Do NOT have a mouth full of water when you read this!!!!!!

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Camels Beware!!!!!!!



by Frances Martel

An Egyptian cleric formerly known as the “preacher of the revolution” during the revolt against President Hosni Mubarak warned Egyptian television viewers this week that Muslim Brotherhood sheiks have issued a fatwa permitting “anal jihad” for terrorists far from their wives, which is exactly what it sounds like. svomit_100-121

In televised remarks on Egypt’s Al-Tahrir TV on June 26 and translated into English by the Middle East Media Research Institute, cleric Mazhar Shahin told his viewers that members of the Muslim Brotherhood were engaging in homosexual anal sex acts as a way to “wage jihad in the name of Allah.” It was a “new kind of jihad,” he explained, where “they practice homosexuality with one another, thinking, wrongly, that this constitutes jihad for the sake of Allah.” The acts are sanctioned if the jihadists are far from their wives. He does not explain how engaging in homosexual sex in private furthers the cause of establishing an Islamic caliphate – the goal of most mujahidin – but compares it with “sexual jihad,” an act he describes as when “somebody takes a woman and has sex with her because he is waging jihad.”
The anal jihad “catastrophe,” he continued, was proof that “the (Muslim Brotherhood) is a bunch of hopeless and desperate peddlers who have reached a state of foolishness, stupidity, filth, and so on, to the highest imaginable degree.” He emphasizes multiple times that this is not just deviant behavior performed by individuals straying from jihadist ideals, but rather, behavior sanctioned by Muslim Brotherhood sheiks. “Their sheiks permit them to do these things. This is despicable, foolish, and asinine,” he concludes.

Despite being a vocal opponent of Mubarak, Shahin has also been extremely critical of the Muslim Brotherhood. In 2013, while Muslim Brotherhood President Mohamed Morsi was still in power, Shahin was suspended as a cleric at his mosque after a sermon in which, according to the Associated Press, “he warned against Brotherhood control over state institutions including the police, military and the Islamic institute of Al-Azhar.” He was accused of speaking “like a TV station or opposition paper” and fomenting discord among Muslims.
The suspension did not stop him from preaching against the Muslim Brotherhood. In February, Shahin encouraged men to divorce their wives if they were supportive of the Muslim Brotherhood, telling husbands that having such a wife is “having a sleeper cell in your house.” “These are priorities,” he explained, “…Should I sacrifice my wife or Egypt? My wife, in the end, is just a person… But when I say sacrifice, I don’t mean I kill her. I mean that I divorce her, and I give her all of her rights, and I protect my country and my patriotism.”
Shahin’s speech against “anal jihad” is another sign of the deep rifts between Islamist jihadists and Muslims that reject them, and even among different sectors of the jihadist community itself. In another example of homosexuality surfacing as an alleged element of jihad, a parody of the jihadist group The Islamic State (formerly the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham) on Palestinian television implied that its members were gay, calling them “ISISsy”s.
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0 responses to “Do NOT have a mouth full of water when you read this!!!!!!

  1. Reblogged this on Revolt of the Barbarians and commented:
    Interesting to see not all muslims look on homosexuality as a normal cultural tradition. I think he is a very brave man to speak out like this.

  2. another excuse for “coming out” and waging gay propaganda…anti-Christian

  3. Satan seed. A tree that produces no fruit. Antichrist

    • Gives new meaning to the phrase “go s***w yourselves”. The demon of sodomy is very strong. Maybe they will decide they like it and stop trying to conquer the world through procreation.

  4. Another cleric stated that anal sex is okay as long as the devout Muslim is doing it to increase the capacity of his colon so he can pack more explosives in it. You know, a training plug for a C4 suppository, so to speak.
    I cannot find any references to see if a BED (Bhutt-hole Explosive Device) can be used in conjunction with a pork-based lubricant.

    • I read your link Sig. These people are beyond loathsome and appear to become more so each day. Here is the last paragraph of that article:
      The cleric went on to say that hiding contraband in the anal cavity has
      become commonplace in the Middle East. “I read in newspapers every day about the arrest of an Afghani who is smuggling drugs in his rectum,” he said. “We are at the point where Kuwaitis search Afghanis’ and Pakistanis’ rectums first, before their luggage”.
      Too bad isolationism is no longer an option.

  5. For a minute or two I thought our Steve-O wrote this as a satire…. More bizzaro New World Disorder!

  6. Well,this probably works out fine for those Muslims. I’ve been saying for some time now they should all go get sc**wed ;THIS makes it possible for them to actually do that without having to soil any Virgins…

  7. Once the Devil gets into a person’s mind, there is no telling where he can take that person. It’s not just a matter of sin but of diabolical disorientation. It’s only a matter of a few more decades before Old Nick has us in the same place—if we don’t wake up!

  8. Dennis H Bennett

    This must be the same cleric who supervised the Man’s Country bathhouse in Chicago during, ok, I’ll use it here, POS’ many rumps, er, romps.

  9. Fag,s all of them!!


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