Disney Dud Portraits…

Annie Leibovitz, a world-renowned photographer, is aiming to take you from the ordinary to the extraordinary with her Disney Dream Portraits. Her portraits depict big-name celebrities in scenes from Disney movie favorites.  More like big-liberal celebrities.  Let’s see what celebrities she photographed and what they think of politics, shall we?

Russell Brand depicts Captain Hook as he dangles from the mouth of a crocodile. The Wrap recently reported that during a question and answer session at the Television Critics Association, Brand said of Sarah Palin’s popularity, “People want to f–k her.”

Julianne Moore poses as Ariel from ‘The Little Mermaid.’ Right in his element, Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps swims along as a merman. Moore played Sarah Palin in the movie, “Game Change.”  She once said, “but that we have become divisive, with self-interest and special interests seeming to dominate.”  She suggests that leadership is not about making more noise but about electing people who will take care of us.

In the second part of the ‘Aladdin’ series, Whoopi Goldberg nearly disappears into her portrayal of Genie.  This woman once expressed that she wanted reporters to use the “N-word” on tv.  Goldberg said, “What reporters do is they report the news. And every time you make it ‘the N-word,’ it’s cute.”  She continued, “But I feel very strongly about the word. Do not eliminate it. It’s part of our history. Every time people try to sort of make it sound better or more acceptable, let’s call it what it is.”

Jack Black, Will Ferrell and Jason Segal star in this Dream Portrait of hitchhiking ghosts trying to get to the Haunted Mansion in Disney. Black participated in a Prop 8 musical video, supporting same-sex homosexual marriage. He portrayed Jesus reminding the religious right that shrimp cocktail is also a Biblical “abomination.” 
Ferrell is currently starring in a movie called, “The Campaign”, running as a congressional candidate.  Ferrell told Vanity Fair that the hysterical and absurd dirty campaigns tactics were inspired in the Republican presidential primary debates. The actor claims he didn’t have to do a lot of research for his role besides the endless and ubiquitous GOP debates.

Entitled ‘Famed Is Thy Beauty,’ this portrait depicts Alec Baldwin as the Spirit in the Magic Mirror along with Olivia Wilde as the Evil Queen. Baldwin is a serial misogynist that harassed airline stewardesses, mocked Filipino women, and is an unhinged ex-husband and father.  He once tweeted, “Rightwing bashing is the most American thing you can do”. 
Back in 2010, Wilde participated in a Moveon.org video warning of “terrifying” future under President Palin. “You’re about to make a huge mistake,” she says. “One that changes our country forever.” So what do we have to fear? According to the video, Republicans take over Congress, merge with corporations and create a monster entity called RepubliCorp. In the future, Social Security is replaced by a “daily motivational email from John Boehner” and a literal fat cat — an obese tabby — is in charge of financial regulation. Not to mention “the two most terrifying words in the English language: President Palin.”

Disney’s mission statement? “The mission of The Walt Disney Company is to be one of the world’s leading producers and providers of entertainment and information. Using our portfolio of brands to differentiate our content, services and consumer products, we seek to develop the most creative, innovative and profitable entertainment experiences and related products in the world.”

How creative to use liberal actors that spew hate and misogynistic terms to conservative women.  How innovative to use actors that take a stab at the religious definition of marriage.  How creative to use actors that do nothing but bash Republicans.  Way to “differentiate” yourself Disney

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My godfather, Eugene Giudice [passed over March 7, 2009], was a highly gifted artist first employed by Disney Studios [in the ‘good old days’] and then later until his passing by Hanna-Barbera Productions. Gino sent me hand-painted cells from ‘the good old days’ which I gifted to my children. I’ll never forget his recounting how Disney [the man] was so cheap that he’d fire all his animators between movies so they were forced on unemployment [which Gino loathed], instead of factoring them in as a cost of production as other studios did. When he realised nothing better would ever be… Read more »

Dr. Eowyn

Great expose, DCG! I have two things to add:
Olivia Wilde made a video praising the Occupy movement: https://fellowshipofminds.wordpress.com/2012/04/13/hollywood-libs-make-video-praising-99-ows-movement/
At the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, Jack Black led the audience to make devil horns and then prayed to the “Dear Dark Lord Satan.”


Thank you DCG for your informative post. I learned a lot of disappointing facts, but certainly not surprising. Disney needs to investigate who they do business with and what they are communicating as it reflects on Disney.


Another disappointment. No more Disney products for my granddaughter. Luckily she’s not that crazy about them anyway.

B. Barnes

Haha. “Thank you DCG for your informative post. I learned a lot of disappointing facts, but certainly not surprising. Disney needs to investigate who they do business with and what they are communicating as it reflects on Disney.” I live in Los Angeles, and you do realize that Disney needs actors, producers, directors, etc? Now for the shocker…99% are liberal. You are going to have to give up every single TV show and movie on the planet, if you are trying to avoid liberals. This is the one industry where you can bet on nearly everyone being liberal. You should… Read more »