Disney Unveils "Social Ethics" in Cartoons. What Could Go Wrong?

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Disney Channel is giving conservative parents one more reason to change the dial.

The network will debut a new cartoon bloc Monday which marks a major departure from its current brand. Playhouse Disney has long been a place for pre-schoolers to learn their ABCs and other simple education. The new format, Disney Junior, will instead emphasize “social ethics” through creative storytelling.
What sort of ethics will be preached? No one is entirely sure, not even Disney executives. The LA Times provides the not-so-helpful answer: “the goal of the show is not to moralize, but to prompt discussion between children and caretakers.”
Isn’t this great? Kids will be given moral lessons that don’t actually teach anything, and parents – er, caretakers – can look forward to discussions about what the heck “social ethics” is supposed to mean anyway.
While the network strives to keep the message as vague as possible, those familiar with Disney “ethics” know exactly where this train is headed.
For a taste of what parents should anticipate, look no further than the values already being pushed on Disney’s more prominent shows. Observe this gem from a 2010 episode in which a 15-year old endorses Keynesian economics to win a beauty pageant (relevant portion begins at 3:45):

Among other things, that show “prompts discussion” by portraying global warming fear mongers who routinely break the rules if that’s what it takes to save the planet – and no one is around to “discuss” the possibility that global warming might be a myth.
Disney’s teen-oriented programming has a long history of portraying liberal characters, from the paranormal detectives in So Weird to the witchcraft-wielding spoiled  brats in Wizards of Waverly Place. A live action show which debuted last November includes a character whom everyone over the age of 12 can figure out is gay.

Looking for a conservative child who reads the Bible and attends Tea parties on weekends? Disney has, for some mysterious reason, never found a place for a character like that.
For years, parents had consoled themselves in the knowledge that at least the cartoons were free from “socially ethical” characters. Monday marks the end of that.

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0 responses to “Disney Unveils "Social Ethics" in Cartoons. What Could Go Wrong?

  1. God help us, please….

  2. Good grief…”caretakers”, really? I really don’t know how a parent can raise kids today. They are indoctrinated from day one in school to after school with BS like this.
    Just another reason for me to boycott Disney.

  3. My friend, Jed Brown, explained the paradigm shift in education that started in the early 1990s was from the traditional disciplined-knowlege system to the Outcome-based, life roles system in this brief 5-minute clip discussing the “moral reasoning” and “education for virtue” in relation to the radical center per Stanford Research Institute’s book “The Changing Images of Man” that strongly influenced the education reform that started int he 1990s.
    Jed passed away from cancer in 2009. The memorial website featuring his articles about the art of teaching as opposed to education reform is:

    • My friend, Jed Brown, explained the paradigm shift in education that started in the early 1990s
      The shift started a looooong, loooong time before that! Jed was not well informed!
      Do some research on John Dewey.

  4. Disney is trash anymore-they are also supporters of the NWO. If you set down and really watch the shows they put on,they totally disgust me. Then guess who shows up on Disney-Moochele,telling the kids what to eat and how much.

  5. I always thought Disney’s programming was subliminal mind control.
    Now, they’re going after young and conscious sheeple.

  6. If the lefties had their way, they would take your children away from you as soon as they were born and return them 21 years later, all programmed, totally wussified, and ready to join the rest of the sheeple for a life of compliant government slavery.
    The NAZIs tried their damndest to do essentially that, as have all totalitarian systems throughout history.

  7. Ironically, Disney used to produce stuff like this (“Education for Death,” 1943) versus statist, totalitarian things:

  8. Disney has always been anti-God.
    It’s easy to see the glaringly obvious. The merely apparent takes a little more work, it seems.

    But Saul and the people spared Agag and the best of the sheep, the oxen, the fatlings, the lambs, and all that was good, and were not willing to destroy them utterly; but everything despised and worthless, that they utterly destroyed.


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