Disturbing Video Shows What It's Really Like to Be Street Harassed

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Cosmopolitan: No matter where you live, if you’ve ever walked around your neighborhood as a woman (or queer person) for any lengthy amount of time, you’ve been subjected to catcalls, whistles, stares, you name it.

Still, there are plenty of idiots out there who claim it’s no big deal, or that it’s not that bad, or that women are exaggerating. Obviously, those people are wrong, but sometimes it helps to show naysayers actual, real-world evidence of how pervasive street harassment is in our culture, which this video absolutely does.

It’s fairly excruciating to watch, but that’s only because it’s so realistic and all too familiar.


The “disturbing harassment”? “How you doing today?” “What’s up beautiful have a good day.” “God bless you mami.” “Hey baby.” “Hey beautiful!” “How are you this morning?” “Have a nice evening.” “Nice!”
Don’t like the cat calls or comments? Ignore them or tell the boys to blow off! You really think you can control the behavior of everyone on the street?
Bet a feminazi would demand the same respect even if she walked around like this.

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14 responses to “Disturbing Video Shows What It's Really Like to Be Street Harassed

  1. oh! I saw this just yesterday. Look at how she is dressed! I thought most of the men were respectful… the first ones say to simple to smile!
    I wondered with her complaining about all of this how she would probably complain MORE when she became not so attractive, and men begin to ignore her… wow, what then?
    I welcome the hellos, how are you, have a nice day, as I go about my day with men opening doors for me, have carried bags of dog food for me, pick up sunglasses I have dropped and have even waved to me from their cars as we drive by…. WHAT is so wrong with that???? I LOVE being a girl! This made me want to take my own camera to the street dressed in a modest dress and see what would happen in my 10 hours! I bet it would be shocking!!! (gasp, the horror and shock of it all!!!)
    …but as one man pointed out when women complained about the attention they receive from men … Don’t worry, your kind will die out.

  2. 1) She’s in New York, a city owned and run by liberals and Democrats, which in no way represents middle America.
    2) She walked for ten hours, yet all she got was a minute and a half of footage… That indicates that 99.99999% of the people she passed said nothing.
    3) With someone walking ahead of her filming the whole thing of course she’s going to get responses. People want to be part of the show.
    4) She reminds me a lot of famous people I met, particularly actors. They pretend to shun attention, yet if they don’t get it they seethe with rage. Sean Penn is a perfect example. In a restaurant if someone approaches he responds with a condescending snarl about invading his privacy. If no one pays attention, he snaps at the waitress and finds fault with everything to the point of leaving.
    5) At the end of the clip is a solicitation for donations! Okay! Now we see what this is all about!

    • Typical, they want to bring this to public schools to change the behavior of your kids (because obviously parents can’t do their jobs and we need to include every “social justice” program as part of the public indoctrination process):
      From the Donate page: “Money will go towards: Guide and Training for Schools to address street harassment. Information on how to address street harassment for teachers and administrators will be published in a first-of-its-kind guide in 2014. Following the guides release, we’ll localize it to cities around the world and use it to train teachers and administrators on how to respond.”

    • Lesson: If a woman wears a tight t-shirt, men will look. (Notice how all the other women in the video did NOT dress that way.) It’s a (purposeful) trap… which caught a disappointingly low amount as shown by the paltry footage.

  3. She can’t say she didn’t ask for it. A lot of women want to have their cake and eat it, too: Feminists look for their target, men, to ogle or jeer them, so they can justify their hatred. It’s called baiting. I’ve never been attracted to this sort of woman!

  4. I have to agree;where’s the harassment part of the video? She had various men wanting to speak to her-that’s a normal thing. None used foul language or was what I’d consider overly aggressive. (Okay-the guy that paced her for 5 minutes would’ve been a concern,but that was about the only one I felt had crossed a line.) I often say hello or comment to people around me,MOST smile and reply in kind. If that’s a problem for any of them,THAT is THEIR problem,not the REST of the people’s. People who “find” problems in society where problems actually AREN’T,it turns out,ARE the problems.

  5. More coverage to “spin” things toward their argument…
    “Woman Seen Harassed on NYC Streets in Video Gets Rape Threats,” by Sebastian Malo, Reuters via Yahoo! News, 30 Oct 2014

    • Thanks, Anonyomous
      Did anyone catch the news anchor calling this woman an actress???
      guess her 15 minutes of fame are about up.

  6. I’m with Steven – I used to work at a local university and it was interesting watching the gals parade around in their non-clothing and then screaming “rape” when the fellows followed Mother Nature. Give it up, gals! Put some clothes on and then study your books. Put your parents’ money to good use!

  7. I enjoy this site every day, but I’m disappointed that no one here seems to ‘get’ this video. Perhaps not everyone watched the entire video? The man who walked along with the woman was particularly aggressive…would you feel ok if that happened to your daughter? This was an average-looking, conservatively dressed woman whose appearance/emotional state was commented on by strangers about once every five minutes. This is not rare; it happens to women every time we leave the house. It can wear one down. Women have to be very, very cautious these days. What happened to the right to be left alone? To me, this is further evidence of the breakdown of manners and morals today.

    • Not every one has manners. Where is it written one has the right to be left alone? Some people are jerks, you can’t control that. If this was my daughter, she’d be trained in self defense and, if I old enough, would be schooled about her Second Amendment right.

    • And this cat calling is nothing new – been going on for years. Some guys are just pigs.
      If we all had the right to be left alone there would be no rapes or murders. Some people just don’t get your right to be left alone I guess. Hence good to know your right on how not to be a victim.

  8. And now there’s a response…


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