Dir. of U.S. Navy Intelligence sacked for warning about China's aggressive designs in East China Sea

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Obama’s purge of military officers continues. The latest: the director of the U.S. Navy Intelligence — because he actually told the truth about China.
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0 responses to “Dir. of U.S. Navy Intelligence sacked for warning about China's aggressive designs in East China Sea

  1. Fascinating post, Dr. Eowyn. I wonder if the timing of Captain Fanell’s firing has anything to do with aka Obama’s pandering to the Chinese for help in perpetuating the global warming fraud.

  2. Mr O purges the brightest and the best, and as a nation we get stuck with the bottom swill! Kinda sounds like a disaster in the making.

  3. No one seems to have the guts to put the brakes to Barry’s destruction so now we all get to sit back and watch the takedown of everything that made our country great. The POS’s hatred of the military has been ongoing since the day he took office.

    • At the beginning of Obamination’s 1st term he made a couple of off topics like “by the time I’m finished with this country the white people won’t even recognize it’
      one other is remember in part was him saying that he will hand over to out brothers in afrika and latin America, because it rightly belongs to them, to hell with the whites if they don’t like it”
      during the great destroyer’s 1st term some clips of the demon’s statements were on youtube, but have been long gone.

      • You are right art, he did make those comments, I had forgot all about them. You’ve got a great memory. 😊

  4. Shocker, not…

  5. Once O is safely re-located into a Prison cell,how many of us would be up for the NEW President issuing a personal invitation to all these “removed” Officers to accept a sincere apology from America’s PEOPLE for the shabby treatment by the imposter and their FULL Military stature reinstated,with perks?

  6. Capt. Camel was absolutely correct. China has made it no secret they are after several islands and not just around Japan. They have been posturing for several months now. This includes VietNam and the Phillipines
    Then you have the teeming up of Russia and China and Russia wanting islands around Alaska.
    Together, they make something more powerful than we can handle.
    And here we sit, the poor frog in warming water still.

  7. China is after more than just gaining several islands. Obumbum is pandering the United States to China and every other hostile entity. Just one EMP attack (even a moderate EMP) inflicted upon America, would set our country back to life of the 1800’s. The gutting of our military is part of the plan to make America totally vulnerable. I do not understand why there has not been a military coup against all the politicians trying to destroy our country. We have enemies that require closer scrutiny than China and that is Iran and Pakistan. The biggest threat to America, right now, is Obama the Manchurian type candidate, both a foreign and domestic enemy. On another note, world events are aligning with Bible Prophesy. Leeann


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