Disgusting: Sen. Kamala Harris compares ICE to KKK

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This is the demorat party of today: Demonizing federal employees who are hired to follow the law and protect our borders.

From the video description:

“Democrat Senator Kamala Harris compares ICE to the KKK during a Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee hearing to consider the nomination of Ronald Vitello to be the director of ICE.”

Classy, Kamala. Real classy.

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11 responses to “Disgusting: Sen. Kamala Harris compares ICE to KKK

  1. Heay Baby,
    Twist and Shout, Twist and shout.
    What a bunch of doublespeak, chicaignery. That wasn’t a question but another inquisition, demanding he prove himself innocent instead of proving him guilty. More spillage from the poundmetoo moovement.

  2. The only reason she was elected is no one of any substance ran against her. She knows how to use her body, doing the back stroke with X Mayor of Okaland Willie Brown.

  3. These hearings now have less civility and respect for due process than the Nuremberg trials which they increasingly resemble. The Dems have turned every hearing on qualification into a pre-scripted, open-and-shut case condemning half this country for nothing less than crimes against humanity. Kamala Harris’s vitriolic hatred of Republican nominees oozing from every condescending sneer and the same from the likes of Shumer makes it clear the civil war has started.

    These enemies of traditional America are as inimical and incompatible to us as we are to them, and both Americas cannot simultaneously occupy the same land. They’re already setting violent thugs, protected by the msm and lackey cops, to attack people who merely want to rally for the flag.

    As for the cucked Republicans, whose signature trait is asking thugs raping their wives and daughters to please do it politely, Samuel Johnson had their number when he said they have that caution cowards borrow from fear and attribute to policy. The only thing more despicable than the genocidal intentions of the left is the bottomless cowardice posing as civility on the right.

    • Well said Dan.
      The arrogance and evil oozing from that Kamala Harris is overwhelming. I can’t stand the sight of her.

  4. We have watched over and over her attack and total disrespect on anyone she is questioning. She wouldn’t know professionalism is it smacked her in the face.
    No one has ever questioned how a basically nobody raised through the ranks so fast. I have posted before how writer DL Ulsterman exposed the fact on his blog, she laundered 300 million through California for Obama’s first run. Now, it is being made clear as to why he wanted and needed her in DC before she had even paid her dues. How he always visited her when he went to Ca and his many trips there. I question all those trips and what was covered?
    Now, I see with ever election, some of the dumbest and unprepared people being elected into office. Most don’t have a clue as to what is involved. They are only interested in their agenda, not formthe betterment of this country.
    I fear for this country and I pray. Often. She is the perfect example. Her party depends on her nastiness since those from the right don’t fight that way. She will overwhelm anyone that pushes back.

  5. I wish we could line up the all of the “open borders” demonrats (which is most of them) against the Mexican side of the Southern border wall and let the illegal hordes crush them as they rush the wall. My patience is running thin with these insane and corrupted legislators.

  6. Kamala Harris and Corey Booker. Birds of a feather flock together. Every time they open their mouths their feet go deeper in sh@t. This woman needs to learn so much, but this is the way they’ve grown up in order to survive, she’s controlling, domineering and looking for power. Watch her try for a run, lol, Donald J. Trump will make powder out of her.

  7. The KKK were Democrats. Remember Senator Robert Byrd? LOL

  8. Harris is the “second coming” of Barack Insane Obama: she was born a child of parents who were born outside the USA. Even tho’ she was born in the USA, her parents divorced and her Indian (from India) mother took her at a young age to Canada, where her job was….to raise until Kamala was college-aged, at which time, she was accepted to the “Black” college of Howard University in the USA (tho’ her mom was from India and her dad was an Islander from the Caribbean)….she capitalized…and still does….on her minority “looks,” just like Barack Insane Obama did……though she is, in genetic reality very little “Black.” Like our “Pochahontas” Warren….these people…..Obama, Warren, Harris….have been trading for YEARS academically and professionally on a “minority” status that is racially, genetically unfounded and insults and slights those who have a true genetic familial claim to these designations that have been afforded special status or “front of the line status” by our “Affirmative Action” years and years and years at out colleges and universities and government employment entrances, our uniformed services, and on and on……..

    • “Barack Insane Obama”

      HA HA HA HA! Brilliant, CalGirl! 😀

    • Great observation and insight CalGirl. I was always told that the Bolsheviks like to use ‘”Mixed Races” as their Golems, because they have no loyalty to anything other than money & power & have hatred towards White people and their cultures, societies, nations etc.


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