand Man” Reggie.
      By the way, how is that Common Core “education” working out for ya?
      Has it been any help in training your illegal invader replacement?
      LOL – Yeah, I guess it’s kind of hard when you don’t speak Spanish.
      Or are you still trying to figure out how to charge your Obamaphone?
      A word of advice – don’t try and plug it in if you are in the tub, as electricity and water is not a good combination.

    • I see you attended the Dan Savage school of debate. Your parents must be so proud.

  14. Here’s another take on the pic:
    That is Susan Rice’s hand being kissed. She is glaring at Michael (aka ‘Moochie’) who has just interrupted a ‘quiet moment’ with her ‘Prez’. At that moment, Barry awakens from his revery and cries, “I thought you were the Saudi king!”
    Meanwhile, the guy in the front is thinking to himself, “I just can’t believe these assholes are in positions of power!”

  15. Everyone of them looks scary to me. Granted, Rice gets the creepiest award but they all look like unbathed zombies with a few minor adjustments.

  16. What about the ghostly face wearing glasses in the upper right hand corner?

  17. Yes, #1, and now I see the other two… the whole picture is scary!

  18. # 1 almost looks like the wicked witch from Park Ridge , in a macabre sort of way . The other one I can’t make out , but there is a presence there .


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