Do you think he’ll ever cheat again? LOL

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Dr. Chris MichosThe ER team reacts to seeing their patient for the first time (Dr. Christopher Michos in middle)

While looking for a news video on YouTube, I accidentally discovered this hilarious video of an adulterer who was admitted into ER for priapism — penile erection of 4 hours or more which, if untreated, can result in blood-clotting, followed by gangrene and amputation.

This is a true story. Here’s the LinkedIn page of the ER doctor, Christopher Michos, M.D.


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0 responses to “Do you think he’ll ever cheat again? LOL

  1. While this may have been an actual ER incident, this video looks to me to be a re-enactment.

  2. Ha Ha Ha,,,Ohh,,aaaah ,Ha Ha …

  3. Don’t take the blue pill! Don’t take the blue pill!!

  4. I have seen these erection enhancement commercials, and they all warn that if you have a stiffy four over four hours, you should seek medical attention.

    LOL – But the question in my mind has always been, is it the guy or the girl?


    • Nice shot Dave !

    • What is SOOO hilarious to me is the side effects, words to the effect “you may suffer low back ache…” Yeah, ya think, you haven’t done this in a year or two or you wouldn’t need the pill! “If loss of hearing or eyesight…” OMG, MOMMA WAS RIGHT!!!! You DO go blind of you play w/ it too much!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA hehehehehehehe *gasping for air* HAHAHAHAHA *snerk/snort a couple times, making my husband laugh* oh, h, h, h, h, h, my LOLOLOLOL hehehehe Laying back, still giggling and gasping for breath. I have gotten a kick outta that more times than once!

      Sorry if that was too risque’ for here, but man, Momma always said! Momma knows…She knows how to save you from a needle…..

  5. I work in medicine and can tell y’all it happens. At least the blood draining part…and the humiliation of showing up in such a state. Docs don’t wait long; by the time some poor schmuck finally decides to come in, it’s pretty much drain it or lose it. This has to be the next SNL gag. Got one last night…the guy was 84 and denied any “enhancement drugs.” God bless him if he was telling the truth!

  6. Ha – no mammals intentionally injured – only his pride!!! Thanks for giving my week a jump-start, that was really funny. I love this site – come here to get my perspective back!!

    • I was tempted to write “no mammaries” as a play on the typical movie’s disclaimer, but decided not, because it would be misconstrued. But then, what isn’t misunderstood these days? Everyone’s got a fence to offense….


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