Do we want this in America?

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Islamists’ Harsh Justice Is on the Rise in North Mali

By ADAM NOSSITER  – New York Times  December 27, 2012

Joe Penney for The New York Times shot this photo

Photo credit: Joe Penney for The New York Times

I’m shocked for 2 reasons. Reason one is the reminder in this story of the cruelty of Shariah law. Reason two is the fact that I’m linking to the New York Times.

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0 responses to “Do we want this in America?

  1. Imposers of Shariah law are robbing humanity of its life. Anyone who takes the place of God and imposes their own justice, as well as physically or emotionally harms someone, is worse than the sin itself because they are stealing under the disguise of fairness. They are hiding their own bloodthirstiness under a cover. Jesus, help us all, to save the sinners and to redeem the lost.

  2. Left/liberals think jihadists will recognize them as kindred totalitarians and let the rule the dirty little people together… silly left/liberals, jihadists will eat them.

  3. Anon. “Will eat them First” 😀


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