Difference Between USA and a Muslim Country

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H/t I-Man!
Oh no! Fellowship’s resident liberal commenter erinyes isn’t gonna like this. LOL

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0 responses to “Difference Between USA and a Muslim Country

  1. Joseph E Fasciani

    I TRUST THAT YOU ALL NOTED the well-fed Westerners are using 100, possibly more, polluting HP and getting no exercise, while the trim, even thin, non-Westerner is using a bicycle and getting exercise as well.
    It’s difficult for us to achieve objectivity, isn’t it?

    • And I TURST THAT YOU, JOE FASCI, really need to lighten up and get a sense of humor. What is it with you liberals lefties? Don’t you even have a sense of humor any more? I sure wouldn’t want to be you.
      Fellowship of the Minds is an adamantly non- and anti-PC zone. You don’t like it? Go away.
      And if you really want to make this serious, I’d be more than happy to compare body fitness with you.

  2. Hey Joe, the women here are way better looking than in muslim counties. LOL

  3. Joseph,
    I doubt you understand the picture. It has nothing to do with the horsepower…The picture is showing the difference between what we men here in the west are willing to sleep with and what Muslims in the east are willing to sleep with…Man, you really are mixed up….

  4. Actually, muslims consider dogs unclean and don’t like them at all. They certainly don’t keep them as pets nor do they even like being around them. I have a golden retriever myself, but the ass on the motorbike is cuter than my bitches’.


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