Does Nancy Pelosi have senile dementia?

77-year-old House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is increasingly incoherent.
On June 25, 2017, appearing with MSNBC’s Joy Reid at Manhattan’s Jewish non-profit community-center 92nd Street Y, looking gaunt and sunken-cheeked, Pelosi struggled to communicate, gesticulating wildly and futilely with her hands, repeatedly stopping in mid-sentence and staring at the audience in brain freezes.

Referring to her late father, Pelosi said:

“He was part of, part of a group called the Berkson Group, and they did rallies and pageants and parades and um, and when he stood up on the floor of Congress, ‘I stand here as a representative … of the . . . [brain freeze] members of the Jewish army,’ and he was really way out there….”

Then, on the subject of the GOP’s health care reform bill, Pelosi said:

“Now we are building and validating what really is the message, that as we go for it, you probably could put it on a piece of paper right now and say this is what it should be. For us, we have to make sure that our members [brain freeze] participate in that. At least go to Facebook, Twitter, whatever . . . [brain freeze] Instagram, any platform that you want. Home care to, you know, some people are at home, but they still get care from, from . . . [brain freeze] Medicaid low income seniors in nursing homes are getting care at home, it, it will a tremendous impact on what families can do for their children, the, the [brain freeze], in relationship to what they need to do.”

Did you understand any of that?
H/t The American Mirror
Here’s another video of Pelosi lying, being incoherent, and slurring her words:

And once again, the tongue thing.
Like other Democrats/Progressives, Pelosi also thrusts her tongue out like a snake:

See also:

Update (Dec. 12, 2017):

The recent news that DC pharmacy delivers Alzheimer’s drugs to Congress certainly lends credence to speculations that Pelosi has senile dementia.

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61 responses to “Does Nancy Pelosi have senile dementia?

  1. We will know what she said after we vote on her.

  2. Does a bear crap in the woods ?

  3. Crazy as a shithouse rat.

  4. She doesn’t have a lick of sense!

  5. This one’s old (2009) but still good.

    • I just now viewed this, and she’s EXACTLY the same as the party apparatchiks in those reviewing stands behind Stalin & Mao. Seen one, seen ’em all…. []

  6. Does Nancy Pelosi have senile dementia?
    I thought ‘Nancy Pelosi’ was a non-Latin way to say ‘senile dementia’ for those with a hard time recalling what that means exactly. And I’m sure she was the precursor of senile dementia in SF earlier in the last century….

  7. Obviously we need to examine most of senate and con gress folks mental health and Legosie and her coven have been eating too much pizza. Cannabilisim causes such nutbaggery.

  8. William Brandon Shanley

    Sorry, it’s not dementia, Dr. Eowyn, LOL!!!
    Nancy’s suffering from missing her daily baby’s blood cocktail ever since the Podesta child sex trafficking/cannabalizing/Spirit Cooking network was exposed here, there, and everywhere good people have awakened to the sick, Satanic baby-raping, Lucifer-channeling, flesh-eating perversions of these Babylonians on the Potomac.
    Just think about the 53 million aborted dead babies since Roe v Wade; another 30 million dead since WWII thanks to America’s sleight-of-mind warmongers, propagandists and CIA-Mockingbird presstitutes who misled us on every significant event of the 20th and 21st centuries (WWI, WWII, the Holocaust, Gulf of Tonkin, 911, WMD, Contra-al Queda-ISIS neocon fakery anyone?); the countless trillions squandered, the wholesale destruction and enslavement of families and the working class to pay for it; and the stampeding of the People to repeatedly bail out gluttonous bankers.
    After all this, we come to recognize that the road that stretches from the US Capitol to the White House, in not Pennsylvania Avenue, but the River Styx in Dante’s Inferno. And that’s why we sent Mr. Trump to Washington to drain the swamp!

    • You left out the Lusitania, the U.S.S. Liberty, the U.S.S. Cole, and if we go further back in time, the U.S.S. Maine, and many, many other false flags.
      But yes, agreed — a ‘river runs through it’ and it’s not the Potomac.
      Yes, the real holocaust has been the willful murder of millions of humans in their mother’s womb. Their blood cries out for justice to be done though the heavens fall.

    • You left out ‘mind controlled’.

  9. Call it senile dementia, hardening of the arteries, confused, incoherent, these are all the attributes this crabby old hag has to hang up her hat and walk out in time for a DEPENDS change. Let some young uncorrupted Democrat [if there’s one] to take the reigns of the party and lead them the democratic way, if not it is “the blind leading the blind” into the abyss.

    • Lol actually…. I like trump’s comment about pelosi, where he stated to leave her right where she is at, as she is doing him a lot of help… Lol 😉

  10. Did anyone else pickup on her words . . . “taking from the poor and giving to the rich.” How can you take from the poor that which they did not already have, Obamacare was strictly a means of taking from those who have worked harder to attain comfortable lives, or those who were blessed to be born into more affluent families (where no doubt someone did some hard work to amass monies) and giving these monies to those who don’t care to work hard, or who were born into families that had a lesser ability to make things go financially. Interesting statistic I just read yesterday . . . poor people spend a huge amount of their available funds (42%) on high end stuff.
    I am sorry but this old lady, and I can say “old lady” since I am nearly 71 years old . . . she and her family need to make the choice that it is time for her to retire. It is hardly fair to the citizens of this nation that we have someone serving in our nation’s capital, who is so obviously unable to perform at optimum level. In fact it is a travesty.

    • Auntie Lulu, you were missed. I’m older than Pelosi, lucky I still can make sense, you too -we are not demoKrats!!

  11. All Democrap women are senile.

  12. Jackie Puppet

    We all know liberalism is a mental disorder, but in Pelosi’s case, it’s manifesting itself to be physical.

    • It is a mental disorder… But also many of these creeps are anti- God and deny him, in favor of their father satan. And just like what God did to King Nebuchadnezzar in the Old Testament, making him crazy like a mad animal, this could be what He is also doing to these evil people… Hillary, pelosi, Feinstein… The whole lot of them

  13. I think her Dementia was becoming prominent when she said we had to “vote for it to find out what’s IN it”…..She and “Sierra Harry” Reid-they DESERVE each other.

    • My favorite “Pelosi-ism” is her remark about the voters having no right or ability to make decisions about their futures. That was her job.

  14. Harry Reeeeeed??? Who could that be???

  15. Pelosi has been brain-dead for years. The rest of the democrats don’t care.

  16. William Chandler

    I pray she has a lingering and painful death. Call it Hell PREPPING.

  17. I think she has a combination of being full of herself, too much Botox over the years, a dash of dementia and maybe some small strokes going on.
    What ever it is, she needs to go home and stay, she is no longer useful to the party but hey, she keep helping us.
    She and Harry can sit on the porch together and count their ill gotten monies and bang their canes at the young people walking by.

  18. Kevin J Lankford

    Obviously just relying on her zionist ashkenazi fakes to cover for her.

  19. Nancy Pelosi should be cast as the Scarecrow in a Wizard of Oz production and break out singing “If I Only Had a Brain”.

    • But you’ve missed their point: the obscenely wealthy have very little need of brain, they can buy whatever they need done for them. And YES it does include wiping their butts: they’re too busy collecting more currency & physical assets to wipe their own.
      I’ve worked for them as landscape gardener-carpenter contractor over the last fifty years. My best 1965 account in the East Bay was a member of the Gould family [yes, those Ghoulds/sic] who had THREE acres above the Claremont Hotel [land value in multi-millions]; he granted me a 30 minute visit in 2000.
      In the years since, his wife died of brain cancer; his only son committed suicide years before; what became of his only daughter he never said, nor did his current live-in boy friend & caretaker. He could now be openly gay in all the splendour of his very beautiful modern home, which he –as an architect– had designed and had built in the late Fifties-early Sixties.
      I suppose he was getting the best of everything –he could cetainly afford anything– but he was a completely devastated wreck in appearance and demeanour. He was wheeled about by his boy friend, who was openly gay and proud of it; it was soon evident that we’d exhausted anything we could speak of for the record. I hope none of us comes to be in his state, albeit he was far brighter than NP.

  20. As I have said before, I think Pelosi is satanically possessed, and I explained that it’s her voice that gives her away: No one who is normal speaks the way she does. I don’t know if it’s called the timbre or pitch, but her voice is GRATINGLY ANNOYING. Here’s the contradiction: On the surface, it sounds as soft as Charmin. But it’s truly annoying as hell! And it’s surreptitiously pedantic. And it is the camoflaged hectoring of a school marm who is trying to estimate the motivations of her listeners. In other words, she’s a schemer, and she knows it.
    It’s almost as if she is a corollary of Hillary Clinton on the logic table.
    I hope she is demented: Like Nana or Theresa Roquetine from literature, the truth will out and Nature shall take its revenge!

  21. In her case, senility is an improvement. Back in her “prime”, she was such an utter, arrogant ass. She came right out and said that the voters have no right to decide anything, that’s what we have people like her for.
    There’s a lot to be said here. Just how does she get elected? You could say that about several of them. They are beyond awful. Besides, why does a billionaire need a job?
    Well, I suppose Satan hasn’t released her from her contract yet. Same goes for a host of them. In fact, it would be much easier to list those who might be worthy of office (if there are any).

    • She’s probably mind controlled. She says what her handlers tell her to. She might not even know what she’s doing. I mean she doesn’t know what she’s doing either way.

  22. Speaking of Congress and ‘non compos mentis’, John McCain, a danger to us all, likewise should have (been) retired long ago, that befuddled fuddy-duddy!

  23. I wonder if she received an honorarium.
    It should have been in ‘monopoly’ money.
    Anyone who attended to listen to her jibberish must also be demented.

  24. Power-induced absolute corruption is not satisfied with mere wealth, the greatness of the poverty of others adds to psychopathic/demonic pleasure. A vast separation of social classes is desired, and when that no longer pleased, culling of the here is to be attempted. I believe that there are many in that level of society not so afflicted, they just do not lust for power. May that change.

  25. IMPOSSIBLE! She’d need to have a brain first.

  26. This all sounds very much like what Hillary Clinton is afflicted by!

  27. Real formenting esscalation of detremental organization of reality opinion and other factors will underestimate the need of otherwise revelent data unknown to experts regarding necessary action and will be the reason that legislation controling such action will be necessary. Covfefe.
    Well that was pretty clear, wasn’t it?

  28. She is a prime example of how things actually work. How many “successful” people are that way because they are qualified and good at what they do? How many because they are “connected”?
    Whether it’s business or government the same principle applies. Maybe we should ask, “why do we put up with it?”. Why should we be surprised?
    Always remember, prison is not the primary place to find psychopaths.

  29. Pelosi is so LATE in retiring, now age 77 (born March 26, 1940). Where do these old hags get off thinking they can keep working when they need to be home? (Like SCOTUS Ginsburg age 84, or Boxer age 76, or Feinstein age 84, etc.).
    Her word-finding difficulties may be due to old age, or stroke, etc. Here’s two possibilities, the latter being worse than the former:
    –Wiki: What is nominal aphasia?
    Anomic aphasia (also known as dysnomia, nominal aphasia, and amnesic aphasia) is a mild, fluent type of aphasia where an individual has word retrieval failures and cannot express the words they want to say (particularly nouns and verbs). Anomia is a deficit of expressive language.
    –Wiki: What is expressive aphasia?
    Expressive aphasia (non-fluent aphasia) is characterized by partial loss of the ability to produce language (spoken or written), although comprehension generally remains intact.[1] A person with expressive aphasia will exhibit effortful speech. Speech generally includes important content words, but leaves out function words that have only grammatical significance and not real-world meaning, such as prepositions and articles.
    Aside from Pelosi, I want to know how brain-dead is the black lady sitting next to her, whose skirt is hiked up to her butt. Good grief, pull your skirt down, woman! Nobody wants to see your big black thigh! :-/

  30. Does Nancy Pelosi have senile dementia?
    Yep. It’s called liberalism here in Georgia. 🙂

  31. Also she, and those of her ilk claim Mr. Trump is the one that’s incompetent and unable to do his job. Maybe the tables should be turned. Sic the conservative media on them. Have some conservative committees investigate their actions, abilities, connections and motives. Screw the lamestream media’s reporting. Expose thier colusion and conspirisory.

  32. YES, which is why she didn’t read the bill before she passed it: she can’t read OR speak.

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  34. I wouldn’t doubt that she was senile. That isn’t her BIGGEST problem. She’s 110% Tribal-controlled, wind her up and let her babble, bull-goose looney. She has reached a point where she quite literally doesn’t care what she’s saying.

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  36. Grubb’s Pharmacy needs to rush an Alzheimer’s prescription to her, STAT.

  37. A Dream about Nancy Pelosi
    Dreams from the LORD 2011-2018
    29 March 2018
    Last night I had a dream where I saw Nancy Pelosi and this other guy sitting at a table. Then I heard someone say, “Nancy Pelosi belongs in a mental hospital” or “Nancy Pelosi belongs in jail.”

  38. Pelosi does or did have some recall. Upon hearing news of 9/11 she
    spontaneously sang the Israeli National Anthem. Nutty-Yahoo aka the
    prime minister of Israel upon hearing the news of 9/11 said “That’s
    good….” on camera/tape before he caught his lapse of political façade.

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  40. Lately she DOES appear to be “struggling” to keep her thoughts under control. The truth is that she probably isn’t any more dangerous and delusional than when she was still firing on all her cylinders.

    She is VERY arrogant. She has repeatedly answered her critics by telling them that they are not “qualified” to know what they need. She not only believes herself to be of a superior station, she thinks she is superior WITHIN that caste. She is notorious for failing to compromise.

    For a moment let’s just think this through. These parties are supposed to represent us. We know that isn’t true, but let’s pretend that they do. If she openly refused to listen to her constituents why would her party support her? Are these parties about themselves?

    These parties are put there for the same reason that they match “The Mad Bomber” with the “Lightning Leatherneck” in Worldwide Wrestling. The thing is, wrestling is fake and everyone but the most ignorant knows it. The name of the game here is to preserve the artificial notion that citizens have some say in their governance while advancing a completely foreign agenda.

    They’ve been at this so long that people don’t even question just where some of these idiotic pieces of social engineering come from. Nobody in the citizenry is asking for them. It is true that there is a component so conditioned that they will blindly accept anything they’re fed, but the majority just look at it for what it is, a show.

    Just like Hillary, I have NEVER spoken to a person who said they liked Pelosi. The mere mention of her name brings eye rolls and snorts. I think there’s a lesson right there. If they had to rely on citizen contributions I don’t think that would happen.

    So, is she addled? Sure. About the only one she can have a conversation with would be RBG.

    • Thanks Lo for bringing this up…..if she doesn’t have Dementia…she for sure has something like “familial tremor,” which comes with advancing age, and is inheritable. OTOH…”familial tremor” usually has nothing to do with diminishing language or memory abilities….which Nancy seems to exhibit more and more……actually….this is not “new” from her, as she’s exhibited these distressing “symptoms” for going on about a decade. For sure, I’d never let her alone to babysit my grandchild……(to me–that’s the “test.”)

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