Do you know what “cracker” means?

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NBP Samir ShabazzNew Black Panther Samir Shabazz

Most of us know about the racist New Black Panthers (NBP) calling white people “crackers.”

Here’s NBP leader Samir Shabazz in January 2012, calling for blacks to kill white people and their babies: “We’re gonna have to kill some crackers”…”We’re gonna have to kill some cracker babies … some little Penelopes and some little Rodneys” . . . .

But do you know what the word “cracker” actually means?

I didn’t, and had thought the word is somehow related to crack cocaine. Until I read a reader’s comment on a news article about human body parts being found in the sewer of a Detroit suburb:

fuzzyspappy FatbngurlumtRwgR

before cowboys, the term was used to describe the slave masters who “cracked the whip”

So I went to look the word up on Urban Dictionary:


Originally the white slave driver because he would “crack” the whip, hence the noun cracker.

Noun. Slang word used to refer to those of European ancestry. The word is thought to have either derived from the sound of a whip being cracked by slave owners, or because crackers are generally white in color.

opposite of nigger, an insult to whites… except white people aren’t dumb enough to walk around calling each other that word because it’s intended to be demeaning.

Racist term for a white person

And yet blacks, including President Lucifer’s attorney general Eric Holder, have the gall to insist blacks can’t possibly be racists, and only non-blacks — especially whites — can be and are racist.

On March 1, 2011, Holder said he was fed up with listening to whining whites who claim the Justice Department deliberately blocked investigations of black-on-white racism. Holder said, “When you compare what people endured in the South in the 60s to try to get the right to vote for African Americans, to compare what people subjected to that with what happened in Philadelphia [New Black Panthers intimidating voters in 2008], which was inappropriate .. .to describe it in those terms I think does a great disservice to people who put their lives on the line for my people.”

In other words, what Holder was saying is that some racism is worse than others. Some racist injustice is worthy of prosecution, but racism against whites is not because whites simply haven’t suffered enough. They don’t deserve legal protection. So, any injustices committed against white people should be swept under the rug. It’s not worth Eric Holder’s time.


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0 responses to “Do you know what “cracker” means?

  1. nahh……..they’re lying again. When I was a kid in the early 1950s, we were called “white crackers”. As in: “Saltines”. We are called “white bread” today. Same thing.
    To say that the word “cracker” is derived from “White slave masters” is an attempt to justify a racial slur made by blacks against whites. Screw these race mongers. The largest slave owner in the south in the 1800s was a black man. White were slaves also, to white people and were slaves to black people. (Indentured servant).
    Most white kids grew up with “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me”.
    Somebody should teach that to the non-white “Offended” people and maybe they will quit their bitching.

    • You are referring to William Ellison. He was only Half Black and was most likely brain washed like other mulatto off springs, who captured slaves in Africa and sold them to Europeans and they owned slaves in America.

  2. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this amazing post and for the in-depth definition of the word, “cracker.” Frankly, I had no idea the word was used as a racial slur. And Holder’s comments are typical of his continuing biased behavior and injustice. Racism against white people has been and continues to thrive in our country!

  3. The Reverend Al Sharpdumb

    Cracker, Honky, Whitey, or any other epithet somebody wants to call me. doesn’t describe or define me. It describes and defines them. Call me anything you want but don’t call me late for lunch.

  4. Holder neglects the fact that European, Latino and Asian people are vastly greater in number than the privileged ex-slaves. If he pushes it much farther, he risks setting something into motion that none of us want to see.

  5. It is obvious that blacks are much more racist than whites. Everytime a black person doesn’t have their way they sing the sorrows of racism. Bit of a white man is on the same situation blacks laugh at them. Look at the Emmy award show on Saturday. Claire Danes won the award for best actress in a drama series and fans of Kerry Washington cried racism. This is one of a million examples of blacks using the race card when they want to get their way.

  6. Interesting for sure. I guess as long as there are people, there will be different explanations. Recently, there was an Floridian Historian and she explained the crackers title was because the early ranchers cracked their whips for driving their cattle. Which makes total sense, since that happened all over the country.
    For an interesting take on all this talk of white owning blacks. A great book was written covering the true travels of a French Explorer called Rene Caillie, who in 1828 traveled to Timbuctoo. Europeans had heard of that place for years and wanted it proven there really existed such a place and for that a $25,000 reward was offered with proof. He set off and the dangers he encountered were amazing. When he finally got there, he found the Muslims and other black people were the slave owners. The Muslims were no nicer back then. An Amazing Book, The Unveiling of Timbuctoo by Galbraith Welch.

  7. That’s a politically incorrect definition, the term “CRACKER” came from back in days when southern colonies, especially Georgia, were far removed not only from northern colonies, but itself was a collection of towns dispersed far and in between and many landowners lived outside of towns and villages–relying on once a week or once a month trips to nearest village for supplies. Villagers could hear them coming through the woods “CRACKING THE WHIP” to get their mule driven wagons into the locales to load up goods and supplies. That’s what the term “Georgia cracker” has always meant. The “cracker” term has been subjected to the prejudices of the left wing media as derogatory slang for southern whites, just as “redneck” has been.

  8. The above definition of “cracker” is absolutely incorrect. The real origin comes from the Gaelic word “craic” (pronounced: krak), which means gossip or news. It was in common usage by Irish, Scots and Scots-Irish settlers, who were/are the main component of the Southern population. Sayings and greetings like “what’s the craic?” and “have you heard the craic about xxxx?” gave rise to the term “cracker” (i.e. someone who gossips). Since the white people whom blacks most often encountered were country-type or working class Irish/Scots (typically, NOT slave owners), the name cracker became a black euphemism for all white people.

    Cracker has NOTHING to do with whips and is just another historical lie promulgated by people who seek to create and further black hatred of whites.

  9. Well, OK now, I’ve listened long enough to all this this foolishness, so I’m here to set this subject ABSOLUTELY level & plumb dandy forever more! That about covers it, dontcha think? OK, here goes, and y’all hold onto yer hats and brains!!

    “White” now means ‘white’ as in your-a-peeing genetic stock, OK? Get a good handle on this now, caws everything else follows –or falls. I dunno, ask Steve, he knows all, but doesn’t’ spill them white kidney beans, dontcha know?

    University studies proved that race-mixing began in 1492, when Columbus sailed the ocean blue, and took back lots of strapping bucks as specimens of noble savages, but he didn’t get any prizes, dontcha know… Well, it’s said that syphilis was those natives gift to their white oppressors, but WTH do I know? Y’all still w/me on this?

    OK: so when the USA finally got itself fully ‘organdised’, to quote our fearless leader, Winnie ther Pooh, its Supreme Kourt decided that one drop of Negro blood made that person African. Now I don’t know how they got that drop of blood, as hypodermic syringes and needles weren’t invented yet, but they did, so that’s that. Don’t ask; don’t tell.

    I hope this has settled yer hash-hishes there, and made everybody feel better, OK? I’ve done my befuddled best, so if not, just send a comment addressed to Steve-er-rino, who as our Court Jester and Master of Merriment will soon have you bedazzled.

    Hey, it works for me, and I’m not even 72 yet!!

  10. I have always found it interesting that this NBP leader has the same name that was one of Malcolm X Aliases.

  11. Reblogged this on Your Dog Wouldn't Like It and commented:
    The Dog Says:-
    So it’s OK to call my Daddy (Supajohnny), “Cracker”, because he’s white (well a little pink with brownie twinges round the forelocks). In my view, if it’s OK to call my dad a “Cracker”, it’s OK to call Black people “Niggers”. How does this help anyone, Mr Holder. How does this make the world a better place for ALL people, you ASSHOLE?
    Anyway, supajohnny’s family were like the rest of the white working class population of Europe and North America. They were victims of the ruling classes too. And NEVER owned slaves.
    A point of history here. It was the Arabs, not the Europeans, who initiated and ruthlessly exploited slavery for 1400 years…and still do under the Muslim banner. Look at Libya, they still have black slaves. So, go fu*k yourself Mr Holder. Stop trying to start a race war.

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  13. The person who wrote the definition for “cracker” in the Urban Dictionary was right about one thing… White people (or at least the ones I know) don’t go around calling each other “Cracker.” It still puzzles that the same Black people who have a fit when a White person uses the “n” word, have no problem using that same word when addressing each other. Go figure

  14. As A 5 generation Florida “Cracker” and proud of it , I offer the following. There is a collection of period buildings that have been preserved and moved to the Fla State Fairgrounds called “Cracker Country” an historical living museum staffed by volunteers in period clothes demonstrating everyday living in the late 1800’s into the early 1900’s. There are informational signs explaining that the early Fl. cowboys used whips to control the cattle in the swamps and woods, the brush was too thick to use lassos. Thus the name was used for the hardy cowboys that herded cattle here. Note the cattle were not struck with the whip, as this would have sent them running uncontrollably, the crack sound of the whip was used to herd and control them. I have a close friend who herded cows with his grandfather, his skills and accuracy with a whip are incredible!

    • 100% correct. White people can’t call each other crackers because Florida has been overrun by folks who are white as saltines but sure are not Florida Crackers. It is a point of pride for me as well I am also a fifth generation Florida Cracker. My ancestors settled Ft. Drum running cattle from Lake Kissimmee south to Lake Okeechobee and from the Kissimmee River to the Ft. Drum slough. It would take about 15 days to work everything west of what is now SR441 and 7 or 8 days for everythig east of that dividing line. Without cowwhips and cowdogs it would have been impossible to ever get the job done.
      When I was in elementary school in the 1960`s two black dudes would lay in wait for me every day and push me around and would call me “Cracker”. I was the second smallest kid in school and these guys were giants. I finally told my Dad about the situation my Dad was a quite large man who was in fact a cracker who continued to earn his living cowhunting. To my surprise his solution was not at all what I had envisioned he having once been picked me up from school toting a 16 guage on a day when race riots were ongoing at the Okeechobee High School. He told me and made me memorize the following the next time I was pushed around and called Cracker. “Thanks boys, I sure do thank you for that compliment. I have only one question. How did you boys know I was a Cracker?” I reluctantly recited the response the next time I was assaulted and the two dudes looked at each other and started laughing and never bothered me again.
      It wasn’t until I was much older that I realized that boys or “boyz” was a racial epithet as well. I guess what you don’t know can’t hurt you.

  15. I had heard the explanation of the whip cracking as the reason for that epithet about whites in general–and, the one about the soda cracker, too–but, whatever the truth of it’s origin, what really matters at this point is how it’s now being used by blacks when referring to whites–it’s a racial slur when they use it–I know it’s been claimed that blacks can’t be racists, only whites can, which I find totally incredible nonsense–

    –but, what’s needed now is ‘fence mending’, not more excuses, by those like Holder and the current occupant of the WH, as to why one group of people are allowed to slur another group of people in this country–“because they suffered more”–if that was the case, who could ever blame the Jews for slurring Egyptians, or Germans for that matter, after what they were put through at their hands during certain periods in history?–

    –Christ told us to forgive even our enemies, and to pray for them and do good things for them, so that we might be like our heavenly Father, not like the unrepentant, who still think it’s ok to seek revenge against one another, which goes against the commands of Christ–if just those of us who love Jesus as our Lord and Savior would actually begin doing as He commanded we do, and standing up for His ways, which would bring us directly in opposition to those who practice ‘the ways of the world’, it would begin to make others ‘sit up and take notice’–it would also begin to make a genuine difference, and not allow those who promote that racism a place to hide any longer–because, we’d be confronting them and their self-serving, hateful ways openly and head-on.

  16. Sadly Holder is the racist, he holds the position of AG. I believe that means equal justice for all black or white.


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