Disgusting: Eel shoved up man's anus eats his intestines

Major Mind Bleach Alert!!!

You are forewarned!

One of the losses in our oh-so-advanced post-modern age is the concept of sin.
Here’s a true incident reminding us that Lust is one of the seven Deadly Sins.

Gustave Dore's InfernoDante’s Inferno, by Gustave Doré (1832-1883)

We humans have become so depraved and so bored that apparently sane people actually resort to what this Chinese man did to himself.
James A. Foley reports for Nature World News, April 10, 2013, that mimicking something he had seen in a porno flick, a 39-year-old unnamed (for good reason) man in China’s southeastern province, Guangdong, inserted a 20-inch live eel into his anus.
But the wretched eel chewed its way through the man’s colon, perforated his large intestine and became stuck in the body cavity.
So the man rushed himself to the hospital and pleaded with the medics, “Please, please help me. The eel is moving through my body.”
The man had to endure all-night surgery to get the eel out of him and close the wounds. Police reportedly will interview him over alleged animal cruelty.
The medical team who treated the man said the eel, which weighed about one pound, was “simply trying to find its way out” and was  “still alive when we got it out but it died soon afterwards, which was probably a mercy. This was a particularly idiotic stunt and could have caused him a serious injury. Eels have small but very sharp teeth.”
Oddly, this is not the first time a stunt like this had made the news. In 2012 a New Zealand man had to have an eel removed from his bottom, though how or why it was there was never disclosed.
The original Chinese-language account of this disgusting incident can be seen here.
I just did a search for “porno films eel” and discovered, to my horror, that there really are eel porno flicks: “Japanese Eel Porn”; another site boasts “Eels, eggs and other things put into Japanese girl’s ass”….
There is no limit to human depravity and stupidity.
God help us.

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0 responses to “Disgusting: Eel shoved up man's anus eats his intestines

  1. The insane idiots who did this deserve to die. Sorry, but I feel they’re too stupid to live as truly human.

  2. ER doctors and nurses have some pretty strange tales regarding foreign objects (both animate and inanimate) that have become lodged in persons anuses, I remember one doctor telling me about cucumbers, beer bottles and the odd flashlight that was still lit (it was shining in his eyes) when he examined the patient. Some Brit doctors once removed a live aircraft artillery shell from one man’s bottom.
    I cannot fathom it. I almost need to be sedated before my doctor gives me the annual prostate check.

    • Sig–you are right. My husband can tell some tales from when he moonlighted in the ER during residency.

    • Yes, I too can vouch for that. I had been called to the ER on a few occasions to do pre-surgical EKG’s on a few interesting but gross cases. To keep my composure, they would never tell me the diagnosis before I went in the room…only after I was done. I will never understand why! God help them!

      • I’m reading this comment on the back end of the blog, from the comments section. I don’t even want to click on the post to read it – just the title grosses me out!

    • So do correctional officers. NEVER put any kind of container in your bum w/ the open end “upwards” shall we say – vacuum/suction is a b**ch-kitty. Light bulbs aren’t fun either. HEHEHEHE They deserve what they get…

  3. Thanks, Doc
    Speechless here…

  4. Please don’t tell left/liberal progressive types… they’ll want school kids to learn about it.

  5. Dr. Eowyn –
    Yes. Human depravity and animal cruelty at its zenith worst! Somehow I remember in the past someone relating a sodomite practice of inserting gerbils into their anal cavity.

  6. Speechless…

  7. You know I haven’t led what would be called a sheltered life in any way.
    But I think this one takes the cake (Cake, someone say cake..LOL)
    Holy mackerel. We truly are scraping the bottom of humanity here.

  8. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for disclosing this horrific evil-lust at its highest stupidity! This is truly unfathomable! And to think this man’s Guardian Angel has to watch his actions. How horrible! And yet, no matter what depravity, Our Lord Jesus Christ offers His Divine Mercy!

  9. Mind Bleach Please

  10. Hey we have jerks in this country who do stupid stuff like that too. Back in the 70s, my friend who was an ER nurse, told me of all the crazy things they had to remove from men’s anuses,like light bulbs and a few other things I won’t mention.

  11. oh I forgot the flashlight incident. ugh

  12. spike tv. on cable has a show 1000 ways to die and one of the show segments had a guy who worked in a restaurant who fell asleep on the job and his idiot co workers put an eel in near his ass and apparently the eel ate his way into the dude killing him. supposedly all the ways people die some very unusual are all true and did in fact happen on the show/.

    • OMG!!! DON’T WATCH!!! DON’T WATCH!!! Unless you own stock in the eye/mind bleach company, do NOT watch that show, and that comes from someone w/ a pretty strong stomach! Blech!

  13. WAY WAY T M I !!!!!

  14. My wife used to work Gwinnett County Hospital / Gwinnett Medical Center as a phlebo on the night shift . If your from Ga. , you know what that’s all about . She used to come home with some of the wildest stories that were beyond belief . Some would make you l.y.a.o. and some just shake your head in amazement .
    As far as this article goes ;I noticed no mention of what kind of eel it was . Lamprey , Moray , Electric eel , or another . Being that this is Sun. a.m. I will refrain from commenting any further because I could have a field day at Won-Hung-Loos expense . Laughing my azz off tho and the creative juices are flowing . Might follow up on this one tomorrow .

    • To Doc , I’m really surprised you came up w / an article like this . This is not your normality . But I guess when a dumbass makes a fool of himself , show him for what he is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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