Do you look like your car?

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Here’s something fun and silly for a Sunday . . . .
Writing for none other than the Scientific American, a serious publication, Jesse Bering claims that not only do dogs and their human owners resemble each other, so do cars and their human owners.
Bering writes:

Does your car look like you?

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0 responses to “Do you look like your car?

  1. Big… Grey…
    Okay, I think I do!

  2. And I always thought my choices were based on the April edition of Consumer Reports!

  3. I own a 2001 black Mazda 626. The front bumper is peeling paint so guess that matches some wrinkles on my face 😀

  4. Curious and curiouser…. My 1994 Ford Explorer Limited was ordered from its factory by the original owner, from whose grand-daughter I bought it, but I suspect from its very comfortable ergonomic matching to me and its range of options that he would likely have been much like me physically, perhaps psychologically as well. I’ve become very attached to it, and it can serve as my coffin, if my daughter can bear to part with my ‘Exploder’ –as she refers to it–!

    • Assuming your Ford Explorer is white, I can definitely see a resemblance. LOL
      (Please see my email!) 😀

      • As an art teacher told me, a young face can’t reveal character, that takes time and experiences. Is your visage a display of dents, creases, rust, Bondo packing, and loss of non-essential parts? Be proud of your character, let the world stand in awe of you. Really, I don’t think it will, but what else can you do, hide in some seniors’ reservation in Florida or Arizona?

  5. My car is old and gray and gravity is taking a toll on it. Just like me.

    • Dear SapphireSunday,
      You and your car are growing old together, but your car was not old and gray when you first acquired it! 🙂

      • No, it sure wasn’t old when I first acquired it. Nor was it sagging. Yes, we’re growing old together. I only hope that I don’t start leaking like my car does. 😉


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