Disney/ABC are hypocrites

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Don’t blame these two!

Disney to clamp down on junk food ads aimed at children in bid to curb obesity epidemic

DailyMail:  Walt Disney Co, owner of the ABC broadcast network and a suite of cable channels, is axing junk-food ads from its TV programs, radio shows and websites aimed at children.
It is the latest effort to curb the worrying obesity epidemic faced by the U.S. and will force food and drinks companies to comply with strict nutrition requirements if they want to advertise during Disney’s shows.
Disney Chief Executive Bob Iger and first lady Michelle Obama made a high profile announcement regarding the new rules on Tuesday in Washington.  ‘This is huge,’ said Obama, an exercise buff who has championed healthier eating and exercise habits aimed at children as part of her ‘Let’s Move’ initiative.  ‘Disney is doing what no major media company has ever done before in the United States.
‘And what I hope every company will do going forward when it comes to the ads they show and the food they sell they’re asking themselves one simple question: Is this good for our kids?’  Nutrition experts have long called for an end to child-targeted junk food advertising.
The Disney move follows New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s announcement big gubmint, nanny plan last week of a plan to ban sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces (about half a litre) in most restaurants, theaters, delis and vending carts throughout the city.
Disney plans to cut advertising during children’s programming on its networks such as ABC and Disney XD or its kid-focused websites for foods that fail to meet minimum nutrition requirements.
‘We want parents to know that the food products that we license and the ones promoted and advertised within our kids programming will be held to the same healthier standards,’ Disney Chief Executive Bob Iger said.
The new guidelines, which take effect in 2015, set limits on the number of calories and amount of fat and added sugar for main and side dishes and snacks.
Kraft Foods Inc’s Oscar Mayer Lunchables and Capri Sun products, for example, would not make the cut, Disney said.  Advertised breakfast cereals will have to contain fewer than 10 grams of sugar in a serving – about the same amount as three Chips Ahoy cookies.
Disney is also launching its own ‘Mickey Check’ label for food it deems to be nutritious to help promote certain healthier foods in grocery stores and other retailers.
That same year Disney, which owns the ABC-TV network and a host of cable channels, introduced voluntary guidelines that prohibited licensing of Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters for foods that do not meet minimum nutritional requirements.
That helped sell more than 2 billon servings of Disney-licensed fruits and vegetables since then, Iger said at the event, which featured a Mickey Mouse character making yogurt parfaits surrounded by buckets of lemons, oranges and apples.
Disney’s new effort will not allow advertising during children’s programming on its networks, including ABC and Disney XD and its child-focused websites, for foods that fail to meet minimum nutrition requirements.  The company could not say how many products would be affected by the new rules, but experts said not all unhealthy foods will disappear.
If this is so important, why wait three years to implement these new guidelines?  Isn’t it important now?  What about the children?
Oh, and if you plan to go to Disneyland, check out a few of the restaurants and their menus advertised on the Disneyland website:

All you care to eat with Goofy!

Goofy’s Kitchen (buffet restaurant): Gawrsh! Enjoy a fun-filled breakfast or dinner like no other. Your host, Goofy, welcomes you to the eatery where boisterous fun is the order of the day. Enjoy all you care to eat while snapping memorable photos with Goofy and the gang.
Disney’s PCH Grill: The Surf’s Up! Breakfast with Mickey & Friends is a lively Character breakfast that features a bountiful buffet. Feast on family favorites from the omelet station, Mickey waffles and pancakes — or let your kids create their own breakfasts!
Rainforest Café: Savor generous portions of food from around the world under a shimmering fiber-optic starscape. Top off your dining safari with the restaurant’s signature desert, the Sparkling Volcano, a tower of chocolate brownies capped with ice cream and whipped cream, and drizzled with caramel and chocolate sauces.
Big Thunder Ranch Barbeque: At this barbecue blowout, you can have it all!  Feast on an all-you-care-to-eat family-style meal featuring mouthwatering barbeque delights like chicken, ribs, baked beans, Cookie’s Cole Slaw and more.  Dessert is available for an additional cost. You can order up an extravaganza of ranch hand sundaes and old-fashioned ice cream floats, seasonal cobblers, fresh strawberry shortcake or a family-style cookie bake topped with vanilla bean ice cream and hot fudge.
Notice how they omitted that these new guidelines don’t apply to the restaurants at their theme parks?  Hypocrites.

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0 responses to “Disney/ABC are hypocrites

  1. When I heard about that Bloomberg plan for large sodas in New York I could hardly believe what I was hearing. That SNL News skit where they just look incredulous and keep saying “Really? REALLY….?” comes to mind. This is the land of the free? Really? The Disney thing is hypocritical and stupid, but it doesn’t bother me nearly as much as a city government illegalizing portion sizes of non-alcohol or non-controlled substances. At least Disney’s a private corporation and can be stupid if they want, although being the giant that they are, their politically correct whims can force others’ hands. Every single day I read or see three or four – or a dozen! things that make me want to get on a spaceship and go off in search of a new planet.
    I’m so sick and tired of people, authorities and gubmints trying to force healthy on us all at gun-point. Do the research, conduct the studies, give us facts and figures and even ideas. Then LEAVE US THE HELL ALONE TO MAKE OUR OWN DECISIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. What a bunch of BS! Definitely hypocritical. As it was stated, why wait until 2015? Disney is making a HUGE mistake by going along with this ridiculous idea.
    If the outrageous prices to vacation in Disney don’t deter you from being there, this will.
    ~~Mrs P

  3. Obama go home… We know how to make our own choices… We,re grownups who should be raising our own kids…

  4. “Do as I say, not as I do.” -A. Liberal
    (A. for Any or All)

  5. ‘This is huge,’ said Obama…
    LOL – She must have been talking about her ass.

  6. Disney is nothing but an NWO/Illuminati model city-state. “It’s a Small World” is the very theme song of the NWO. You didn’t realize this? You see any house of worship on “Main Street”? Didn’t notice all of the magic and occult references in the movies adn the theme parks? I can’t remember a Church in a Disney movie, can you? Kidnapping, murder, pirating, sorcery and on and on. There are enough well researched sites for you to read further into this. That Disney/ABC would bend to the socialist agenda on controlling your consumption? Isn’t that to be expected in the big scheme of things?
    My rant is not directed at anyone in particular so please, no offense intended. The sheeple see Disney react to Moocheles whims and that makes her creditable in their eyes. The real problem is that Disney still has any cred after all these decades of decadence and evil. Yes, I’ve been there a few times, years ago. I’ve seen the movies. I was as clueless as anyone. I’ll just say this about that:
    “We grow too soon old and too late smart” – Pennsylvania Deutsch proverb

  7. Mmmm…I want a Sparkling Volcano! (Shut up, Michelle.)


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