Disney's 666

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In every Disneyland or Disney World, there’s an Art of Disney store.
As examples, the main Art of Disney store is located in the Downtown Disney Marketplace in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, close to the parking lot. Another Art of Disney store location is at Epcot Future World, just to the right of Spaceship Earth.
But have you noticed the curious 666 wiggles on the Art of Disney signs?
Art of Disney - 666Disney666cDisney666dDisney666f
Some also see 666 in Walt Disney’s signature:
Walt Disney signature
What do you think?
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0 responses to “Disney's 666

  1. Subliminal message in mouse ears?
    I was never fond of Mickey Mouse,
    I preferred Donald Duck anyway.

  2. I know it’s supposed to be a stylized version of the outline of Mickey’s head…. but, it is strange that they chose to do it like that.
    As for the ‘sixes’ in the Walt Disney ‘signature’…. the backwards digit is a bit of a stretch, but if you look at the dot over the ‘i’ in ‘Disney’…. well…..
    In any event, ‘Disney’ isn’t ‘Disney’ anymore, is it…..
    I, too, never really cared for MM, either. Does that make me a racist?
    …. yeah, he IS black, isn’t he…. but then, so was Daffy Duck, and I just loved him. Donald was so….. bipolar. He wore a shirt, but no pants.
    ….. and Tinkerbell…… well, she was just plain Hot (even as a kid, I appreciated that fact).
    Well, that’s enough ‘animated’ discussion from me.

    • If you understood witchcraft, yuou would understand the backward 6. It’s how they think, with an esoteric mindset…

    • You mentioned Daffy Duck, comparing him to Donald Duck. For the benefit of anyone not in the know, Daffy Duck is associated with Bugs Bunny and Looney Tunes. Donald Duck is connected to Mickey Mouse and Walt Disney. Big difference.

  3. I think they’re throwing their satanic allegiances right in our faces and then laughing all the way to the bank as millions of Sheeple continue to support them.

    • Yeppers, you got it right the first time, so you get the brass ring!
      The ruling elite feels it is an hyper-exclusive cohort which revels in its signs & signals –right in our faces– because We the People are simply too stupid to take note.
      Remember: there are far more of us than them, even if you discount all the sheeple [I do].

  4. Am I missing a pic or something?

  5. No, I see it now. First time I looked at post no pic came up. I see em now.

  6. Another sign of how far we have fallen/are falling, even in children’s entertainment during development years. Lucifer has it all planned, but how far he will fall, Isaiah 14: 12-15, some of Isaiah’s beautiful writing. And he couldn’t even speak English! Sorry, bad joke using a very great man to display my simple-mindedness-and one wasn’t needed, I can do it all by myself.

  7. It could be done on purpose. It could be just a coincidence. It could be just an abstract version of MM’s head. Only the artist would know the intent. However, given the evil evil world we live in and all the satanic stuff going on, nothing would surprise me. Since I left those “city lights” behind and now live in the hinderlands of this once great country, with the company of sheep, cows and a dog, those subliminal messages go right over the top of my head.

  8. Let us pray it is just an anomaly and not done as something evil. I would like to know the real meaning of the design behind it though.
    Disney has gone so far left and nothing like I believe Walt had in mind, but you know, anything is possible.
    I hope this isn’t the final crush to my childhood, having been there so many times. I prefer to live in Fantasyland a little longer.
    But, I do know there are secret clubs and dining rooms and messages sprinkled all through the parks.
    Good grief, is nothing left of innocence?

  9. I think in this case we’re just trying too hard to pin the Satan Flag on Disney, Sometimes a rock is just a rock.

    • “we’re just trying too hard to pin the Satan Flag on Disney”
      This is the first post FOTM has published on Disney, in which I simply showed pics of the Art of Disney sign with the curious 3 wiggly 6s. Then I concluded my post by asking “What do you think?”
      I don’t consider that as “trying too hard to pin the Satan Flag on Disney,” but you do? You must have your own unique definition for “trying too hard”.

      • Nothing wrong with questions. In fact questions, should stop and make us think. A true story. When I first started in the work force in the late sixties and early seventies (there will be some who know those years as the ‘hippie’ years) I came to own a wooded beaded necklace. I do not remember where it came from or how it came to be in my possession. I wore it off and on for years and years. Fast forward to the early two-thousand’s and I wore it to work one day. A graduate student, who was a Buddist, complimented me on my necklace and he pulled one out from under his shirt just exactly like it. He told me what it symbolized in Buddism. I politely went to the restroom, took off that necklace and threw it in the trash. One never ever knows what something will mean to someone else. I sure did not have any intentions of promoting Buddism although one of my best friends and co-workers at the time was a Buddist.

  10. Actually, old Walt Disney was a flaming anti-Semite. He loved the fact that our Gehlen CIA brought in all the Nazi scientists (via Operation Paperclip) to America and changed their passports and names to reflect that they were survivors. I remember watching Disney on Sunday nights as a child, and whenever they had the German scientist on space exploration on, I was bored…and he didn’t speak clear English. Anyone remember his name? Was it Werner Von Braun? He was a Nazi for heaven’s sake.

  11. And as Freud replied to a student who questioned Freud’s smoking of a cigar, which was, under the Master’s system, a phallic symbol: “Ah yes, but sometimes a good cigar is just a good cigar!”
    Freud died from cancer of the jaw brought on by fifty years’ cigar smoking, after 33 operations which gradually removed his face, which is why we have no photographs of his last few years.
    As the Zen master remarked, “Before I was enlightened, a river was just a river, and a mountain was just a mountain. But then I was enlightened, and saw into their true nature as Buddhahood. However, more years passed, and I finally became truly enlightened, so now I know that a river is a river, and a mountain is a mountain!”
    So yes, you are correct, ” a rock is just a rock.” And so are the elites correct, in all their foolish evil. Be sure you don’t snub your toes on any rocks as you go out the door!

  12. FYI… You still have delete…………

  13. Disney is a real mix of good and bad. It’s like a battle ground. They have employed a vast number of artists over the years. It saddens me but does not surprise me that some of them have slipped some nasty subliminal stuff into their images.

    • Like ” It’s a small world ” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……..If what I have read about Disney is true , he was not a very nice man .

      • I will tell you just how ‘not nice’ he really was. My godfather, Eugene ‘Gino’ Guidice, [deceased a few years ago] was born a deaf-mute and mostly used sign language. However, he was a very gifted artist and his first long stretch of employment was at Disney studios. He sent me some ‘cels’ –I believe they’re called– of Smurfs which he had drawn & painted.
        While he was grateful for being employed at his art, he and the other artists were NOT happy about Disney’s long-time habit of laying artists off between movies, as well as rock-bottom wages!
        Being deaf, Gino was only able to take on odd jobs, such as drawing on custom shower doors. Disney thus threw many people on unemployment lines, which was bad enough w/o living in such an expensive part of California.
        Being chintzy on one’s employees never builds loyalty, so first chance Gino had he got on board at Hanna-Barbera, and spent many happier years there. So there ya go, Yogi Bear!

  14. Great post. Also check out vigilantcitizen.com—the world is run by symbols. Great site. I think they covered this, also.
    In all fairness to Uncle Walt, he did do some good things, e.g., “Fantasia,” “Mary Poppins,” and the like. He also made a number of contributions to the New York World’s Fair. Although he was a 33rd degree Freemason, I like to give Walt Disney the benefit of the doubt, for this reason: Not even all high-level Masons were let in on the secrets of “the Craft” at that time. And the Disney company really took off after his death. Needless to say, we’re in on the secrets now.
    P.S.: Uncle Walt is not frozen awaiting a resurrection. He was cremated.

  15. Great comments. Interesting stories & tidbits! Buddhism necklaces, Freud’s cigars, etc., lol!
    Looks like 666 to me; that or the 3 swoosh/circles represent 3 Orobouros “snake eating its tail” symbols. But since there are 3 of them, I’d say 666.
    It would take some digging to find which graphic design agency created that symbol/logo, but often the large (NWO-agenda) corporations use the same few large ad/graphics agencies. Then look for who is/has been in charge or founded such agencies & follow that trail, the same group that runs Hollywood will keep turning up (I attempted to follow that rabbit hole in years past re other corporate logos but it gets tiring after awhile!) I do not think all the symbolism is coincidence nor just artists’ whims of “creativity.” They’re all using the same styles & symbols repeatedly. They know what they are doing.
    Per this older Rense article, the Bankster-type “Semites” tried to overtake Disney’s business in the early decades:
    (similar story re Henry Ford’s auto business, per a PBS documentary I saw years ago on TV, fascinating, & was surprised PBS even aired such a subject, but facts are facts).
    Walt Disney had been Demoley but not a Mason (per the Masons, if you care to believe them); Mickey Mouse was also Demoley (seriously, lol); Disneyland’s Rec Dept. sponsored “Masonic Clubs” for kids in the old days (photo):
    Fantasia was supposedly created as a mind-control flick re occult wizardry. If true, Walt Disney could not have been innocent as far back as 11/13/1940 (original release date: two Masonic numbers, 11 & 13).
    Disney Empire is all fake creepiness. Rent an RV & take your kids camping instead, drive cross-country East West or North South, show them God’s gorgeous Nature, mountains, snow, green pastures, back roads, beaches, deserts, rivers, lakes, etc. Make campfires, pop popcorn, boil peanuts, wrap sweet potatos in tin foil & stick them in the fire to roast. Forget hotels & airplanes. Sleep outside under the stars. They will never forget it!

  16. TPR, there are things to dislike about Henry Ford, but being stingy with workers’ pay wasn’t part of it. Rockefeller foundations are great contributors to public broadcasting for the purpose of “content control”. There may be revelations for public interest, but generally they are moderated. When you see an organization with ad time for a product or service that viewers can’t purchase, it is for program content control. Rockefeller interests are not friends of Henry Ford. By the way, the Ford Foundation doesn’t have the Henry Ford free market capitalism democracy fire, either.

  17. I was thinking about this posting earlier this evening as I was watching TCM broadcast selections “From the Disney Vault”. Innocent stuff from the 1940s and 1950s. In general, IMO, a better time to live, all things considered. Perhaps it was because we all were less well-informed, even with television. Or we just didn’t have a ‘daily crisis’ shoved in our faces.
    At least, at that time, most politicians were considered to be patriotic Americans and not closet communists (well, some of them were), and the value of the US dollar was stable (of course, all that time, our coins were made of silver, and had intrinsic value). Unemployment was in the 5% range (and, at that time, all the unemployed people were counted…. not like today’s skewed bookkeeping).
    All we had to fear was nuclear annihilation…. nothing like today.
    I was actually unaware that Disney animators went out on strike in 1941, due to low wages. Guess it wasn’t so idyllic, after all. Labor disputes, like dividing an estate, always seem to bring out the worst in people.
    One day, walking a picket line and cursing your employer…. and the next, inking in cel panels for cartoons. (They did carry rather artistic picket signs, though)……

    • Bobtoonist: My father would tell you that the labor unions were the first to go “communist/socialist/facist” and thus the time period you mentioned was the beginning of what we see happening today. Or as the Bible calls it the beginning of “Jacob’s troubles.”
      My father has been gone eleven years, you can draw your own conclusions.

      • Labor and management have a similar problem: both are human. The pendulum swings from left to right, but Lucifer doesn’t care just so long as one side wins. He is waiting for that, then he will, unless stopped, take over.

  18. How often have you heard the Biblical truth, “The laborer is worthy of his hire?” It is evident today that a basic cause of evil is pride, and that is sated with control and forced submission of others. One can obtain immense wealth, but that often does not satisfy, others must be deprived.
    The solution? Following Judeo-Christian values, start with the Ten Commandments (not the Five Pillars) and the two additional from Jesus, “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’; and, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.'” NIV
    This is not to become socialism!

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  20. IT’S A HAIRY 666 DISNEY DICK 8====Disney


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