Do Whales Laugh?

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Let’s ask these tourists…

Today’s laugh is brought to you by the Lord’s amazing creatures.

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5 responses to “Do Whales Laugh?

  1. Of course they do have fun, they are mischievous and play tricks, they are mammals with big brains and happy hearts.

  2. Lets swim or there to the boat and soak the humans for fun.

  3. Good one!

  4. I don’t doubt that whales have a sense of humor and of mischief. 😀

    God’s creatures are intelligent and have feelings, like this elderly elephant in an elephant sanctuary who was moved to tears by a man playing Debussy’s “Clair de Lune”:

  5. Whales are amazing. My heart breaks for J35, who carried/pushed her dead baby along for a remarkable 17 days. If that’s not grief then what is?
    This whale showed more emotion towards her deceased baby than many humans do- it’s heartbreaking yet in a small way heartening.


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