Do Occupy Protesters Even Know What They Want?

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Occupy Los Angeles protesters are so ignorant, they signed a petition demanding four things that we already have:

  • A currency backed by the government, and not by gold.
  • A central bank to fund the government and fix prices.
  • A 35% income tax for the wealthy.
  • Government aid for housing, e.g., FHA, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Workers Know-Nothings of the World Unite!

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0 responses to “Do Occupy Protesters Even Know What They Want?

  1. Okay, will they go home now?

  3. Idiots…

  4. This proves, anyone that went to school after 1970 was not taught the basics. They were taught how to feel good about themselves… We were asleep while “they” (Bill Ayers & ilk) were teaching the leftist agenda to our children. The tea party woke us up, but it will take a generation to correct this (if at all possible). Can you imagine what these idiots will be like in 20 years and start running our government?

  5. LOL – You just cannot fix stoopid.


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