Didn't they say "Black is Beautiful"?

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New photographic evidence documents the horror of white supremacy!
Black women have apparently resorted not only to hair-straightening but to actual surgical alteration of their faces to make themselves look more like Caucasians.
Check out the schnozzles of infamous moonbats of color before and after whitification:


Mooch, after and before

Susan Rice, after and before

Susan Rice, after and before

If a nose-chiseling cosmetic surgeon falls in the woods, does that make me a racist? LOL
H/t The Nose Knows

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0 responses to “Didn't they say "Black is Beautiful"?

  1. Only the Nose knows…. OK, God does also!

  2. They want to be white so bad they cannot stand it! They will never have blonde hair, blue-eyed babies and grandbabies like I do.

  3. I have said this for ages. If the blacks hate us so much, why are they trying to physicaly change themselves to look white? Don’t they love being black? And how is it my fault?

  4. The before and after photos of Susan Rice are amazing! I can’t believe they are of the same person!

  5. Rice has had more than a nose job, for sure. Wow.

  6. Where have you guys been? think about it; black young ladies wear blond hair weaves and other stupid hairstyles, blue and other colored contact lenses. Black is no longer beautiful, and the fact of the matter is that subconsciously many blacks hate being black and think that white is the color of success in this country. Look at all the black on black violence, black people hate one another. Think about Michael Jackson, he hated being black so much he didn’t want his sperm donor children to endure being black. Obviously BLACK MUST BE UGLY, NOT BEAUTIFUL

  7. There is such a thing as a “white nigger” you know…. people like Desiree Rogers, Susan Rice, Barack Obama.

  8. Want to know the real deal about black people and their issues and problems? Read Dirty Laundry Coloreds and Whites.. By renowned Author Lavelle

  9. The white European race is dying out! Whites were 35% of worlds population back in 1900! 28% in 1950,24-25%-mid seventies! 20% in 2000! 17-18% now&the number of blacks in the world in late 2010-early 2011 caught up&surpassed the worlds white population! By 2060 only 8-9% of the worlds population will be white while 25-35% will be black! The human gene-pool is going to become predominanly black&dark brunette in the latter 21st century! The white population of the world by 2100 2-4%!!!! Good-bye blonde hair/blue eyes,red hair&freckles-going extinct like the dinosoar!!!


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