Dirty Tricks at the Nevada Convention

This video lays out some convention shenanigans, the kind of thing Ben Swann has been reporting on Fox 19 Reality Check.  Apparently, there were less than 1,200 delegates elected at the district level to attended the state convention.  Approximately 1,700 people showed up claiming to be valid elected delegates.  Certain undetermined elements were handing out phony Ron Paul ballots.
Just a few days before today’s convention, the  Las Vegas Sun ran a series of articles anticipating today’s convention as “a train wreck waiting to happen.” 

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Mad Angel on FB
Mad Angel on FB
8 years ago


8 years ago

How DARE they try to prevent the voters from being disenfranchised for some futile attempt o get an old man 15 minutes fof fame in August. (The delegates are bound. And will stay bound. Rule 38 is NOT going to be invoked, and if it is, there are PLENTY of ways of dealing with it.)